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    • Yes, they will be.
    • Appreciate your comment - I'll try to clarify some more, as your concerns are totally valid.   We're fully aware we're asking for a lot of data here, it's pretty similar to the same data you'd be asked for if contacting MSFS support. The reason why we need this data is to figure out what the issue actually is. While this is of course happening to more than just one or two users, from a quick check we've in total received less than 35-40 unique user reports about this issue across both the forum and tickets. This is a very low amount of users in the grand scheme of those using the addon. While this won't account for everyone with issues, as some won't always report issues immediately, the overall number of people with issues is extremely low. We've heard back from far less after the latest build release, too.    What's interesting about this issue is that those that are having it all seem to have it in slightly different ways. For some customers, this is only effecting one or two aircraft with certain types of pushback, while in other cases it can occur on all aircraft with all pushbacks. It's quite likely that there's some kind of link between all the systems effected, which is causing the issue. Whether that be another addon that's interfering, a specific version of the aircraft used, or even an underlying MSFS issue that's only effecting certain systems - We're just not sure yet. That's a link we need to discover so we can work on a fix, but as none of us can reproduce the issue in house and the issue doesn't seem too widespread, we need to gather that data from users that do have the issue.     Using the data provided can attempt to find a link between all those systems. Once we do, we'll of course work on a fix as soon as possible. 
    • Will cockpit master products be compatible with msfs2024 ?
    • hopefully good ones, I don't like Jeppesen charts....
    • Hallo Michaelnrw76,   trotz der neusten Version 1.7.3 - gefühlt mindestens 6 Monate her - hat sich nichts verbessert. Habe den Eindruck, dass der A320U extended XP12 derzeit nicht im Fokus von FF steht.   Um nur 2 weitere Bugs? zu benennen, die Wiper arbeiten, wischen aber nicht. Die beiden EFB's sind seit der letzten Beta Version XP12.1.0b7 - Cockpit EFB is temporarily inoperable - außer Funktion.   Mal schauen, ob sich bis zum Jahresende noch etwas tut.   Gruß Ditmar
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