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  1. Hi Herman, thanks so much for your replies! It seems my problem isn't early onset senility, but rather making an incorrect assumption: "but considering this is a finished product" I will take your advise and post my experiences to the site you mentioned. Hopefully someone in a position to do something will be moved by my sob-story and put some pressure on the finishing and optimisation of VNAV / the autopilot. In the meantime, I will stick mostly to the A320 ... it's not like there's any lack of breathtaking short and mid-range flights to fly! My best, Tibbo
  2. Hi all, I think that in all the years and years of being an Aerosoft customer and fan, this is only my second post here ... but it's out of frustration that I wanted to get some input from the community. As many of you, I bought FSX the day it came out, and spent thousands of hours on it over its many years ... thousands of joyous hours. And while I admit that I didn't fly the default B747 or B737 very much (I'll admit it: I'm an Airbus guy), I did complete 30 or 40 or 50 successful flights with the default Boeings over the years. I never liked the cockpit layout or especially FMC / Autopilot interaction much, compared to Airbus, but the FSX Boeings and I had a functional relationship. I could complete an ORD - FRA flight in the B747 or a MUC - PMI flight in the B737 without breaking a sweat. But now, I don't know. I have tried, to the best of my abilities, to fly the B748 and the B787 in FS2020, and I'll be damned if I can complete a flight. FMC programmed (to the best of my knowledge) perfectly, everything set well ... but after takeoff and engaging LNAV/VNAV, the autopilot seems to think it's an F-15 and shoots up at +6000 fpm until stall, then down just as wildly ... all the while FD/AP/VNAV engaged and by all accounts all being nominal. After numerous attempts, I was able to get the 747 into the air from ORD by using the AP just for altitude, heading and V/S until I was well over 20.000 ft, climbing mildly, straight on course, before engaging LNAV/VNAV ... that even seemed to work for a while, but maybe a quarter hour later, the speed just started to slowly drop from 280 kts toward 200 and falling without me having even touched a single control. Wasn't fixable either, through dis- and re-engaging Autotrust, VNAV, manually fiddling with the throttle ... I then used the new functionality of "skipping ahead" to pass on the whole cruising section and go direct to approach into FRA (which presented a whole lot of new fun after selecting my approach, when the FMC insisted 25nm out of Frankfurt that backtracking to Luxembourg was absolutely necessary before resuming a course to Frankfurt), when on final approach to 25L (ILS approach, perfectly on Glideslope, both APs active) the V/S suddenly dropped and crashed me into the forest. I gave up on the 747 after that. I tried the 787, thinking it could only be better, and at first that seemed to be the case ... but then the same kind of FMC/AP weirdness came up as well. At the same time, I have already completed 10 or more picture-perfect A320 flights ... smooth as silk from takeoff to landing. Admittedly, the A320 AP is also a bit "over-aggressive" on climbs, but forcing a reasonable V/S mitigates that, so it's only a minor annoyance. Just completed another A320 flight from EWR to BOS and it was perfect. So ... have I gone soft in the head? Have I somehow lost the ability to pilot Boeings over the years? Or are there other heavy metal drivers out here who are having unusual difficulty with the 747 and 787? I'm honestly baffled, because I find especially the 747 next to unflyable, but considering this is a finished product, I can't believe that's the case for everyone? Feeling very dumb here ... Would appreciate any thoughts from the group that would help me get back to my beloved longhaul trips before 3rd party A330s/A340s/A350s are finally released. My best, Tibbo
  3. Well, Mathijs said that he'd make some images...he said nothing about sharing them with us.
  4. Is it this one, from November 6th? http://simflight.de/2010/11/das-land-der-gletscher-geysire-und-vulkane-aerosoft-iceland-x/
  5. Ich bin in dieser Frage etwas zwiegespalten. Als nach dem Erscheinen von FSX die ersten Flughafen-Addons rauskamen, hatte - soweit ich mich erinnere - kein einziges bewegliche Fluggastbrücken. Die Technik dafür, eigens-konstruierte (also nicht Standard-FSX) Fluggastbrücken beweglich zu machen, kam erst viel später...soweit mir bekannt, war Oliver einer der ersten (wenn nicht DER erste), die es ermöglichten. Insofern bekam in der ersten Zeit niemand, der viel Geld für ein Addon zahlte, ein gewisses markantes Leistungsmerkmal des ersetzten Standard-Flughafens: bewegliche Fluggastbrücken. Dass AES diese Addons rückwirkend verbesserte, ist also vollkommen legitim. Und AES ist bis heute ja viel mehr als nur Fluggastbrücken...AES verwandelt ja das Aussehen und "Feeling" der Flughäfen auf vielfache Weise. AES also auf "EUR 15 für animierte Jetways" zu reduzieren ist schlichtweg unfair und ignorant. Was ich mich allerdings frage, ist warum - nachdem die Technik der animierten Jetways nun wohlverbreitet sein dürfte - die Hersteller sie nicht gleich in ihre Produkte einbauen...besonders wenn es sich um Entwickler handelt, die oftmals oder primär Aerosoft als Publisher benutzen. Das wirft dann schon einen seltsamen Beigeschmack auf, ob auf gewisse technische Finessen nicht absichtlich verzichtet wird, damit diese dann direkt mittels AES wieder verbessert werden. Zum Schluss bleibt es aber natürlich jedem selber überlassen, ob er ein Addon in seiner ursprünglichen Version genießen möchte oder entgeltlich mittels AES verbessert...so habe ich mir ja auch gestern früh Mega Airport München gekauft und direkt ein neues AES Credit Pack dazu, ohne München überhaupt nur ein einziges Mal ohne AES-Verbesserung anzuwerfen. Gruß Tibbo
  6. Works like a charm! Thanks so very much, Oliver! Much appreciated!
  7. Very nice work on Mega Airport Munich! I have just one problem with this absolute piece of art: my UTX traffic is ignoring the 4 pairs of underpasses under the taxiways leading to the north and south runways, driving over them at ground level instead. I tried adding exclude boxes to the AF2_eddm_2010.bgl over the 4 pairs of bridges, as well as raising the position of the airport to position 2 in the Scenery Library (directly under AES, but above Aerosoft Afd)...both tries with no success. Any thoughts on how to deactivate the UTX traffic in those 4 areas (if need be, completely on the grounds of EDDM), without deactivating it entirely? Thanks in advance! Tibbo
  8. Thanks for posting that...I noticed both items as well, but was too busy flying to post it here yesterday And thanks Finn for noting it for SP1. Regarding moving the eyespot, would this be possible by making a change in the aircraft.cfg file under "[CAMERADEFINITION.012]", changing XyzAdjust = FALSE ...to... XyzAdjust = TRUE ? I'd test it now, but need to head to the office, sadly. TGIF! Cheers Tibbo
  9. Tibbo

