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  1. Hi Fernando, Re Asiana there is A320 IAE repaint (HL7762) available from the Hangar 226 site if you are interested. Its not Professional but my understanding is it should be compatible with the Pro version. You can Google this to find it and try it out. Regards Mark
  2. Hi, Do you mean this one? What do you mean by "newest"? Regards Mark
  3. Try looking in this thread: Link to forum post I added the xml files for each of the products I was able to find.See if that helps. Regards Mark
  4. Hi, there is a Frankfurt configuration option for the People Mover to be static or not. I would check to see if that option is activated. Theres a screenshot of the EDDF config options what I am talking about in this post: Hope this helps, Regards Mark
  5. Hi, Maybe you can post a screenshot of your issue/error? If its related to the reported .NET errors, its likely you have a missing Product xml file for the A320/A321 from your installation. Check the other posts in this subforum to see if this is the problem you are having. Cheers Mark
  6. Hi All, Just a quick follow up to Notes 1 and 2 mentioned in the above post, I did experiment today with creating a modified repaint zip file with the new LiveryInstaller.txt file included that is then compatible with the new Livery Manager program. This does in principal work if you create/modify the existing Airbus livery zip file in question by adding the newly created LiveryInstaller.txt file and including the two relevant sections in this file as documented in other Livery Manager threads. As mentioned, the best way to do this is by saving your own "template" file for the LiveryInstaller.txt by using the Package Selected Option of the new Livery Manager, as mentioned in the post above, to obtain that file from one of your already installed Airbus liveries and then modifying the file accordingly with the correct Airbus product type and including the correct [Fltsim.x] section details. Cheers Mark
  7. Hi All, I believe I have solved the problem for the A320/A321 for P3Dv4! 🙂 The issue for me is indeed missing product .xml files for the new Livery Manager. I assume something "screwy" occurred with the latest installation of the Airbus v1.3.1.0 that Aerosoft should look into given a number of users have reported similar problems. For me the solution was the following to get the new Livery Manager working for the A320/A321 Professional package: Take one or more of the attached Product xml files from this post (based upon which Aerosoft products you have actually installed) and copy that file(s) into your Documents/Aerosoft/LiveryInstaller/Products folder. In my case, this Products folder was completely empty after the installation of v1.3.1.0. Startup the new Livery Manager and you should see a screenshot showing the provided Aerosoft liveries. Note 1: The majority of existing livery packages still do not import since they are missing the new LiveryManager.txt file required in the Texture folder of each repaint so that it can be read by the new Livery Manager. - I looked at a few A320/A321 repaint downloads from the Aerosoft forum today and I could not find any so far that include the additional LiveryInstaller.txt file to make them work with the new Livery Manager. Note 2: Given the above, by using the Package Selected Livery option within the new Livery Manager, you can save one of those installed liveries to your local PC to create a package that contains the template for the LiveryManager.txt file. I have not tried this out yet. Note 3: If the relevant product .xml (note these are mostly the Prof packages) is not listed here, please contact Aerosoft. They should have them! I hope that helps a little! Cheers Mark as_a318_a319_prof.xml as_a320_a321_prof.xml as_a330_prof.xml as_crj_prof.xml as_douglas-dc-8_p3d4.xml
  8. Hi, I placed my observations for this behaviour over at the Navigraph support forum based on info available to date: Cheers Mark Hi Remo, Sure. I provided a link to the Navigraph forum where I raised the observation in this thread above.
  9. Thanks, that info helps. I think I will contact Navigraph support and ask them about the observations made wit the RNAV approach. Cheers Mark
  10. Hi, I would agree with Airforce806. The only change is the installation of the latest Aerosoft package for the Airbus on my system (although via some additional t/shooting from this thread I have additional c++ libraries installed now). I can even roll back to v1.3.0.3 and everything including the old Livery Manager works. Therefore there has to be some explanation of why some users are unable to use the new Livery Manager when installing the latest Aerosoft update for the Airbus. What also does not appear correct is even though there's a .NET error, the fact that the Products folder is completely empty means the installation is not occurring as expected. Anyway I hope the Aerosoft Support team can continue to work on the reported problem with the help of this community given its difficult to reproduce the issue right now by the Support team itself. In the meantime, I have reverted to installing the old Livery Manager posted by Mathijs and relinked the existing Start menu option for this old application. With this workaround, at least I can get my existing Airbus liveries imported into the sim now and continue flying. More info here: Cheers Mark
  11. And one more thing. I did find the latest v1.3.1.0 product file for the A320 .xml file in a different folder and placed it in the Livery Installer/Products folder. It now generates a different JIT error "Too many items in the Combo box" Not sure if this helps or not? Cheers Mark
  12. Hi Otto, Still the same issue after installing additional C++ libraries. I was not able to find c++ 2005 redistributable from MS. Looks like they removed it! However 2005 is installed on my system. Latest ASInfo attached. Regards Mark ASinfo_after_C++installs.TXT
  13. Thanks Otto, I will attempt to instal latest versions of each. What about the product xml files being missing in the folder. I assume I should have at least one file for the Airbus A320/A321 Professional correct? Regards Mark
  14. Hi Otto, No, there are no product XML files in that folder. Completely blank folder. I did double check by re-installing v1.3.1.0 and they are definitely not there. Also attached info back from running ASinfo. Let me know if you need more info. Thx Mark Asinfo.txt
  15. Yep. the same as per Airforce806. P3Dv4 only. Question: In the Livery Installer folder I see there is a Products folder. I have no files in this folder. Should that be the case? Regards Mark
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