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    • If it is def not running, try to start it up manually from "E:\Microsoft Flight Simulator\community\AFC_Bridge\bin\" once you are in the MSFS main menu. If it is really located there, as you have not answered that question. Then start a flight and see if the LEDs start to operate.    
    • I started up MSFS and i looked in task manager and i do not see Honeycomb Bridge  Module anywhere...
    • ive weather loads fine all other views are ok (see screen shot below) But I can't see outside from the flight deck.   Actual visibility is 15 sm    
    • The scenery (not only La-Palma) only contains the call „Afcad“ (Airport Facilities Data). In case of Sim-wings it is call GCLA_ADEV5-OP01.bgl (The Afx_GCLA_with_AI_ILS.BGL is not part of the product and will be now part of your issue, as it is generating a double Afcad here, remove it). In V5 you should not use AFX (based on the name of your file) to edit Afcad. AFX is not V5 compatible an kill the cat) Only the newest ADE Version for V5 can be used (when you know what you do). Make a backup from the original file first and never have to afcads active the same time.   But the afcad is not the issue here, because the afcad has the runway and groundlayout, which is not relevant for the AI Traffic handling in the approach. The runways are only relevant for the heading, begin and end etc.  The second part in the Afcad, which could be relevant, are the approach definitions. But as I know and seen until now, only he „ILS“ approaches are used in combi with the ILS data assigned to the runways (if existing) In this case, the aircraft follow the IlS Path short before the final landing (more or less). The correct ILS approach is not flown, it is only the indicator for the engine, that there is a Ils available to be used as base.  But as you saw, the ils alone does not help in La Palma. What I expect is, that data define the airspace around the Island are the issue here. The onroute traffic approach the island will keep at a to high altitude, so that the switch to the decent on the path to then runway will fail. I never had to do something with this data, but they seams to he part of the BGLs in the scenery/xxxx folders of the sim standard folders. The definition if his parts in the sdk never changed significantly since FS9, same as the AI Engine itself. The only changes in P3DV5 is the add of a Altitude Value to all Taxipoints and other vertexes to add the possibility of sloped runways and aprons, the rest is all the same.  
    • Stelle den Flieger doch einmal in einen Bereich, wo er nicht von außen mit Licht beschienen wird, dann wird der Effekt der Innenbeleuchtung stärker (HDR ist aber "Pflicht"), so ist es jedenfalls bei mir. Auch das Cockpit bleibt nicht dunkel.      
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