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  1. Shalom and greetings all my pals, Just would like to wish Jewish Happy New Year (Rosh Hashanah) to all of Aerosoft staff members and all Aerosoft customers (pilots) Shana tova to all of you. Regards, Aharon
  2. Agreed I think the best way is to wait until 3rd or 4th quarter of 2021 to buy laptop and MS2020. Almost one year would be enough for Microsoft to clear up any bugs such as Vatsim problems or errors such as missing airports in Alaska. Meanwhile I have plenty of high quality payware sceneries in my FSX to enjoy. Yes I am still buying FSX compatible payware sceneries. Regards, Aharon
  3. @Mathijs Kokand @PatrickZ, Thanks for kind answers. I am afraid that replacing 256 GB SSD drive with bigger SSD drive is not option in my gaming laptop. So based on your answers, I guess I am better off buying a new laptop for MS2020 next year. I am in no hurry since ground textures in my FSX screenshots manage to fool some people into thinking it is MS2020. Ha ha ha ha ha ha Regards, Aharon
  4. Shalom and greetings all my pals, I am blaming on everybody showing off their MS2020 screenshots to get me overexcited and get me lose my mind to think seriously about buying MS2020. I have interesting hardware requirement question. I have very powerful 2 year old MSI gaming laptop that can handle P3D or XP11 or any fancy payware airport sceneries or payware aircraft add on sceneries. But my laptop comes with 256 Gb SSD and 1 TB 7,200rpm hard drive. I know 256 GB SSD is not enough for MS2020. So will my clever trick get MS2020 work and run smoothly if I install it on external SSD drive to be connected via 3.0 UBS to laptop. I am thinking of SanDisk - Extreme 2TB External USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-A/Type-C Portable Solid-State Drive Will it work or not?? Regards, Aharon
  5. Thanks all for more explanations and more kind amusing posts :) Regards, Aharon
  6. Shalom and greetings all my pals, Presenting a beautiful commuter flight New Zealand style from NZDN Dunedin Airport approximately 22 kilometres south west of Dunedin to NZCH Christchurch Airport located in the suburb of Harewood 7.5 miles to the northwest of the city centre of Christchurch. Passengers boarding through gate one jetway Jetway disconnecting from the plane You can tell from the tail of the plane that it is in middle of pushback Checking through windows of the terminal to see if there is any late passenger running to gate 1 before starting engines (yeah we offer extra personal service) Starting right engine with nice background view of the terminal Starting left engine with nice view of ground markings Activating flaps to degree suitable for take off with nice background view of airport tower and first and second gates Entering into runway 21 with nice view of airport sign showing you distance on both sides of runway Now on runway 21 for more taxi with nice background view of cool hangar Starting backtracking with background view of how nice and proper mowing job on the airport grass Backtracking!! Airborne now with background view of Taieri River seen below right fin and view of Waipori River that leads out into ocean via Taieri Mouth seen on the top of the screenshot where you can also see under the tail a bridge called Henley Road crossing the Waipori River Still on climb to FL200 passing waters of Lake Waihola where you can see in front of the plane nose a town of Waihola Wing view of same lake Another view of the same lake where you can see road called Finlayson Road seen on right side of the left engine Wing view of Taieri Mouth Passing town of Waldronvie seen in front of right wing where you can see bridge called Brighton Road crossing waters of Kaikorai Lagoon while the island called Green Island can be seen below the tail Wing view of squarish or block shaped town of Mosgiel whose name was named after the farm of Robert Burns who was national poet of Scotland Closer view of the same town where you can see Wingatui Race course Wing view of Otago Harbour in front of South Dunedin Ohh you want closer view of that harbour?? Sure here is closer view where you can see cruise ships docking at Port Chalmers Approaching view of Hawksbury Lagoon and its town of Waikouaiti renowned for farming operations of 500,000 chicken to meet demands of eggs for New Zealand Same wing view of the same town and same lagoon Cruising along the coast Cruising past Waitaki River Cruising across nice green landscape of South Island Approaching city of Timaru where you can see suburbs of Redruth and Kensington as well as waters of Saltwater Creek seen below the plane Passing waters of Caroline Bay seen on right side of the plane and Inner Harbour seen below right wing Leaving view of city of Timaru Cruising along the coast Passing wing view of Rangitati River which is home of Chinook salmon, brown trout, rainbow trout, and brook char Passing TWO rivers both called Rakaia River which is home of black-billed gull, black-fronted tern, and banded dotterel as well as more salmon Passing two rivers signal time for descent!! Passing Lake Elllesmere where you can see