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  1. Yes, I personally agree with you here.
  2. That's the reason why there is a list on the product page showing you when the next cycle is released:
  3. Strange thing is that i never got PFPX running on a brand new PC under 1809, but when I upgraded to 1903 it worked without any problems. So I am sure that somehow Windows is involved. I suggest to make sure that everything is 100% up to date, Windows, .NET and all MS VC++ Redistributables. Install .NET and the Redistributables from scratch and let Windows Update run multiple times till definitely no updates are found.
  4. OK, turn off crash detection in FSX. It is one of the most useless and poor simulated features in FSX.
  5. Then something else on your PC is not correct, like outdated/missing .NET files or Visual C++ Redistributables.
  6. Bezüglich der optimalen reihenfolge von Addons unter FSX lies dir mal dieses Dokument durch.
  7. The Data folder contains your profiles and various config files. Copying over these files from a different computer would IMHO only work when everything, addons, folder names, path names etc. are 100% the same, and TBH I do not believe that this is the case. So I think you have to start from scratch and think about a backup strategy for the future.
  8. FSX mit allen Servicepacks bzw. dem AccPack installiert? Zeig mal einen Screenshot deiner Szeneriebibliothek, damit man sieht, wo GA sitzt.
  9. Please update to the latest experimental
  10. But again, what does „crashes“ mean? Is the aircraft falling down like a stone, or crashes the sim......? Be specific or we cant help you.
  11. Please describe crash in detail, like engine stops, loosing power, any warnings in the cockpit.....
  12. Benoit, as the conversation is completely in english, I move t to the correct forum, so that others can participate.
  13. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  14. Have you turned on dynamic lighting in P3D?
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