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  • Airbus A320 & A321 2048px HD Virtual Cockpit By Emi

    This is my 2048px Virtual Cockpit for the Aerosoft Airbus A320 & A321.   Included are high resolution textures for the pedestal, overhead, FCU, fuses (both, overhead and the back side of the flight deck) and photorealistic buttons and switches made right from photos taken on the real deal.   Additional VAS usage is at around 100-150mb in Prepar3Dv3.3. There is no noticable impact on the performance on my or any of the beta testers computers.   Painting this
  • P3D v5.2 HF1 EA Lightning Settings Aerosoft Airbusses A318-A321 and A330 By Hanse

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    With its last update LM improved again the EA functionality. If EA (Enhanced Atmospheric) is used and enabled in the P3D settings, the Lightning Settings in P3D V5.2 HF1 as well as in the Airbus Cockpit have to be adjusted accordingly because otherwise the cockpit is too dark. In the cockpit itself using this setting the lights are too bright and have to be dimmed. Of course you can do this manually as you like or use the attached AIRCRAFT STATES in which I already adjusted all relevant lig
  • American Eagle (SkyWest) Pack By AviationNation98

    Created with Photoshop for the Aerosoft CRJ-700, this is an American Eagle (SkyWest) pack of four different liveries.   Registrations Below: N778SK N716SK N759EV N761ND
  • American Eagle N508AE OC By Holgi

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    Contents of this ZIP-package: CRJ700ER American Eagle N508AE OC    Repaint by: Holger Sobl    Aerosoft paintkit by: Stefan Hoffmann      Livery – Installation Guide    1) Locate your MSFS Content folder. That’s the folder you chose on the update screen whenyou first started MSFS. I will use [MSFS] as a placeholder for this.  2) Unzip the contents of this file into your [MSFS]\Community folder.  3) Start MSFS, enter the world menu, select the Aircraft, your new livery and a
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