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  1. Well I was asking about how did MS2020 do the job with its default Washington DC city landscape?? FSX did pretty good job with default Washington DC city landscape. I am not referring to any payware add on for the Capitol city. Regards, Aharon
  2. Nice I have 50 screenshots showing departure from KDCA that I made few months ago but have not had chance to edit and publish those just like my other few million screenshots waiting for me to edit and publish!! Is it MS2020?? How is MS2020 default Washington DC city? Regards, Aharon
  3. After rain (click on this screenshot for crisp sharp viewing, please)
  4. love Caribbean screenshots!!!!! Great shots and very realistic looking waters Regards, Aharon
  5. @kroswynd Thanks for your kind words. Regards, Aharon
  6. Shalom and greetings all my pals, Presenting a darn nice sunrise morning commuter flight abroad special and exclusive milestone Embraer E175 from CYUL Montréal–Dorval International Airport located 12 miles from downtown Montreal to CYHZ Halifax Stanfield International Airport located in Goffs which is suburb of Halifax, Nova Scotia Taxiing to short of runway 24l on early freezing morning Yeah it is long taxi from the passenger terminal to short of runway 24l Dig the taxiway and runway night lights!! Holding short of runway 24l awaiting for take off cl
  7. Shalom and greetings all my pals, Passover week is over which means massive flux of Israelis returning from their Passover vacation in Eilat back home to Tel Aviv which means that El Al could not use narrow body 737-200s or Britannias hence decision to use exciting brand new 707-300 to handle heavy holiday passenger traffic back home from LLET Eilat Airport located in the center of Eilat adjacent to Route 90 (The Arava Road) to LLBG Ben Gurion Airport located 12 miles southeast of Tel Aviv STOP the sign says you need authorization from airport tower before passing!! Attent
  8. @Tokitaumelie, Thanks for your kind words and nice to meet you on the Aerosoft forums. To answer your question, I am using FSX Deluxe with SP1 and SP2. Regards, Aharon
  9. Shalom and greetings all my pals, Presenting a nice Boeing 777-200lr flight from CYEG Edmonton International Airport located 14 nautical miles south southwest of downtown Edmonton to KSEA Seattle–Tacoma International Airport located approximately 14 miles south of downtown Seattle Airborne on climb to Fl360 after take off climbing through clouds Now cruising at Fl360 across Canadian Rockies in Banff area Dig those winter dirt details! Cruising while admiring cockpit view of Canadian Rockies All gauge readings look good! Check out
  10. Shalom and greetings all my pals, Presenting exciting recreation of emergency Christmas airlift supply flight from CYHY Hay River/Merlyn Carter Airport located 1.7 miles north of Hay River, Northwest Territories, Canada to CYZF Yellowknife Airport located in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada using Flight Replicas R5D (C-54G) featuring well polished/buffed masterpiece work painted and polished exclusively by repainter named Hartmut Hekmann who is the official repainter for Virtual Aircraft Restoration Facebook group owned and operated by Hartmut Hekmann and Tobias Krause. Arr
  11. This should meet requirement of minimum of 300,000 pounds of MTOW for this month screenshot contest while demonstrating my suggestion for dirt detail theme for next month screenshot contest. This plane is above some suburb of london after take off from Heathrow for flight to Nice, France
  12. Thanks for the answer containing great descriptions. Regards, Aharon
  13. What city is it in first three screenshots please? Regards, Aharon
  14. OPPPSSSS I got Mount Rainer and Mount Everest mixed up!! Yes I meant to ask you if it is Mount Ranier!! Thanks
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