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  1. Hi Carl, I think you opened another similar post to wich I just answered. There must be someting in AAO. Can you please create and activate a blank configuration setup in AAO and check if the issue still happens ? Best regards.
  2. Hello Carl, AxisAndOhs addresses L-Vars. There are distinct L-vars to visually rotate a button and change the value. You may want to check if your AxisAndOhs setup changes both L-vars. Best regards.
  3. Indeed. Also, make sure the profiles you created are still there after you restarted the simulator. If not, try starting the simulator as administrator and create the profiles again.
  4. Dear Carl, This might be the case. AxisAndOhs can work on L-Vars (Internal variables of and addon) And there are different L-Vars to visually move a button on the dashborad and to actually change the value that buttons is controlling. The problem you seem to have (Button moving with sound - altitude not changing) could be related to some L-vars being addressed, from within AxisAndOhs. Do you use AxisAndOhs? And if yes, do you know exactly what script or data-addressing it does ? Best regards.
  5. Yes indeed. The mixture controls the fuel cut-offs in jets. Lucien : If a configuration was working one day and not the other, this is most likely because the configuration has changed. Please check all the axes and buttons and reassign them. When it is working, save the profiles of each control used under a specific name. Restart, the simulator and check the loaded profiles are the very ones you saved. Thank you.
  6. Dear Ridgey, You are perfectly right : this is exactly what we aim to do. Best regards.
  7. Dear Seekay, Only the reverse portion on the throttle axis or the DECREASE THROTTLE function can control the CRJ reversers This is currently the only possibilities due to addon MSFS data access reasons but we are aware of it and trying to find a workaround. See hereunder three short totorials on throttle/reversers CRJ setup depending on your trhottle type/configuration : - 1 - SINGLE LEVER THROTTLE : - 2 - DUAL LEVERS THROTTLE WITH REVERSER AXIS : - 3 - DUAL LEVERS THROTTLE WITHOUT REVERSER AXIS : Best regards.
  8. Dear Pete, Can we try to see if the Bravo is the only culprit. - Remove the AFC Bridge, and any other Bravo related software - Physically unplug the Bravo from the PC. - Reinstall the CRJ - Try to run the sim. - If it runs, plug the Bravo into the PC WHILE THE SIM IS RUNNING Please le me know. Thank you.
  9. Thanks Les ! Indeed, the assignment to both THROTTLE 1 AXIS and THROTTLE AXIS is not advised at all. Thsentitivity curves were also odd. Lucien : Just have the sensitivity set to linear, with a 100% reactivity : Please also find here the procedure configure the TCA with the CRJ :
  10. Hi Pete, Can you try with uninstalling the AFC_Bridge ? Thank you.
  11. Dear Sir, The elevator is an axis. The altitude knob must be controlled by a ON/OFF contact. -----> There are very few chances for the elevator to DIRECTLY drive the altitude knob. Can you please make three tests : - 1 - Make a search on axis in the controller configuration to show the functions assigned to the elevator axis. - 2 - Mage a search on the PA altitude setting function in the controller configuration to show the buttons or any trigger assigned to it. - 3 - Go in the Windows Joystick utility and see if, by chance, the movment ot the el
  12. Dear Sir, Can you please send a screenshot of the assignments in MSFS for the Logitech throttle axes ? Also, can you please make sure the sensitivity of the throttle axes is linear and not flat (horizontal) Thank you.
  13. Hi Maxro Indeed. Any analog axis will do. Please check this to help you when configuring your system : Best regards.
  14. Hi Piper, MSFS currently does not allow the Honeycomb Configurator to work as it does with P3D. Otherwise Lvars would be available from there. In the meantime, as LesOReilly says, you can use a third-party utility. See a brief example here : Best regards.
  15. Thanks for this info Miguel. In case it works with some planes and not other, just check the assignments in MSFS and the sensitivities. Best regards.
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