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    • Hello,   I'm trying to generate an ortho tile for my newly purchased LSGG, but I can't seem to apply the patch. Whenever I try, it results in floating buildings.    I found another topic about this in the German section of the forum (where the creator responded in English) and tried to follow those directions, but I still can't get it to work. I've tried generating 2 tiles from 2 different sources just to be safe but it didn't make a difference. Here's what I've tried/what I'm doing:   I verified that the patch is installed in my Ortho4XP folder properly. It is right where it should be: F:\Ortho4XP v1.3\Patches\+40+000\+46+006\LSGG When generating the tile, ortho4xp mentions it is using the patch in its information window I'm using O4XP 1.3, and XP 11.52, and the latest version of LSGG (downloaded yesterday) The tile is installed properly and put in the proper location in my scenery_ini The Aerosoft_LSGG_3_Mesh folder has been removed from my  I have had success installing other patches for other payware sceneries with ortho4xp, for example EDDM and EDDT. Runway terrain follows contours is turned on.   This is what I see in the sim with the tile+patch enabled:   And this is what I see with the ortho tile disabled, and the LSGG_3_Mesh folder enabled. As you can see it looks as it should   I've attached my scenery_ini with the tile enabled. (Yes, I know I have quite a large number of addons!) Thanks for your help.     scenery_packs.ini
    • Let me take it one step further. I have a super ultra wide 49 inch monitor, 5120x1440 and 32:9 aspect ratio. It's like having two 27 inch monitors side by side. It's truly one of the best gadgets I have ever bought for both work productivity and flight sim. I will never go back to anything smaller. 
    • Hans did an awesome job on that aircraft !   There are some "oldtimers" around still waiting for D/A to finish that virtual cockpit 🤣😂
    • Hope we can ai and other players contrails. It'll be 80% of the sky with the amount of crj's in the air.
    • @Mathijs Kok so today's development update from Asobo confirmed that contrails will be added to the SDK on March 11. Any chance our CRJs will leave their mark in the sky at release?     Also, I imagine you guys are already testing the CRJ with the Sim Update that will come on March 11 correct? Another dev (Iris simulations) said they have early access to it, so I imagine the same goes for Aerosoft. 
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