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  1. Some comparison shots between the old and the new version:
  2. Hi! It is currently planned that the static aircraft on each airport where they exist will be manually removable. Beyond that the imagery resolution has been discussed elsewhere already and I made it very clear that they outer coverage area (see maps) is to be understood as a nice bonus that can be deactivated in favor of FTX Global or an other scenery you may prefer there. The core are has been created semi-manually from stereo satellite imagery taken from different angles that takes into consideration that mountains have been photographed and mapped from different angles. The usual mapping providers (that have of course access to imagery that is easily 10x or more times as expensive) often offer higher resolution satellite imagery, which however looks horrible around the ridges and/or uses elevation data that simply doesn't look like the real thing - even around the world's highest mountain. Nice background story: Gathering the necessary data for Antarctica X was a lot easier than for Lukla and the surrounding area! Bests, Sascha
  3. First up to date P3D screenshots of Lukla - Mount Everest Extreme:
  4. As stated elsewhere: The Aerosoft installer is compatible with the Steam version, no worries. Bests, Sascha
  5. After doing most of the developing and testing of the Aerosoft installer in the Steam version I assume it's safe to say it works in the Steam version.
  7. As mentioned previously this will come for P3D as well (the P3D version is in development as we speak, screenshots following soon). While we expect the main user base to be with the P3D release, it simply looks so darn good in Aerofly FS2. As for satellite imagery: We are planning to make the low resolution satellite imagery and airports outside the core area optional in P3D/FSX (see maps posted previously). So outside the core area you will be able to choose between that or your own orthoimagery, FTX Global etc... Bests, Sascha Here we go with one more:
  8. Note that the old version came out many years before FTX Global was even in the picture. No worries: Unlike the old version, the new version covers a large rectangle area with satellite imagery where everything below will be excluded. So compatibility will not be an issue and we will also do some testing on that before release. Bests, Sascha
  9. Three more shots showing the area around the Lukla helicopter apron:
  10. Eye of an eage, you're right! I just corrected it! There are NO additional addons required to get it look like that in Aerofly FS2!
  11. Those screenshots are from Aerofly FS2. There are no additional addons needed to get the rendering to look like that there.
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