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  1. So, some airline plane flew 800 mph across Atlantic or over America at 200 mph tail wind. I would have hated to be going the other direction. Smiling Regards, Aharon
  2. Shalom and greetings all my pals, Presenting a nice British Midland airline flight from EGKK Gatwick Airport located 29.5 miles south of Central London, England to LFPG Charles de Gaulle Airport located 25 km to the northeast of Paris. Waiting for pilots to board the plane Fully boarded with passengers and ready for pushback! Taxiing via J toward runway 08R passing runway 08L Holding short of 08R awaiting for clearance for take off Entering into 08R to start take off run Airbone on climb to FL210 with nice wing view of sunrise Climbing climbing with background view of weird fog or smog haze hovering over ground Still on climb to F210 with background view of waters of Ardingly Reservoir seen below the plane Nice sunrise Dig the tail view Intercepting SFD above town of Seaford Crossing famous English Channel Cruising at FL210 crossing the Channel Approaching French shore with background view of bay of La Somme Making sharp turn while intercepting TANCA Descending through clouds What kind of brains would put nuclear reactor next to airport????? Do not know name of nuclear reactor as I cannot find on maps Seconds before touchdown TOUCHDOWN Starting reverse thrusters Reverse thrusters in full!! Thank you for viewing!! Stay tuned for next exciting flight. Regards, Aharon
  3. Aharon

    Some clouds in FSX

    TorstenFS, Your screenshot in the Sept screenshot contest is excellent and dangerously too close to the Alps LOL Regards, Aharon
  4. Aharon

    Some clouds in FSX

    Matzel tov on your first screenshot post and may I say it is successful!
  5. Shalom and greetings all my pals, Presenting a nice runway 03 approach and anding to Godzone's NZDN Dunedin international airport located adjacent to the village of Momona on the Taieri Plains approximately 20 miles south west of Dunedin in the South Island of New Zealand On final runway 03 approach passing background view of Lake Waipori Passing background view of waters of Waipori river going through hills to Taieri Mouth behind the hills Passing many rows of trees that you would find perfect match in Google Earth or satellitte maps Passing hills of Berwick forest More real world realistic rows of trees Seconds before touchdown TOUCHDOWN Engaging reverse thrusters with background view of NZDN terminal Passing background view of hangar of Mainland Air which is Professional Flight Training & Executive Air Charter company Backtracking!!! Taxiing back on the runway toward the terminal Exiting from runway into taxiway. If you want to know how long the runway is on left or right side, just read the sign below the nose Taxiing toward gate three Approaching gate three Arrived at gate 3 to drop off passengers Finished with pushback and now starting engines for return trip to Auckland Checking to be sure there is no late passenger in the terminal View of newstand where passengers pick up newspapers, magazines, overrpriced snacks, and overpriced drinks Reading the flightboard information Thank you for viewing my screenshots. Stay tuned for next exciting flight!! Regards, Aharon
  6. Shalom and greetings all my pals, Presenting a extremely sub zero temperature Arctic commuter flight far above Arctic Circle from ENBV Berlevåg Airport located 1.2 miles northwest of the village of Berlevåg in Finnmark county, Norway to ENHF Hammerfest Airport which is Norway's third-busiest regional airport located in Hammerfest, Norway. Cruising at FL140 after taking off with few feet of runway left from ENBV's 2,890 ft runway Making right 180 degree turn toward runway 05 On final runway approach passing Rossmolbukta lake in background Gonna watch out trees!! You can tell from this screenshot that the winds were too powerful and strong for smooth touchdown Making difficult touchdown in amidst of powerful winds Stopping on very short 2,890 ft runway with few runway feet to spare Exiting from runway 05 toward gate Thank you for viewing!! Stay tuned for next fight report. Regards, Aharon
  7. Shalom and greetings all my pals, Here are nice simple screenshots of my first arrival at iBlueYonder KACK Nantucket airport scenery as part of my successful testing of this cool scenery. Taxiing to gate Approaching the gate Arriving at gate Leaving the passenger terminal to go to Nantucket beach! Thank you for viewing. Please stay tuned for next flight report. Regards, Aharon
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    Back from Storage

