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  1. That is nice! Thanks for the info
  2. Hi Ben. That sounds great, thank you for confirming It is the same on the 777, the left button controlling engine 2. I will make a slight "switcharoo" Thank you sir! Cheers, Orjan
  3. Hello all. I am using the Bravo Throttle and enjoying the heck out of it! One question though: the two buttons for the engine start levers are "backwards" as to which engine they affect. Meaning the left of the two buttons is moving the engine start lever for the right engine, and the right button is moving the engine start lever for the left engine. Is this as simple as to "rename" the number behind the "ENG" in the .json file? I mean change 1 to 2, and 2 to 1? See the picture with the two green arrows. Both entries in the picture are for engine #1,
  4. I have no idea which one of them are needed for PFPX, but these are the ones I have. PFPX has never missed a beat as long as I have had it. Hope it solves your issue Cheers.
  5. Hi Juergen. This is actually the way it is mapped in the PMDG 747, 777 and 737 profiles, according to the .pdf file that is available with every profile. (separate download) HDG -> Heading Select in aircraft NAV -> LOC in aircraft APR -> APP in aircraft REV -> LNAV in aircraft ALT -> VNAV in aircraft CRS -> Flight Level Change in aircraft IAS -> Speed Hold in aircraft It's like that in my end too Cheers.
  6. Sorry for the late answer but I have been testing a bit.. So I pasted the .cfg you attached, opened the configurator and did the necessary things, opened the sim and even the "Honeycomb" tab was gone under the Add-ons menu. Did it a couple of times with a different way in the configurator, but still the same. I then took a look in the P3D folder and found 2 add-ons.cfg files... Hmm, I did leave only one in there... I took the faulty one out again, and then started the sim without touching the configurator. Aaand: presto! The lights came on and the buttons are
  7. Hi again Benjamin. Thank you for the reply and suggestion. Sadly it didn't make any difference. I tried "Activate PMDG" and then load and activate the profile, and also just "Activate PMDG". Still no joy. I see I forgot to attach the add-ons.cfg in my previous post. I attach it here although it looked the same as yesterday. But any further investigation is probably best at your computer I guess add-ons.cfg
  8. Hi again guys. Sorry for bugging you again... Yesterday evening I made to flights, and it was a pure joy using the autopilot buttons and the other assigned toggle buttons! What an immersion! Browsing around today, I noticed the profile for the NGXu was updated so I downloaded it. As I found out yesterday that the buttons for the Engine Start Levers was switched, (so the switch for engine 1 worked for engine2 and vice versa) I thought that it maybe was fixed. But when starting the sim, after importing, loading and activating the new profile the Bravo was
  9. That is very kind of you, but everybody needs some peace and quiet BUT: What, in the name of all that is holy, did you do? It all works! Buttons, lights, rotary buttons.....! And it also shows correctly under the "Add-ons -> Honeycomb" tab. I'm almost in tears here Benjamin, this is just amazing!! I literally have no words... Only that I will be eating humblepie for the rest of the holidays, and quite a while after that. The button for FlightLevelChange does move the flap lever down, in addition to pressing the virtual FLCH button. But that i
  10. Benjamin, my deepest apologies! It seems I have been looking at the wrong place for reasons I can't even explain... But as I mentioned earlier; illiterate would just about cover it....
  11. Now that would explain the whole thing.... But, as I recall from another topic you replied to, you are on a holiday of some sort? Why don't we look at this when you are back in business so to speak? This matter is in no way more important than some quality time off duty. And as I see the development of this, I suspect I better get ready for big bite of humble-pie anyway... add-ons.cfg
  12. Ah, the devil is in the details.... It looks like I only have this one in the add-ons menu.
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