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  1. You should be able to create a ticket without selecting a product, but we've added Simple Traffic to the list now. Thanks for letting us know!
  2. @Seth2413- That is indeed quite strange. If you haven't purchased the bundle it definitely shouldn't be showing in your content manager and is likely the reason you are seeing Error: 3, as you haven't purchased it as you've mentioned. Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier in the thread Aerosoft doesn't have access to the marketplace or entitlements, so you'll need to make a ticket to the Marketplace team to let them know you're experiencing this strange issue. They should then be able to double-check your entitlements as described here. Sorry I wasn't able to resolve this for you here. Since this issue appears to be slightly different from the OP's, I've also split the topics as to not have too many posts in his topic and for the benefit of others having the same issue.
  3. That'll be it. Try moving the aerosoft-crj folder from there to your desktop (while the simulator is closed), and then try to install via the content manager again. This should hopefully fix the problem for you.
  4. Gotcha, that clears things up a bit more. The error code 3 would make sense if you didn't purchase the bundle and was likely just a temporary issue. For the issue you have now could you navigate to your simulators "Official\OneStore\" folder? The Official folder will be in the same directory as your community folder. Once there, please check to see if an "aerosoft-crj" folder is present. If it is, temporarily move this to the desktop, load up MSFS, and then attempt to install via the content manager again. If you'd like these forum accounts merged drop me a private message with which account you'd like to be the main one. In terms of your Aerosoft account, this is referring to the Aerosoft.com store, correct? This generally means an activation/verification email wasn't clicked when creating the account. If you can drop me a private message with your store's email account we'll get that sorted for you.
  5. I completely understand the frustration here - I'm sorry for the issues you're having. Unfortunately, entitlements are not handled by us so I'm unable to resolve that for you here. Do keep in mind you'll only need to do those steps if you are seeing Error: 3 in the content manager. If you are seeing another type of error please let us know and we'll see what we can do for you.
  6. Hi @Foxtrot The Aerosoft store won't allow you to purchase the 900/1000 unless you purchased the 550/700 on our store, so you'll need to purchase the 900/1000 via JustFlight.
  7. Hi @Darron Hedge- Error: 3 means you are missing DLC entitlements. Unfortunately, this isn't something we are able to resolve here. Could you please follow the steps here to lodge a ticket about this particular error code? @mborgia- Could you please confirm if you are also seeing Error: 3? If so, you'll need to follow the steps at the above link as well.
  8. Hi @Lonzoracer This should hopefully be available on ORBX shop soon - Please check there again later today or tomorrow!
  9. Could you please try changing the download server in the AerosoftOne settings to see if this makes a difference?
  10. Hey, Thanks for providing that info. Could you please quickly confirm if you happen to be running either a Windows 10 or 11 insider build?
  11. Hey, sorry for the late reply. If the scenery shows up as installed in the content manager but you don't see it when you load in as described in this thread, it could be due to either an authentication issue, a mod, or a corrupted package. Could you please try following the steps here to see if this helps at all?
  12. Hi, In that case, could you please make a ticket here? Since this only seems to be for some accounts, we'll need to check over yours and I'm afraid we can't do that on the public forum. Please make sure to include your shop email in the ticket if it isn't the email you'll be contacting us from and then someone will check over your account as soon as possible!
  13. Hi, Our shop does appear to be showing as the latest version available in customer accounts. Which version is appearing for you, And just to confirm, was this purchased directly from us? You can also install/update this product via Aerosoft One.
  14. Hi, I have just replied to your ticket. Please try those steps and update us there.
  15. Seeing this on my end too after testing. I'll make sure it gets over to the right people!
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