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  1. That's amazing! Soooo ... will there be contests here where the winner will get a chance to become an animated APC in the next Aerosoft scenery? If so, I'm in!
  2. It is a bit off topic, but a very interesting topic, so we'll hope for some leniency from the mods Indeed, mainly, it's down to post-war history. East Berlin and East Germany were in the Soviet Block, so not aligned with the "western" aviation industry, and although West Berlin was part of West Germany, it was a compact, enclosed city within East Germany. West Berlin did have two medium-sized airports, though: Tegel and Tempelhof, just as East Berlin had Schönefeld. So after German reunification in 1990, the new capital had three medium-sized airports, of which only Schönefeld could be expand
  3. Well, Mathijs said that he'd make some images...he said nothing about sharing them with us.
  4. Is it this one, from November 6th? http://simflight.de/2010/11/das-land-der-gletscher-geysire-und-vulkane-aerosoft-iceland-x/
  5. Ich bin in dieser Frage etwas zwiegespalten. Als nach dem Erscheinen von FSX die ersten Flughafen-Addons rauskamen, hatte - soweit ich mich erinnere - kein einziges bewegliche Fluggastbrücken. Die Technik dafür, eigens-konstruierte (also nicht Standard-FSX) Fluggastbrücken beweglich zu machen, kam erst viel später...soweit mir bekannt, war Oliver einer der ersten (wenn nicht DER erste), die es ermöglichten. Insofern bekam in der ersten Zeit niemand, der viel Geld für ein Addon zahlte, ein gewisses markantes Leistungsmerkmal des ersetzten Standard-Flughafens: bewegliche Fluggastbrücken.
  6. Works like a charm! Thanks so very much, Oliver! Much appreciated!
  7. Very nice work on Mega Airport Munich! I have just one problem with this absolute piece of art: my UTX traffic is ignoring the 4 pairs of underpasses under the taxiways leading to the north and south runways, driving over them at ground level instead. I tried adding exclude boxes to the AF2_eddm_2010.bgl over the 4 pairs of bridges, as well as raising the position of the airport to position 2 in the Scenery Library (directly under AES, but above Aerosoft Afd)...both tries with no success. Any thoughts on how to deactivate the UTX traffic in those 4 areas (if need be, completely on th
  8. Thanks for posting that...I noticed both items as well, but was too busy flying to post it here yesterday And thanks Finn for noting it for SP1. Regarding moving the eyespot, would this be possible by making a change in the aircraft.cfg file under "[CAMERADEFINITION.012]", changing XyzAdjust = FALSE ...to... XyzAdjust = TRUE ? I'd test it now, but need to head to the office, sadly. TGIF! Cheers Tibbo
  9. I'm in the air and euphoric! That's all that matters! Details come later! And Mathijs, I hope you really, really enjoy this evening! Thanks a million to you and your team...well done indeed!
  10. Ok, after some minor problems during takeoff ("why can't I set altitude and vertical speed like in the standard A321?"), I'm well underway from FRA to MUC. She flies like a dream, just takes some getting used to if you're used to the standard MS Airbus cockpit/interface. Knock on wood the landing goes well (manual? what's a manual?)
  11. Got home, turned on computer, refreshed the Aerosoft homepage, pulled out my credit card, bought, started the download. Will now take off my shoes and jacket and wash my hands. Hey, you've got to have priorities, right?
  12. I'm really starting to despair at the recurring, senseless criticism about the Airbus. Although I doubt I'll be able to prevent the next person from going into hysterics about how a certain feature or other is missing, maybe this analogy will help: *customer 1 comes into the AppleSoft store* Customer1: YAY, I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEW APPLE321! I HOPE IT HAS SHELLFLEX! AppleSoft: No, sorry, ShellFlex is a feature you'll find in other products like FruitBat's Orange800, or TropiFood's BananaX. C1: HOW CAN YOU NOT HAVE SHELLFLEX?! AS: Well, it just wouldn't make sense integrating it into the
  13. I'm sorry, but if you honestly think that Aerosoft can be bullied into adding useless features by writing angry posts in all caps, you are clearly delusional.
  14. Guten Abend allerseits, vielleicht bin ich irgendwie Hitze-verwirrt oder stehe sonst irgendwie auf dem Schlauch, aber ich verstehe doch die "Updates für die GAP 2 Flughäfen (FSX+FS2004)" Ankündigung so, dass auch Leipzig X (FSX) nun upgedated wurde. Logge ich mich aber in den Update Bereich ein, und wähle unter den registrierten Produkten "German Airports 2 - Leipzig" aus, erscheint zur Auswahl bei mir: - Elevation-patch, Behebt "Klippen-Effekt" bei Verwendung von Meshes - Update 1.01 für die FSX Version von Leipzig ...und Update 1.01 ist vom 11.10.2008. Bin ich irgendwie ganz
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