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    • Thank you for doing that. I didn't know.
    • I’ve had PFPX for several years and opted for the subscription Wx service. But on opening the program this morning I failed to notice my subscription had ended before I started to plan a new flight   I got as far as entering the departure ICAO when the program just closed. Tried again, same result. On the third attempt I noticed a red Wx text in the status bar. Ah, time to renew.   I purchased another 12 months subscription and entered it in the relevant field and then all was okay.   But I wasn’t impressed with it bombing me out without so much as an advisory message that my Wx subscription had expired. Something for the author to consider perhaps.   Talking of which, how about bringing the TOPCAT forum back to life? We can’t post here as Aerosoft doesn’t sell it. Over to you. Christian and Judith.
    • Danke aber was ist LSK?
    • Bei mir ist nur die rote Warnmelfung: FRAMRATE IS TOO LOW(25)  
    • Drück am FMC den Knopf >>MCDU MENU<<. Wähle dann >>SETTINGS<< mit dem entsprechenden LSK aus und dann kannst du die Anzeige bei FPS deaktivieren. Muss jedoch immer wieder aufs neue gemacht werden, da der A330 diese Optionen nicht abspeichert.   Gruß