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    • So far it's just me... Gotta go ask for help in the liveries mega pack discord server if I get too many requests lol
    • Hi there, just wondering about the paint kit. I know you guys said that it wouldn't be released before the aircraft itself, that's not what I'm wondering about. I'm wondering about what kind of paint kit it will be. Mathijs said that there was a "pretty interesting way" for us to make 3rd party liveries without having access to the 3d model, care to elaborate? (Or rather; can you?) as I'm interested in knowing what I'm signing up for before promising anything to the "The CRJ Community" If no, then I get it. I'm just curious because I've already been requested to make three different liveries and we haven't even (as far as I'm aware) seen an official livery list yet.
    • Again, can't promise anything before I've seen the paintkit because as far as I'm aware it'll be different, or at least "interesting" according to Mathijs. So it might be a bit of a learning curve. That being said I'm pretty (not very) experienced in livery painting and will be happy to make some requests once I know what I've signed up for.
    • I REALLY hope they don't dumb down the sound set of what looks to be the first realistic simulation for MSFS just to please a few gamers.  Look at what PMDG has done with their last few releases, and what FS labs has done since the beginning.  In those aircraft you can hear the engines at takeoff and low altitude, they are LOUD! As in real life.  But during cruise, you can;t hear anything other than a low frequency groan because as the air gets very thin and your speed increases the sound the engine makes is completely different.  There should be no high pitched jet whine or "buzzsaw" at altitude, not just because of wind noise, but because of the physics of sound and the air density.  So I think it is possibple to please the gamers by simulating realistic sounds, because jet aircraft do sound quite loud during takeoff but the sound set should adjust for air density.  Besides, even the casual gamer who is used to sitting in the passenger cabin won't hear anything but a low frequency groan at cruise altitude.  When FSlabs and now PMDG implemented this technique of simulating the changing sound it really increased the immersion because even me as a passenger in a real airliner can recognize that the sound is different at low altitude compared to high altitude.  
    • It is a bit off topic, but a very interesting topic, so we'll hope for some leniency from the mods Indeed, mainly, it's down to post-war history. East Berlin and East Germany were in the Soviet Block, so not aligned with the "western" aviation industry, and although West Berlin was part of West Germany, it was a compact, enclosed city within East Germany. West Berlin did have two medium-sized airports, though: Tegel and Tempelhof, just as East Berlin had Schönefeld. So after German reunification in 1990, the new capital had three medium-sized airports, of which only Schönefeld could be expanded ... Tegel and Tempelhof were surrounded by city. And this ends with Schönefeld being essentially expanded into BER and Tegel and Tempelhof closed. So you see, after reunification, there was simply no major airport present in the new capital, and only now is the one, big Berlin Airport open.   So this explains why Lufthansa has never had a hub in Berlin in the post-war era. After the war, Frankfurt Airport was boosted into the position of West Germany's main international airport, largely due to existing (wartime) infrastructure with long concrete runways and very central geographical location, making it the US military's logical choice for main initial base. Having become West Germany's main international gateway, it was clear that Lufthansa would mainly base itself there. Munich being the second biggest hub is likely down to its young age (built completely from scratch on "a green field" with a certain luxury of space, construction starting in 1980 and the airport opening in 1992) and being designed from the start to be able to accomodate intercontinental travel with large terminals and long runways.    Final point: while Berlin is Germany's biggest city, Munich is third and Frankfurt fifth, so no small fries either, so it's not completely bewildering for "capital folk" to shuttle to their intercontinental flights in the 3rd or 5th largest cities Hamburg, by the way, is the 2nd largest, leading to the interesting question of why it didn't see construction of a large new international airport, or Cologne as 4th largest city, for that matter. Hamburg may have "suffered" from having a quite decent, medium-sized, unexpandable airport which was almost but not quite hub-worthy, while Munich's old Riem airport was simply not at all compatible with intercontinental travel and had to be replaced entirely, and was then replaced with this huge, modern new aiport. Why Cologne, which is also medium-large and borders on a lot of green, never rose to higher prominence, is mysterious to me though.   Sorry for the long, barely on-topic post ... hope it at was at least a little bit interesting to some of you         
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