    Airbus X

    I'm in the air and euphoric! That's all that matters! Details come later! And Mathijs, I hope you really, really enjoy this evening! Thanks a million to you and your team...well done indeed!
  10. Tibbo

    Airbus X

    Ok, after some minor problems during takeoff ("why can't I set altitude and vertical speed like in the standard A321?"), I'm well underway from FRA to MUC. She flies like a dream, just takes some getting used to if you're used to the standard MS Airbus cockpit/interface. Knock on wood the landing goes well (manual? what's a manual?)
  11. Tibbo

    Airbus X

    Got home, turned on computer, refreshed the Aerosoft homepage, pulled out my credit card, bought, started the download. Will now take off my shoes and jacket and wash my hands. Hey, you've got to have priorities, right?
  12. I'm really starting to despair at the recurring, senseless criticism about the Airbus. Although I doubt I'll be able to prevent the next person from going into hysterics about how a certain feature or other is missing, maybe this analogy will help: *customer 1 comes into the AppleSoft store* Customer1: YAY, I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEW APPLE321! I HOPE IT HAS SHELLFLEX! AppleSoft: No, sorry, ShellFlex is a feature you'll find in other products like FruitBat's Orange800, or TropiFood's BananaX. C1: HOW CAN YOU NOT HAVE SHELLFLEX?! AS: Well, it just wouldn't make sense integrating it into the Apple321...we could, but it would greatly reduce performance and add no real effe- C1: BUT EVERYONE ELSE IS IMPLEMENTING SHELLFLEX!! HOW CAN YOU NOT?! THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!! AS: Hey, if you want a product with ShellFlex, you're more than happy to purchase the Orange800 or BananaX instead...they're also great produce. No one is forcing you to buy our Apple321. C1: I DON'T CARE! I DEMAND YOU ADD SHELLFLEX TO THE APPLE321! AS: Sir...please...it's an apple, ok? Our shell isn't intended to flex. It's completely different from orange shells or kiwi shells...it's an apple. The shell has to be apple-like. So ShellFlex would make absolutely no sense. C1: I'M NOT BUYING YOUR STUPID PRODUCT UNLESS YOU ADD IT! *customer 2 comes into the store* C2: Hello! I'm very interested in the Apple321...it looks great! Will it have full SlipperyPeel functionality? AS: No, no...it's an Apple, you see. Our goal was to make it as apple-like and enjoyable to everyone as possible. C2: Wait...how can you not have full SlipperyPeel functionality? TropiFood has it in their BananaX, after all! AS: Well yes...they're selling a Banana, after all. Their target customers are looking for something much more banana-y than ours. C2: What a rip off! You even say in your advertising that the Apple321 is great for "taking along to the park"...how can you take it along to the park without full SlipperyPeel functionality?! AS: Erm...why shouldn't you be able to take the Apple321 to the park without it? It's hardly a prerequisite for that. C2: Are you kidding me?! Only serious fruit-eaters take their fruit along to the park, and they wouldn't be caught dead there without full SlipperyPeel functionality! Your product sucks! C1: AND IT DOESN'T EVEN HAVE SHELLFLEX! C2: *blinks* So? C1: WAAAH! AS: *facepalm* Sound familiar?
  13. I'm sorry, but if you honestly think that Aerosoft can be bullied into adding useless features by writing angry posts in all caps, you are clearly delusional.
  14. Hmm...stimmt eigentlich. Danke, Ralf.
  15. Guten Abend allerseits, vielleicht bin ich irgendwie Hitze-verwirrt oder stehe sonst irgendwie auf dem Schlauch, aber ich verstehe doch die "Updates für die GAP 2 Flughäfen (FSX+FS2004)" Ankündigung so, dass auch Leipzig X (FSX) nun upgedated wurde. Logge ich mich aber in den Update Bereich ein, und wähle unter den registrierten Produkten "German Airports 2 - Leipzig" aus, erscheint zur Auswahl bei mir: - Elevation-patch, Behebt "Klippen-Effekt" bei Verwendung von Meshes - Update 1.01 für die FSX Version von Leipzig ...und Update 1.01 ist vom 11.10.2008. Bin ich irgendwie ganz auf dem falschen Dampfer, oder müsste ich nicht dort auch das neue Update für Leipzig finden können? Besten Dank im voraus für Eure Hilfe! Viele Grüße Tibbo
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