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      We love reviews and awards and any we can find will be posted here. If you see one that we missed please report at support@aerosoft.com.

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      A totally new way to enjoy your flight simulator, On Air is a whole new world where all everybody competes to build the most successful airline.

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      A support forum for Aerosoft ONE.

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      Hier können alle Fragen zu Aerosoft ONE gestellt werden.

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      A support forum for our super simple updater for all Aerosoft flight simulator products and for the just as simple livery manager.

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      Flightplan Visualizer is a tool that helps you find suitable flights. Select the aircraft type, airline, and airport and you see exactly what routes real airlines fly.  No longer do you have to spend a lot of time deciding where to fly next, just follow the real aircraft!

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    1. Welcome! The rules and discussions

      Here you will find the rules, the route and have a chance to discuss the event.

    2. Eighty Days Around the World time sheet

      In this section you will find the 'combined' log file that each pilot is obliged to update after completing a leg of the route.

    3. Diaries / Flight logs

      The pilots will keep their travel log updated in this section

    4. Group flights

      If you want to organize some flight together, this is the place.

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    • It has in the past not been great at approaches, but I can't see anything in that particular one that should bother it. Pretty much every ILS approach into a smaller airport in the UK involves overflying a NDB, a specified outbound track and then a  >180 deg turn to intercept & the current version of the CRJ seems to manage ok ( which is more than a fair number of other MSFS aircraft manage... ). I'll try this one when I have some time - what sort of weight?
    • Was doing a flight from KRNO to KJAC everything went smoothly up until the arrival into KJAC. Programmed the FMC for ILS 19Y. FMS already programmed the required waypoints including a procedure turn. Upon arriving on the procedure turn the AP didnt follow it. The AP just bobbed and weaved and couldnt follow the correct Procedure turn. I have to manually take the plane out of NAV and VNAV and select heading mode to adjust the plane on the correct flight path. Tried enabling AP to see if it would follow the procedure turn and did not.  Wanted to know if this is a planned feature or can the CRJ follow Procedure turns???
    • That's in interesting suggestion, I'll try dialing up the AI without ST and see if that makes any difference.    
    • While at it. Seems like the ground freq at La Palma and the tower freq is mixed up. ATC uses 121.80 for tower and 118.90 for ground. Should be the other way around 😃
    • View File CRJ1000 HIBERNIAN AIRLINES - EI-HBC - HIGH QUALITY- MSFS Hello !   This repaint is  for Aerosoft CRJ1000 MSFS in HIBERNIAN  EI-HBC .   High quality 4k , High details .   Installation instructions included in the folder.   Screenshots in MSFS   Texture by Loïc LOURDEL. Submitter Loïc Lourdel Submitted 07/03/22 Category CRJ1000  
    • Don't use delete, copy the waypoint below over discontinuities ( or if there's complete duplicate segments pick the first repeating one and copy it over the first instance of itself ). I don't think that'll catch all of them but it will mitigate a lot.
    • I posted a new topic but I will post here for more awareness.   I saw Olaf B's posts explaining how to set the radio panel, and tried that.  On the left Radio Panel I pushed in VHF 1, VHF 2 and INT SVC.  I then set the selector dial to INT SVC.  This fixed the issue with the ATIS looping, but I was still not hearing my own voice.     I tried setting the RIGHT SIDE radio panel the same as the the LEFT side so that both panels have VHF 1, VHF 2 and INT SVC pushed in and the dial is on INT SVC .  This has fixed the issue of not being able to hear my own replies or acknowledge ATC.     I'm still not able to have my copilot communicate with ATC automatically, but this was a big improvement over not being able to hear/use the ATC properly.  
    • Checked some AIG traffic at La Palma today in MSFS and much like the old problem from back with p3d they still come in too high and cant land properly and therefor just go around. Was there ever a solution in p3d, if so can it possibly be applied in MSFS as well? Its a bit of an immersion killer. If I recall it could be fixed in AFCAD by moving the approach waypoint a bit further away from the island or something like that.   Also there are no GA parkings at La Palma, the only type of flying I do. I know in real life they use Gate 12 and higher so perhaps to avoid beeing sent to the lower number main terminal gates perhaps make ”Parkings” instead of ”Gates” from position 12 and above?
    • Da dieser Thread beantwortet wurde haben wir ihn geschlossen. Wenn Sie weitere Fragen haben können Sie jederzeit einen Neuen öffnen.
    • Freut mich, dass es jetzt klappt.
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