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  1. Cool! Another interesting trip is annual the BAS ferry flight from Springbank, Canada all the way down to Rothera, Antarctica (Rothera's extensive manual contains some more info about that plus some other info on some very special Twotter operations):
  2. Yes, it seems to be the case that some MSFS default vehicles do not fulfill performance criteria. Sadly it's not possible to exclude animated road traffic (yet). So your suggested approach with reducing the road traffic density is currently the best course of action if you have performance problems with the default road traffic (personally I don't and you are the first person I'm aware of that reported them). Bests, Sascha
  3. Leider bis dato nur ein frommer Wunsch. Wir müssen da noch auf weitere Nachbesserungen beim MSFS warten, bis das vollumfänglich möglich ist: https://devsupport.flightsimulator.com/questions/3958/street-lights-not-completely-excluded-by-polygon.html
  4. Just had a look at this... We did check the correct designations when working on the new terrain layout in February/March and as far as I can recall this hasn't been the case back then. I cannot rule out it has been overlooked because it's a rather subtle change in the AIP with a weird logic that is beyond me... Why dive it a different designator in the first meters in and then rename it somewhere on a straight stretch going south? I could imagine that it's planned to eventually change the whole stretch to V3 and V4 when the extended Apron E is finished (and then consequently naming those taxiways V1 and V2). Anyway: I have made a note for the next update. It's a good observation, thank you!
  5. Hier noch kurz ein paar Infos (copy paste aus dem BER-Handbuch) zum Sachverhalt:
  6. Do you mean the recent Sim Update 6? Looking at your screenshot and video I noticed two things that are odd: The aerial imagery that comes with BER doesn't seem to display at all in your case. It's supposed to look like this with the vehicles on the aprons removed to make space for the 3D models (as clean way to do it that should be expected from every airport scenery): To fix that issue I would really recommend a fresh install of EDDB. Next I noticed that your fuel trucks looks considerably different (more yellow). The fuel trucks parked at this location are default models (they are those that come to your gate when you request them via ATC) and should look like this: Could it be possible that you have something installed there that replaces the fuel truck textures or even the whole models? The could explain the performance problems when you look into their direction. Bests, Sascha
  7. They are there. Just follow the line from the start and once you see the shapes, get closer. I'm currently waiting for reply from Asobo/MS regarding another animations/LODs related problem with MSFS that I want to solve in the same go. I will let you know once I know more. Bests, Sascha
  8. Ok, can confirm now that they are really hard to spot. You will see some faint shapes from a distance if there are no high waves - but the Orcas themselves only become visible when you are really, really close. Obviously MSFS changed something about visibility rules for these object types, and also how they behave because they are running in funny curves along he line (which doesn't look unnatural, which is a good thing). But I will definitely make a note on visibility to see if it can be improved with the next update. Bests, Sascha
  9. Same here. Cannot replicate this problem. This building has nothing special that makes it stand out from the other ones technically. The parked cars have obviously made it there in a recent MSFS update and should be suppressed with a future update of BER (it's not a car park but more like an apron for service vehicles). I'll make a note on that. Bests, Sascha
  10. Can you see the research icebreaker? It's the same object type. Bests, Sascha
  11. Here you go. Around Rothera there's a pod 4 Orcas following this path - starting at the green dot after loading the flight. Most of the time they are diving and ascending at regular intervals.
  12. Ok, that's definitely the heightmap that's only loading close by - not the landclasses. To double check: That effect disappears once you are a few miles out in either direction (where the heightmap doesn't exist anymore), correct? Did you try to revert back to LOD settings officially supported by MSFS? It may very well be possible that MSFS has problems loading the proper heightmap LODs by using a hacked (and to my knowledge therefore not sufficiently tested/approved) setting. If that doesn't help, I need your full settings please so I can see if I can make this problem show up here as well. Bests, Sascha
  13. I have seen what you describe, but only in developer mode, not in normal flight. Here's an example of how look things here. Still flying over MSFS default terrain approaching Fossil Bluff in the distance. There is a certain point in the distance where MSFS unloads low resolution satellite imagery in favor of higher resolution landclass texture (red arrow) but it's barely visible. I don't think it's a problem related to Antarctica Vol. 1 but MSFS by default. Still it would be nice if we could find out what's causing it for you so we could report it to Asobo/MS. Here are my settings for reference: Bests, Sascha
  14. I'll make a note for it. Bests, Sascha
  15. Quick update on this one: The developer of that package released an update that will make it possible to deactivate the airports individually (one BGL file for each airport instead of just one for all). Bests, Sascha
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