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  1. Aerosoft Sales Support and Discussion, Previews and Reviews

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    2. Reviews

      We love reviews and awards and any we can find will be posted here. If you see one that we missed please report at support@aerosoft.com.

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    6. On Air: Airline Manager (career mode for your sim!)

      A totally new way to enjoy your flight simulator, On Air is a whole new world where all everybody competes to build the most successful airline.

    7. Aerosoft ONE Support (English)

      A support forum for Aerosoft ONE.

    8. Aerosoft ONE Support (Deutsch)

      Hier können alle Fragen zu Aerosoft ONE gestellt werden.

    9. Aerosoft Updater and Livery Installer

      A support forum for our super simple updater for all Aerosoft flight simulator products and for the just as simple livery manager.

    10. Flightplan Visualizer

      Flightplan Visualizer is a tool that helps you find suitable flights. Select the aircraft type, airline, and airport and you see exactly what routes real airlines fly.  No longer do you have to spend a lot of time deciding where to fly next, just follow the real aircraft!

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  4. Aerosoft Friends

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  5. Around the World in Eighty Days (Dec 23-March 24)

    1. Welcome! The rules and discussions

      Here you will find the rules, the route and have a chance to discuss the event.

    2. Eighty Days Around the World time sheet

      In this section you will find the 'combined' log file that each pilot is obliged to update after completing a leg of the route.

    3. Diaries / Flight logs

      The pilots will keep their travel log updated in this section

    4. Group flights

      If you want to organize some flight together, this is the place.

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    • Habe gestern EDDK geupdatet. Darin ist das VGDS enthalten (waren 3 Packete, die Aerosoft One zusätzlich runtergeladen hat. Heute Morgen stehe ich mit A320 (FBW) am Gate D11 oder D12, aber da VGDS ist tot. Auch die Tastenkombination Shift-V zum Aufrufen des VGDS-Fensters tut nichts. Bin überzeugt, ich mache was verkehrt...  
    • Da dieser Thread beantwortet wurde haben wir ihn geschlossen. Wenn Sie weitere Fragen haben können Sie jederzeit einen Neuen öffnen.
    • hello, its not the case at all in my example, i drop only an "AIG-OCI-xxxx" folder in community (nothing else) and it works fine for all planes for all 3rd airports, ST don't but i prefer simple traffic because it's "optimized" for FS and not old FSX stuff.     already done but thanks to help.   like i said, these issues appears only on 3rd parties airports (also with aerosoft airports) with default asobo airport there is not any problem at all about ST liveries, ALL planes have ST liveries. I talk only about "Ground aircraft density" option which put not moving aircraft at airports.   best regards, thanks to help
    • Forgive my potential ignorance, but is there an MSFS upgrade service for those who currently own the Twin Otter for FSX/P3D?
    • Well, it's not really what I'm trying to do in PFPX, rather what I'm trying to get the OFP template to display. The problem was that the displayed format was incorrect unless an alternate was supplied. However, using the fix above, the template now prints with the correct layout, regardless of whether an alternate is used or not.
    • @Steve 66 After editing the project to remove the AIG models, the lights become active again. I'm a bit hopeless with dev mode. Would you mind posting a version without the AIG models? It'd be very much appreciated!
    • Hi there again,   sorry to bother you but I made a discovery and maybe you have an answer for me @Simple Traffic.   I crawled through my 'official' folders to get rid of the generic liveries (by modifiying the aircraft.cfgs). I also looked through the Simple Traffic content, just out of interest. And what I found is the following: in nearly every Simple Traffic aircraft folder, in every aircraft.cfg, the first "FLIGHTSIM.0" entry is a default one. which links to a default texture folder inside ST. inside this texture folder there is a texture.cfg which now links to the default asobo-generic-airliner texture folder (in the QJH default texture folder there is in fact only this cfg and no texture at all) these first flightsim.0 default entries in the aircraft.cfgs of your planes have no parking codes (just like the asobo ones) could it be, that these are (also) taken when some weird parking codes are used by an airport? would it help (maybe?) if you take these default textured planes out of Simple Traffic (if you... maybe... plan to update ST some time in the future)? Best wishes
    • @Othello Ein Prof meinte mal "Wenn Sie etwas nicht verstehen, halten Sie einen Vortrag darüber" qed  
    • Great, thanks for the feedback! It's more or less to inform and help, since I'm pretty happy with the airports! Upgrading the missing Sim-wings airports to Aerosoft One would just be easier to configure and update, but I guess that is something you guys are working on for more content.   Enjoy your evening.
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