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    • On your joystick there should be buttons that trim up and down, remove them.  Also, check your options> controls> key and axis assignments and remove anything related to trim as you do not require them (the joy of flying airbus).     About the only time I haven't seen this issue is when you fly out of a stock airport with no weather and no other 3rd party add-ons running (RC4, Volanta, aitraffic management, etc), which makes me wonder if there's a memory issue causing the trim inputs to become too erratic due to lag.   Due to no weather, there is very little trim movement. I had the same problems and this fixed it...   Good Luck
    • So sounds kinda like 1 step forward 2 steps back on Asobo's part. Unfortunate, but hopefully things get working soon. Thanks for your work
    • Just wait for the update.
    • Please can aerosoft advise what to do. Should we delete the m files again?
    • On the occasion of the last MSFS performance update, I have removed the directory "packages\aerosoft-crj", in the meaning to have a clean restart with CRJ's aircrafts. So, I expected a long first start, as mentioned in tips display, during loading, but I was surprised that the loading was not very long and when I checked in directory "packages", I found a newly generated "aerosoft-crj", but WITHOUT any generated ".dll", ".lib", ".pdb" files inside. Only the sub-directory "work" was generated. with all usual files inside.   Does it mean perhaps, that these generated files are not more required/generated with the last 1.0.5 CRJ aircrafts and/or with the last MSFS update, or this mean there is a problem ?   For your information, I can load perfectly both CRJ aircrafts versions, but I hadn't the time yet, to try to fly with them (just an cold & dark loading at gate).   Thanks in forward for your help.
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