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  1. Today at 15:16z I recieved an email stating that the Throttle was shipped and on it's way. I call that a quick turnaround. This was a frustrating situation for me at first, but it has been changed to become positive. @SimWare and @Mathijs Kok, and anyone else involved in this, thank you for the quick resolving of this matter! Well done. I didn't know Aerosoft had so many employees, that is quite a number. Best regards Ørjan.
  2. That is very kind of you, it is much appreciated! I do have a question though: Would it be possible for someone to try the commercial jet handles for 2 and 4 engines on the unit, before it is shipped? Just to be sure that the handles, buttons/switches and lights are working? I am only asking because on my original unit, the issue was present from day one so maybe it slipped through the checks at the manufacturer. If possible I fully understand that this can delay sending the unit, but that is no problem for me. Thanks again, Ørjan.
  3. Thank you, I am very glad that it's being looked into! @SimWare my main wish was to get some communication. So if you don't get the information today, that's fine. @Mathijs Kok that is very kind of you to offer, but to be honest, you don't have to do that. All I wanted was to get the communication going again, and it has. I have only a few wishes regarding this case: - Having a regular communication about the progress. - That the person checking the Bravo Throttle can verify the same issue as described in the ticket. Should it become necessary to spend more time than usual to be sure it's fixed, that would be totally fine. My biggest fear is that it will be shipped back without having detected the issue. Should there be questions or uncertainties, please ask me. I will be happy to answer. If we can get these wishes fulfilled, I will be a happy camper!
  4. I sent my Bravo Throttle to Aerosoft for repair 26.05.2021. (Reverse handle on lever #3 didn't work) I got a confirmation that Aerosoft had received it on 30.06.2021. On 06.07.2021 I got a reply saying they couldn't find a defect. The same day, and several days thereafter, I replied to try and make them test it again. I received a reply on 12.07.2021 saying the the ticket got moved from the inbox, but they would test it again. Great! 23.09.2021 I asked how it was going, and if they had any news on when it would be finished. Still no reply to this day! 29.09.2021 I opened a new ticket, asking for a status on my previous ticket/case. Still no reply to this day! Almost 3 months and not a single word from anyone! This kind of behavior is appalling... What is going on? My original ticket number is: #111976# My second ticket number is: #147151# Can someone at least have the common decency to answer and communicate with me?
  5. That is great! Happy you got it working The devil is in the details....
  6. @Marius Ellenbürger Wednesday June 30 at 11:30 you sent an email confirming you recieved my Bravo throttle. On Tuesday July 6, at 15:17pm you sent an email stating that you were not able to find a defect. I responded the same day at 17:52. Still got no answer. I also sent another email today Friday July 9 at 09:04, asking you to please respond before my Bravo throttle is shipped back to me. Still got no answer. Can anyone get back to me as soon as possible?
  7. That is very strange indeed... If you have a registered version of FSUIPC you could try to configure the rudder pedals through it. Some users with PMDG aircrafts have had issues when configuring the flap axis through FSUIPC. I really hope you get it solved, and it would be great if you posted the solution here if found. Would be helpful for others that struggle Best of luck! If I think of something else I will post back here too. Cheers.
  8. Hi Exraffy. I have the Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo working together with the MFG Crosswind pedals. Never came across the issue you have. The only thing I can think of at the moment: when assigning the axis' for the rudder pedal brakes in P3D, did you make sure to choose the rudderpedals first from the "controller" dropdown menu? As you said, both hardware use the same axis'. That makes me think that maybe you didn't choose the hardware you planned on assigning to from the dropdown, before you actually assigned them? Just a thought I have In the picture the Bravo is not in the menu, as it currently is sent back for repair.
  9. That is nice! Thanks for the info
  10. Hi Ben. That sounds great, thank you for confirming It is the same on the 777, the left button controlling engine 2. I will make a slight "switcharoo" Thank you sir! Cheers, Orjan
  11. Hello all. I am using the Bravo Throttle and enjoying the heck out of it! One question though: the two buttons for the engine start levers are "backwards" as to which engine they affect. Meaning the left of the two buttons is moving the engine start lever for the right engine, and the right button is moving the engine start lever for the left engine. Is this as simple as to "rename" the number behind the "ENG" in the .json file? I mean change 1 to 2, and 2 to 1? See the picture with the two green arrows. Both entries in the picture are for engine #1, I guess for on and off. No big deal, but just a question if it's an easy fix that I can do Cheers, Orjan.
  12. I have no idea which one of them are needed for PFPX, but these are the ones I have. PFPX has never missed a beat as long as I have had it. Hope it solves your issue Cheers.
  13. Hi Juergen. This is actually the way it is mapped in the PMDG 747, 777 and 737 profiles, according to the .pdf file that is available with every profile. (separate download) HDG -> Heading Select in aircraft NAV -> LOC in aircraft APR -> APP in aircraft REV -> LNAV in aircraft ALT -> VNAV in aircraft CRS -> Flight Level Change in aircraft IAS -> Speed Hold in aircraft It's like that in my end too Cheers.
  14. Sorry for the late answer but I have been testing a bit.. So I pasted the .cfg you attached, opened the configurator and did the necessary things, opened the sim and even the "Honeycomb" tab was gone under the Add-ons menu. Did it a couple of times with a different way in the configurator, but still the same. I then took a look in the P3D folder and found 2 add-ons.cfg files... Hmm, I did leave only one in there... I took the faulty one out again, and then started the sim without touching the configurator. Aaand: presto! The lights came on and the buttons are alive again. You are a lifesaver sir! I don't know if it will be of any help, but the extra "add-ons.cfg" that was placed there, it seems that it is the configurator that puts it there. Because after the last session where everything worked again, there was only one .cfg file in there. And that was yours. I attach the one that got placed in there when running the configurator, it didn't hold much but certainly enough to mess things up Thank you so much again Benjamin, I won't touch anything now! Cheers! add-ons.cfg
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