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  1. Fernandito, if I look at the screenshots and especially at the MCDU3 CL display I see that "START PUSH" and "START" is still green e.g. that those CL are not yet completed. So something must have been wrong during PB and EGINE START. Therefore it is also clear to my why you have problems with the TAXI CL. ...... I do not know which PB procedure you are using (GSX2 or the internal MCDU3) and what has happened..... Please explain the PB procedure you used (as well as engine start) in detail and maybe we can find the issue..... Regards, Rolf
  2. Sorry I do not know what could cause the problem with CL and scenery because there is no connection between the two e. g. the CL feature is completely independant from the scenery installed. Some questions: Does this happen at every gate in Düsseldorf? What kind of PB are you using - GSX or the internal MCDU3 -? Do you see the TAXI CL message on the INFOBAR e.g. that the TAXI CL is really available? Are you sing the copilot to make the necessary settings? As you can start the TAXI CL when using the ACFT STATE "TAXI" it seems to me that a certain necessary setting (for the TAXI CL to start) is missing in the previous checklists. Regards, Rolf
  3. I do not believe that the issue is linked to any scenery because I see no reasonfor this. Maybe you did something wrong in the set up? What you also could try is to load the TAXI STATE again in such amount to see if this works......
  4. You can also use the CHECKLIST and the COPILOT if you currently want to hear those calls. Regards Rolf
  5. And please post a screenshot of your GSX settings. Regards Rolf
  6. Hanse

    Fuel loading

    How do you get the values from the fuelplanner into the MCDU3? Are vou using "Generate Loadsheet" and in the MCDU3 "INIT LOADSHEET" or did you manually enter the fuel amount into MCDU3? Second did you load the fuel into the plane using LSK3R or "INSTANT LOAD"? If you use GSX to load the fuel into the plane then the value entered in MCDU3 LSK3L is used......
  7. On the F/CTL page the pitch trim value is displayed. If in the CL and ViewFocus the wheel page is displayed then it is a bug. But I know that in version to be updated soon the cprrect page will be displayed. Regards Rolf
  8. Sorry I do not see the problem. If you use INIT LOADSHEET in the MCDU3 FUEL AND LOAD MENU then those values are automatically transferred from fuelplanner into the MCDU3. Please check if this works on your system. This trim setting of p.e. UP3.0 is then automatically also used in the MCDU PERF page. Please also check if you there find the same value like in fuelplanner and in MCDU3 FUEL MENU. This trim value then is used by the Checklist . Regards Rolf
  9. Sorry I do not understand why you cannot see the TAXI CL on the MCDU3 CL MENU. it should be there in orange. Did you try using LSK4R to activate it? Just one additionally remark: The TAXI CL cannot be activated by using 1 from the keybord. It only automatically activates when the plane moves more than 10 knots. Or by using LSK4R in CL MENU. Regards, Rolf
  10. In a couple of days a new experimental update will be released which includes major changes of the ViewFocus feature. Enabling this feature (MCDU3 OPTIONS / CHECKLIST / VIEWFOCUS = ON) automatically changes (when the CL is running) the VC view and focus on the just relevant part of the VC. The detailed ViewFocus changes are: Various views have been aligned with checklist items If the aircraft is moving in the Checklist now breaks between various checks / settings are implemented. During those breaks the standard VC view is called (looking outside). This enables the user still to steer the aircraft even when the CL is running. ViewFocus now also works if ChasePlane is used. In such a case just also in the MCDU3 OPTIONS / CHECKLIST menu set VF CHASEPLANE additonally to ON. The other changes implemented and released with the new update are: CHECKLIST / COPILOT: Timing start DESCENT PREP CL changed (starts 5 NM earlier) GSX-Pushback – Good Engine Start PF call added and call modified (no GSX confirmation necessary anymore) Parking – Dome lights are automatically switched on, Cones are set and GPU-unit connected Copilot now also sets FO Baro settings CABIN CREW ANNOUNCEMENTS: Timing Seatbelt Announcement CLIMB: Adapted to OVHD switch setting Regards, Rolf
  11. Maybe one additional remark: The standard views in the A31X/32X are not based on WideView e.g. the option should be unticked. Whereas on the newer model A330 we already set the views to WideView (bacause nower days this is standard) e. g. for the A330 the option should be ticked. Rolf
  12. Did you check your sound settings in P3D? Using the right device and how are your other sound settings?
  13. Just checked it with the A330 and it works as required. Or are you talking about the smaller models?
  14. The best would be to prepare a video starting with your last actions before the beep starts ........ One thing I recognized myself in connection with a "beep - signal". During the flight after takeoff at app. 13.000 feet I also heared such a signal. This is a signal from the door (like a bell) that somebody wants to enter the cockpit. Unlock the door and you will hear a flight attendent entering the cockpit and offering coffee.....
  15. Brian, I think you are talking about the A31X/A32X and not the A330? The Cabin Crew announcement is linked to the seatbelt switch (=OFF) and the altitude of 10.000 feet. So if one of this conditions is not met then there will be no announcement....... Regards, Rolf
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