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  1. Just finished modelling the new government terminal and surroundings, now smaller stuff like the new Terminal 2, new parking garages etc. is in the works. Doesn't make much sense to show screenshots from outside MSFS at the moment. As soon as there's something to show in-sim, we will post new screenshots here. Bests, Sascha
  2. Quick peek preview of the new government terminal (this is used to handle state visits of queens/kings, heads of states etc.). WIP, model's not finished yet:
  3. Repeating it again and again as a fact doesn't make it more true. Again: This thread focuses on the MSFS version. As soon as there is a P3D version in the works, we will announce it separately.
  4. Has this been officially confirmed yet and if yes, do you have a source? It only require updating the airline codes for the respective gate positions though. Visually it will still remain there I guess...
  5. No fancy screenshots to show at this stage. I'm currently working on the updated ground layout (plus visual upgrades in general) because the airport has undergone heavy restructuring in the past years: One of the new parking positions is #42 btw...
  6. Just to clarify things a little in terms of P3D (reminds me a bit to the endless "will there be a FS9 version" more than a decade ago... ): This preview thread focuses on the MSFS version only. Please understand that the moderators reserve the right to hide any further P3D comments in this thread so we can all focus on the MSFS version here (feel free to open your own thread in one of the other forums if you think there's a need for discussion). It has not been decided yet if the changes will make it into the P3D version but there's a realistic tendency to saying
  7. There's no intention to make the new version available by that date. For the sole reason we want it to be as much up to date as possible by release date. Being ready for the 31st of October would mean we have a rendition that shows the status from weeks ago while we are still uncertain how many things will look like in detail when the airport is actually open. Currently working on lots of new taxiways, aprons, new terminal building, government terminal while also visiting on-site again to see if more has changed again...
  8. Will not be forgotten. Preparation it's already in progress. Trying to get hands on higher resolution ground imagery as we speak so it will hopefully look a notch better compared to the previous versions (not considering that'll look better in MSFS anyway... ) Bests, Sascha
  9. We're on it and will supply a hot-fix very soon. Bests, Sascha
  10. Photo scenery shouldn't have any noticeable effect at all. I could only imagine that level of detail settings (LODs) are treated differently when using a VR, causing airports further out to become loaded and visible while they actually shouldn't (e.g. Syngboche and Phaplu should not be loaded when standing in Lukla, but only about 1-2kms out Lukla in either direction). Unfortunately P3D doesn't allow to set fixed distances for visibility of objects but only LODs. And those are treated differently with unusually large screens (a VR is nothing else for that matter).
  11. Interesting! I haven't tried VR myself but it would be very interesting for me as a developer to find out what causes the performance hit here. First if all: Do those 75% happen everywhere when flying around in the coverage area or mainly when you're on the ground at Lukla? Does it improve once you get airborne? Bests, Sascha
  12. Honestly all us developers involved were a bit dumbstruck finding out the had way that P3D doesn't deal with those entries as explained in the SDK. But I can understand your frustration. For Lukla it's not a biggie. I'm hoping to get an update done by next week that doesn't need those entries. It will be tiny little bit harder on performance because the AGN technique cannot be use for some objects. But that should be a small price to pay to have everything working as it should. In the meanwhile there's a temporary fix if you are familiar with file management: Go to your Lukla install
  13. Emotions aside: There's a map right on the product page that explains the resolutions and which resolution applies for which area. Anything outside Lukla and Mt. Everest area should be considered as a free bonus. The very low resolution outer area that has 10m/pix only can be switched on and off to your liking (e.g. if you prefer FTX Global over low res satellite imagery in those areas). All the information to that is in the manual. Also note the FAQ on terrain lighting. Bests, Sascha
  14. Indeed. And a screenshot would be very helpful. We've heard two times "tree blocking the runway" now but need a screenshot of the problem to further identify the problem. Did you uninstall the old version of Lukla before installing (if you had it)? If that's not the problem, please provide a copy of the following files: C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\scenery.cfg C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\add-ons.cfg
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