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    • Hi Aerosoft,   Same buttons and switches problems, and even more, the plane is overshooting in all the approach waypoints doing SSSS and intercepts the Localizer very slow and bad, overshooting too much. Another issue: On the FO PFD the LOC2 has to be named instead off LOC0 These problems should be corrected as soon as possible.   I have the marketplace version.   PD: I'm a real CRJ-1000 pilot. I'm attaching a real picture how to see it in the reality.   Regards,
    • Oh I doubt that we will have to wait that long. I am sure that Aerosoft marketing are aware of the upcoming release of the Kodiak on the 17th of the month. My guess is that the Twotter will be released on Dec 9. Just an educated guess.
    • I just upgraded my working installation to V1.0.15 - I did a full reinstall after first having this issue with the Aerosoft Upgrader installation. Both the CRJ 550 and 700 behave the same way - shortly after takeoff (a few seconds), the sim closes. The flights were initiated on the runway, ready for takeoff. Whether I do a complete flight plan, or just kick the tires and light the fires (i.e. set the flaps, take off the brake and advance the throttle to TOGO), I get the same result - CTD shortly after leaving the ground. I removed ALL scenery from the community folder - same result.   Any suggestions on troubleshooting this? 
    • Sorry for the english is not my language im using traductor .  I´m a user of VR and I have the bundle CRJ 550 to 1000 and i would like to see the pilots avatares inside cockpit because in VR it is more immersive to see as if it were my own body and not floating in the cockpit may be you can add in the EFB an option ( enable/disable pilots avatars in cockpit). There is a free mod that does this in the TBM930 and looks right .There are many people will thank to you.
    • I made this suggestion earlier in this thread...  just wanted to add some information.   Air Tahiti Nui (icao code THT)  - In 1996, Air Tahiti Nui was founded to connect the world to the largest island in French Polynesia, Tahiti. Their fleet was renewed in 2019 consisting of the Boeing 787-9. While their destinations are minimal, their aircraft make a visual statement wherever they land. For MSFS, using the 'generic-airliner-twinengines' would work well.    Website - https://www.airtahitinui.com/       Air Tahiti (icao code VTA) - The smaller regional inter-island carrier visits 45 islands within the South Pacific (French Polynesia, Rarotonga and the Cook Islands). Most are served in real life with ATR aircraft but there are a few Beechcraft models too. For MSFS AI, there is no ATR AI but there is a 'generic turbo multiengines' that might be acceptable. Maybe even the private jet would look good in this livery even though it's not a turboprop.   Also in MSFS, some of Air Tahiti's destinations do not have airports. And those that do have minimal ramp parking. This would likely need some serious 'thinning' to make work in MSFS.    Website - https://www.airtahiti.com/    
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