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  1. Apparently, not fully compatible.:unsure:
    Some people have reported a bug with GPWS callouts while loading the config from my INI files. I checked this out, and yes, unfortunately, the GPWS section of the config loads correctly only if the order of the lines in INI file is the same as in the MSFS PMDG NG3 version ini file…
    It definitely shouldn't be like this. It makes no sense, and has never worked this way in P3D NGXu - as long as the option names and sections are correct, the options would load regardless of the line order.
    Here I have two options: to modify almost a hundred of B737NG operators (including other B737NG modifications for the future) and adapt for MSFS, or wait for this bug to be fixed. What would you recommend? Please, write in the comments below.
    Can any of the verified PMDG users write about this issue to R. Randazzo and the team? I don't have MSFS, and haven't purchased the product.
  2. With the release of PMDG Boeing 737NG NG3 for MSFS, here is the statement about the INI configs.


    As the research showed, PMDG team hasn't changed much in aircraft settings. After the thorough check of the configuration options, I'd like to state that my INI configs for 737 NGXu version are fully compatiable with the MSFS version.
    The configs should be copied into Packages\pmdg-aircraft-737\work\Aircraft


    The only caveat is that PMDG added an option for another aft antenna — 2KU. Therefore, United and Delta Air Lines users would need to change it manually from KU to 2KU. I'll release a full update after all 737NG family release for MSFS.



  3. Join my Volanta to track my flights.
    I fly for Copa Airlines and occasionally on B737-700 BBJ1 in VATSIM network.



  4. Version [Rev. 01 - 2021JUN04]


    Air Incheon (AIH) Boeing 737NG aircraft and panels .INI configuration files. The most realistic Boeing 737NG aircraft and cockpit configuration files in .ini format. For use with PMDG B737 NGXu, PMDG B737 NGX (old) and iFly B737NG models. Please note that the fleet list is valid as at the revision date. Please see the installation manual here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_uRDxRyHvvlDF91RprLbdF7qCEQac3E587XAq7Ek9AM Mykyta Demydiuk | FlyPrecisely Made in Ukraine Discussion thread: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/154109-aircraft-configurations-by-flyprecisely/ See other Boeing 737NG airline aircraft configurations in Aerosoft file library or here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1jnj0qGGwKUH99EYq4jUz6-nD-g3xVD5D Full list of Boeing 737NG airline aircraft configurations: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vdavTZly9NJsAJ2hQHGVKwvnd3doxdm87vZU5UiUuJo/
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