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  1. Two more random shots I took while checking the scenery for the first beta last Thursday:
  2. Yes, but keep in mind that Aerofly FS2 brought out helicopter support just a few weeks ago. I'm positive there will be more options soon. As or the R22: Performance is OK around Phaplu and Rumjatar. Difficult to handle in Lukla but possible. From Namche Bazaar upwards it's simply impossible to fly if you plan on keeping the altitude where you took off - we certainly need something stronger. But there are some nice helipads around Namche that will let you use the R22 to propel steep into the valley:
  3. The LET-410 can carry about the same amount of passengers but is considerably larger than a DO228. It seems to be a very regular visitor there in recent years (one of them unfortunately involved in one of the deadliest accidents). Not sure if there's a good addon of this beauty yet:
  4. Ah, you just revealed the scenery's weakest point: Not a single one of those airport runways is flat.
  5. Some previews of the custom made coverage maps that will come with the scenery: Total coverage area with airports: Detail levels: In addition to the detailed core area we we created a very large surrounding (=grey) area in lower detail. Yesterday's screenshot of Tumlingtar shows one of the airports in the low detail area. For the FSX/P3D version we may create a switch to activate/deactivate the grey area in case users prefer a fallback to vector sceneries like FTX Global and others. Core area with helipads some further details shown on the map:
  6. Quick shot of Tumlingtar, one of the lower detail airports included in the package:
  7. Mwaaaaahh!!! That means nothing else than I have to to everything again from scratch! To account for those 2 centimeters in the past two years... Btw: I was just able to take a quick screenshot of something stalking the Everest Base camp. Didn't catch it in some better quality, I'm afraid...
  8. Die folgenden Screenshots geben hierzu ein paar erste Eindrücke. Mit den neuesten kostenlosen Updates für Aerofly FS2 und Helgoland ist nun auch Helikopterflug möglich. Beide Updates sind kostenlos im jeweiligen Kundenkonto zu finden (inzwischen sollte dies auch für Steam-Kunden der Fall sein). Mehr Informationen zu den anwählbaren Landeplätzen befinden sich im Helgoland for Aerofly FS2-Handbuch.
  9. See attached images for some first impressions. All helipads can now be selected from the map after you downloaded the latest free updates for Helgoland and Aerofly FS2. Both updates are free and can be found in your customer account (this should also apply for steam customers by now). For more information on the helipads, check out the updated manual that comes with the update.
  10. Work in progress screenshots of Phaplu airport near Lukla. There will be a few more airports with detailed terrain like this.
  11. This model and others are prepared to be animated in the FSX and P3D version. Aerofly doesn't support skin animations at the moment.
  12. It will come with its own hand edited mesh.
  13. Not decided yet but most likely Aerofly FS2, then FSX and P3D and X-Plane after that.
  14. The scenery will not only cover the airport of Lukla but also some other airports in the area. Presenting: The first work in progress screenshots of Syangboche airstrip near Namche Bazar. This airport is located even higher and closer to Mount Everest than Lukla but mostly used by helicopters these days (people further down the valley protested against the full opening of this airport because they would loose their income from the tourists walking up here from Lukla on the way to Mount Everest). Screenshots taken in Aerofly FS2.