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  1. Ok, let me check that, please. I don't get that here. Thank you.
  2. SimWare

    Pitot Heat

    Yes, most likely. Some system updates change bindings behavior indeed.
  3. Hi, Actually, in the Xplane version, CUSTOM NAME stands for CUSTOM VAR. There is no Key field as the Key refers to variable types specific to P3D and FSX. So, you can create a custom variable that will be triggered by a switch like below : Then refer to this variable in a conditional statement somewhere else like below : Best regards.
  4. Ok, let me check this. I need to test it with the Xplane version. Coming back to you asap. Thanks.
  5. Hi James, I suggest you check this tutorial. It explains the use of internal variables in the Configurator : Best regards.
  6. Hello, Here is the latest software Wilson posted : https://drive.google.com/file/d/14juum8MAfLY4yYMvDQiCiQhi4nJY2JWm/view?usp=sharing Best regards.
  7. Hi Vaclav, I suggest you uninstall the Honeycomb driver, restart the computer, start MSFS and load a flight, close MSFS, reinstall the Honeycomb driver as administrator. Best regards.
  8. Hi, You can change the path in EXE.xml (EXE.xml is located in ...AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\)
  9. Hi, Ok, I see. We don't sell spare levers yet. However, Hoeneycomb does on their own website. www.flyhoneycomb.com Best regards.
  10. Hi, This is the max opening of the standard clamp : We may then release a Jurassic Pack Scenery Addon for MSFS in this case ... Best regards.
  11. Hi, I don't understand what you mean. What is your question, if any ? Best regards.
  12. Yes, it seems there is an extra subfolder X-Plane 11 reference in the path somewhere.
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