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  1. Really?? That is definition of metal heavy???? Even though 707s and DC-8s easily qualify to meet this weight requirement, I find it bit odd to exclude heavy props such as Constellations because metal heavy is same as old iron. Oh well...... Regards, Aharon
  2. Can historic jets such as 707s or Comets or l-1101s or old prop irons such as DC-7, DC-6, DC-4 and Constellations be considered as heavy metal, please? Do not want to break screenshot contest rules Regards, Aharon
  3. Smiling Have a great month of March and wishing you best of luck for February screenshot contest, @edetroit Regards, Aharon
  4. @edetroit, I am impressed that your wife is helping you with plannings for this months screenshot contest. I need to find a girlfriend or future wife to do the same thing! Maybe I should go to airports to flirt with stewardresses OR female airport spotting photographers. Yes there are female airport spotters! Regards, Aharon
  5. @edetroit, Do not want to steal your chances to use that livery for your contest for this month I assume you will be using F-GSEX for this month contest hence do not want to hurt your chances for this contest. Hope that my honesty is ok with you. I am planning to use your Corsair repaint for flight between FMEE and FSIA but I am still waiting for FSDG software company to have special sale on those two airports. Cannot afford their normal prices so I am waiting for sale price. Regards, Aharon
  6. What can be more romantic for loving passenger couples than their romantic honeymoon flight abroad Bahamas airline on way to romantic paradise Bahamas island to be accompanied by exciting condensation which make it more romantic for airport spotting photographers on ground too ????
  7. Bill Gates is probably going to wonder aloud why his programmers cannot do for MS2020 what Edetroit did with his custom made panels for FS2004 and FSX
  8. I wish I have your world famous cockpit panel for my Vistaliners l1011s for use of FSX!!!!! Your famous cockpit panels are very beautiful. Regards, Aharon
  9. Great shots I like the first screenshot!! Regards, Aharon
  10. Shalom and greetings all my pals, Once FSX Deluxe with SP1 and SP2 gave me FSX default flooding at an airport!!!!!!! It just happened!! I want to see if P3D, XP-11, and MS2020 can beat that!!! This was taken in year 2009!! Please click on this hyperlink: https://calclassic.proboards.com/thread/10231/p3d-xp-ms2020-beat-fsx?page=1&scrollTo=83715 to view the screenshots. I do NOT know why screenshots are not working on this forum??? Regards, Aharon
  11. @edetroit Posky 747-300 version 4 with Corsair livery?? If so, can you send me that livery if you painted F-GSEX please? Thanks, Aharon
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