Hector's dolphins, Southern elephant seals, fur seals, and Basking sharks Same view of the same lake Approaching Banks Peninsula Passing Lyttelton Harbour Approaching beaches of The Pine Beach Passing Waimakarari River where you can see off left wing two highways where one is route number 74 that runs through town of Northwood and the other one is route number one seen just next to the tip of winglet of left wing At 10,000 ft flying above the same route number 74 that passes through town of Redwood where you can see off right wing waters of Styx Mill Reserve You can see the stadium but oddly enough they do not call it stadium. They call it Landcaster Park located in suburb of Waltham in Christchurch Passing Woolston suburb of Christchurch where you can see red building in front of right engine which is actually The Tannery Mall of shops and restaurants as well as Deluxe Cinema. Also the red building behind the right wing is National Storage which is self storage facility located at 89 Garland Road. You can see the river called Heathcote River Passing town of Clifton where you can see beach in front of left wing which is called Sumner Beach. Just off right fin is where Christchurch Yacht Club is Passing towns of Sumner and Scarborough Wing view of Akaroa Harbour At 5,000 ft with background view of Banks Peninsula At 4,000 ft passing some tiny town You can recognize this same lake from the previous screenshot Now at 3,000 ft getting ready for runway 02 approach Making right turn toward the runway On final runway approach past background view of town of Russley Check out those buildings More view of the buildings TOUCHDOWN Nice tail view of exciting tire smoke Look at the fire house Look at cargo buildings Look at clever hotel sign Zoomed in the view of the clever hotel sign to catch passengers' attention Front wheels making ground contact Engaging reverse thrust with background view of the airport Exiting from runway 02 into taxiway A4 toward gate 22 Check out next day delivery service building Look at Air New Zealand very very far in background where you can see hangar with blue sign in front of hangar Look at two buildings that are for United States Antarctic Department Looking for gate 22 using easily marked taxiway with great gate guidance numbers Found gate 22 Entering gate 22 apron Arriving at gate to drop off very satisfied passengers Van arriving to take care of some unknown problem Luggage tray tractor pulling full luggage trays to be loaded into the plane for next flight to Auckland Whatever you do during layoff break, never never use that phone on right side to call your wife Thank you for viewing!!! Stay tuned for next exciting flight. Regards, Aharon
  7. Thanks all for interesting explanations @Herman, I never never blame on Aerosoft. Besides I can tell difference between Bill Gates and Mathijs Kok Regards, Aharon
  8. I never never never said it is Aerosoft's issue. I know Aerosoft has nothing to do with that. I am just merely asking here on Radio Chatter Room subforum renowned for its free intellectual discussions so that I can seek opinions and answers from any experts on my question. Thanks all for answers and please keep more answers coming. Regards, Aharon
  9. Question for all of you: Why is Microsoft offering DVD versions of MS2020 ONLY to Europe BUT is offering ONLY download to America?? Do not want to spend 4 hours downloading!! I want to buy DVD version!! Regards, Aharon
  10. Gonna love scene of laptop tray being unfolded and opened in cockpit. No wonder I understand why Northwest Airbus went 200 miles off course!! Too much laptop entertainment. Regards, Aharon
  11. @kroswynd and the Aerosoft management, Thanks a zillion for your kindness and for selecting my screenshot as winner of the August screenshot contest. I was very very very fortunate to be able to scramble to press keyboard command button to activate printing of this scene at same precise moment when I after parking my C-130 plane to my amazement and surprise noticed the background view of this amazing Aerosoft generated police car chase. I was so taken aback by amazement that Aerosoft could generate police car chase in FSX that I had to immediately recover myself and scrambled to press the button to take this screenshot just just before the red car disappeared behind the trees. It was stroke of luck for me. Regards, Aharon
  12. I disagree with @edetroit because he seems to forget that his custom made cockpit panels are something that you will never find in MS2020 or that MS2020 cannot compete with his custom made cockpit panels such as Tristar l1011 panel Regards, Aharon
  13. When Aerosoft management ask for Aerosoft product that must be included in this months screenshot contest, I am pretty sure they would not expect to see Aerosoft GENERATED police chase at Aerosoft Anchorage X scenery. Presenting screenshot of police car chasing a red car through the airport road while I was arriving at cargo apron of Aerosoft AnchorageX
  14. Surprised me that Bill Gates did not buy rights for all cockpit panels from Edetriot for use of MS2020!!!
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