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    • Guys, I'm sorry that this happens. Please understand that we (Aerosoft and myself) really can't do anything about it.   For those who are interested, here's what's going on: You all know the beloved 10 minute wait when the CRJ is loaded for the first time. During these 10 minutes, the .WASM file in the aircraft's panel folder is compiled into a Windows DLL (Dynamic Link Library) which then is loaded by Flight Simulator. The wait was annoying but the process worked (except for some who used older CPUs). With the update, an additional compiler option ("-fast-math") was introduced to make the WASM code even faster. Unfortunately this option has a nasty side effect: it causes decreased calculation precision (faster execution = lower precision; slower execution = higher precision) with the effect that values close can become zero. This happens in a sub-term of the indicated airspeed calculation with the result that the whole formula becomes zero. As a consequence, all three airspeed indicators are stuck at zero. The "Fast WASM compilation" option disables -fast-math and as a result, the airspeed indicator works. Once I started using this option, the problem was gone for me. But of course I didn't know that was the reason. Being able to track this down was like a win in the lottery. I only found out by pure because after installing the release, the airspeed indicator was stuck again and when I went into the dev mode menu, "Fast WASM Compilation" was disabled. I enabled it and the airspeed indicator worked. So, I tried switching fast compilation on and off a few more times and also asked the CRJ beta testers to give it a try. They confirmed that my finding was right and so I reported it to Asobo who, after some more testing confirmed it and gave me the technical information that I told you above.   The bottom line is: It is now known what the problem is and how to fix it. All that is needed is an MSFS update where the fix is deployed. This brings us to the question that all of you want to ask me: "When?". Unfortunately, my answer is: I don't know. Sorry.
    • Spain UHD does not work with the scenery because it has a custom mesh file and Spain uhd refuse to work with the devs so sorry it sucks but you just have to live with it.
    • Thanks Mathijs for sharing with us... Do you have an official link to the MSFS forum about those software issues? Looked into the forum but didn't found a post about it.    
    • We can be lucky that Windows 10 is not on the list, that would be a „deadlook“, lol. But it is short before: Buy a PC without any additional software from the PC providers or other and only install the Mircosoft Flight simulator. Called Mircosoft PC Game Box 🤭 Sorry, but it‘s far away from professional business.
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