    your second screenshot is AMAZING
  9. Dolf8857, Thanks for reply Regards, Aharon
  10. Dolf8857, Are those water textures and ground textures P3D default or add on? AMAZING SCREENSHOTS Love those amazing water textures! Regards, Aharon
  11. I love desert landscapes!!! I wish I have REALISTIC looking desert landscapes for my native country Israel!
  12. To screenshot contest administrator Kroswynd, please please please do NOT NOT consider me for this month's contest as I already won last month but I cannot resist your terrific idea for this month's theme called......"Let's see your new Xmas goodies" Many many many moon years ago, I bought my first editing software for self Chanukah present which marked the start of having joy and fun to create few millions of screenshots past 11 years....
  13. Shalom and greetings all my pals, Presenting recreation of real life Braniff flight of DC-8-62's arrival at KCOS City of Colorado Springs Municipal Airport located 6 miles southeast of Colorado Springs, Colorado that is the second busiest commercial service airport in the state Seconds before touchdown on runway 35R after two circles waiting for turn to land due to heavy commuter traffic between KCOS and KDEN TOUCHDOWN Exciting tire smoke still kept spewing while front landing gear was gliding down slowly in most graceful manner (notice clouds on ground level in background Front landing gear finally making runway contact Braking down with marvelous view of mountains of May Peak and Kineo Mountain Exiting from runway 35R into taxiway Entering into clouds at ground level during taxi to gate Taxiing through middle of cloud on ground level to gate Emerging out of clouds Still on long taxi with background of clouds Approaching gate with background of same mountains Thank you for viewing. Stay tuned for next exciting flight!! Regards, Aharon
  14. Shalom and greetings all my pals, Here is interesting history about Air Caribbean airline!!! This airline based in Trinidad lasted about 7 years of operation from 1993 to 2000 serving home base for flights to Tobago, Barbados, Grenada, Guyana, and Miami as well as handling many charter flights. The airline used YS-11 and 737-200. The airline was direct competitor of mighty and bigger BWIA for those routes. Air Caribbean was doing well with about seven units of YS-11 until it made mistake buying fuel hog 737-200s without hush kits which ultimately drove the airline to bankruptcy. Here is a nice whole day of office work abroad Air Caribbean YS-11 from TVSC Canouan Airport located on the island of Canouan in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to TTPP Piarco International Airport located in Piarco 16 miles east of Port of Spain's central business district in Trinidad to TTCP A.N.R. Robinson International Airport formerly known as Crown Point International Airport located 6.8 miles from the capital Scarborough on the next door island of Tobago. At gate being boarded with passengers Starting engines after finished with pushback Taxiing to short of runway 13 Taxiing to beginning of runway 13 for backtracking Backtracking On hold on runway 13 awaiting for take off clearance with background view of Nen's Bay and trees of Kate Hill Airborne on climb to FL200 passing view of Rumereng Bay Still climbing passing Friendship Bay with background view of islands of L'Islot and Canouan Beleine Time to make left turn toward destination above Friendship Bay Gonna love Caribbean waters Now cruising at FL200 Leaving rich colors of Caribbean sea to cross deep blue waters of Caribbean Passing TGPYMaurice Bishop International Airport formerly known as Point Salines International Airport located about 5 miles south of St. George's which is the capital of the island nation of Grenada. Leaving Grenada Cruising at FL200 Ahead is view of Tobago at left and Trinidad at right Approaching island of Tobago to cross it Passing Man O' War Bay in Tobago Passing background view of Batteaux Bay while making right turn to fly along Tobago's southern shore Passing Carapuse Bay Passing Goldsborough Bay while cruising along Tobago's southern shore Approaching Trinidad on way to runway 28 Darn rainstorm is starting that results into windy approach Seconds before touchdown TOUCHDOWN Exiting from runway 28 into taxiway C on way to gate 4 Arrived at gate 4 to drop off passengers and picking passengers bounded for next door island of Tobago Starting engines for flight to next door Tobago Waiting for taxi clearance while in background the plane arrived from long flight from KJFK in New York Arrived at Tobago to approach gate 3 Nice gate approach view Arrived at the gate Night departure back to Trinidad!! Thank you for viewing!! Stay tuned for next exciting flight!! Regards, Aharon