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    • Hallo ron55,   vielen Dank für die tollen Videos. Vor allem die Landung in EDDF sah sehr spektakulär aus!   Mir persönlich würde es noch besser gefallen, wenn Du zusätzlich in den Videos erzählen würdest, was dort pasiert und wie Du es machst.   Gruß Reiner
    • If it happens at only one airport, it's a matter of the textures used by the scenery designer. The CRJ uses normal P3D light effects. Whether those reflect on the ground or not is a matter of the scenery.
    • Absolutely cannot wait to give this a go and stick it on some streams!   I've spent most of the time streaming with the FlyByWire A320nx mod which is amazing but I'd also like to do content in some other "airliners"... and the 748 and 78X in the sim are just so so bad!
    • ,20201204070710.pdf   Hi everybody,   I got PFPX at the beginning and I am very happy with this program costing around 50 € - US$. I know there are few things which could be improved but not much.   I think Christian made a slight mistake in linking his program to the Flight Simulator as we have FSX, Prepar 3d v4 and now v5, X Plane, MFSF 2020,etc and everybody wants its favourite plane linked to PFPX to enter the Fuel, the route, etc.   If PFPX is used as a standalone program, it works absolutely fine and, by the way, I am not sure that now (in RL) the OPS computer sends the OFP to the plane's FMS and gives instructions to the fuel truck. If it does I do not see how we can check the results. Usually, one of the pilots enter the OFP and the other checks it. It was done that way sometime ago. I do not fly RW since quite a long time now and maybe things have changed but not always improved in respect of safety.   So, being quite old now (No, the Wright Bros. did not teach me flying!) as I started commercial flying in the early seventies, if we had a tool like PFPX we would have been more than delighted. Just for information, everything was done by hand (no computers) and I enclose you a sample of the tools that we had to work at that time.   I never flew jets so with the sim I fly only the Majestic Q400 and I can tell you that it is absolutely spot on especially if you use the file done by Jon (BW901).   To have a program which gives you so accurate figures for the fuel, time, masses, calculate the route (I know not always right) and let you buid your own templates for such a small price is absolutely fantastic compared to the RL computers which do not give always right results.   It is just the way I feel about PFPX and, by the way, I do not care about the (+) or (-) votes.   Kind regards,   JP 20201204070710.pdf
    • Hi, FlyAgi: "Open airport in WED", what's WED please ?   I have issues at all with this plugin: The menu comes up normaly, but after selecting a parkposition and clicking the action-button: - XPlane crashes on one pc immediately (new pc build for XPlane) - XPlane just ignores the click, as if the plugin was never been installed (it's an older pc, all grafik-settings to minimum)   Both pc are on Linux Mint 20.4, XPlane 11.53r, both Intel-CPUs.   Thank You very much for any advice. Kai  
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