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  1. If your quadrant doesn't have a lever portion specifically devoted to reverser, such as the TCA throttle, you can trigger the reverser by assigning a button to the "DECREASE THROTTLE" function. Use this when the throttle quadrant has a detent that triggers an input, such as the Saitek-Logitech quadrant. Otherwise, the reversers are triggered when the throttle levers reach a certain level as set in the CRJconfigurator. If you got any question about this, just ask, okay?
  2. How to use the TCA throttle and reverse levers with Aerosoft Aibusses for FSX PDF version here There may be other ways, but this is one that works pretty well without any Thrustmaster driver or FSUIPC. STEP 1 : Start the Aersoft Airbus Configurator and check “Throttle Axis Count 2” STEP 2 : Start the Windows calibration utility Windows key + “r” Type “joy.cpl” Click “OK” Calibrate the Throttles lever ON THE THROTTLE RANGE only. Do NOT include the Reverse portion (This is VERY important)
  3. Using unrecognized USB devices with Microsoft Flight Simulator. PDF version here A common question we have is “ My previously perfectly working USB device isn’t working with Flight Simulator while it is perfectly functional with Xplane, P3D, FSX…” No worry. It is simply because Flight Simulator handles USB devices (Joysticks, yokes, throttles, rudder pedals, …) a bit differently than the other simulators. Flight Simulator has a “built-in” list of several popular devices. When connected those devices appear in Flight Simulator with their picture as well
  4. VRinsight Instrument Radiostack A criminally underrated product ! Microsoft Flight Simulator – Prepar3D – Xplane - FSX This wonderful piece of equipment can save A LOT of keyboard/mouse actions ! When flying, what does require the most human input (beside basic steering) ? Well navigation of course ! Even if you are a pure VFR addict, you will have to communicate with the traffic control at some point and, in most cases, you are required to have a working transponder signal. But most of us are doing radionavigation : VOR, ADF, DME.
  5. JOYSTICKS, YOKES, THROTTLES, RUDDER… Different names, same principle of operation… PDF version here Wonder why when you connect your throttle for the firrt time, engine 1 lever makes the plane turn right, and the button labeled “Engine Start” changes outside view ? Well, because all the joysticks, throttles, rudders share the same type of interface board: A series of analog-digital converters (usually 6 or 😎 and a series of ON/OFF contacts (usually 32) hooked to a USB port The analog-digital converters are called axes and the ON/OFF contacts buttons.
  6. Hi Valzav, Please check the PDF attached, it shows you step by step how to interface the VRinsight radiostack with Microsoft Flight Simulator as well as where to download the required drivers. Note that the free version of FSUIPC is ok. You don't need to purchase any licence. Best regards. InstRadioStack.pdf
  7. Changing USB port or HUB can also mess the calibration and assignments up !
  8. In theory, once for ever. But it is always a good practice to calibrate any control with any simulator and any addon once in a while. Simply because : 1 - The controls are made of mechanical parts that tend to develop endplay and backlash with time. 2 - There are analog components inside these products such as potentiometers and they drift with time, heat, frequency of use, ... 3 - Because when computers are supposed to fail, they will, and when they are not, they will anyway. So, be smart : Once in a while, redo a calibration, and check your axes and buttons assignments.
  9. Some first tests and procedures of the CRJ with the TCA quadrant here : This is for throttle and reversers only. The Speedbrakes and flaps are still in tests. The way Flight Simulator handles their signals makes things a bit different. Basically we will assign them to the "Spoiler Axis" and "Flaps Axis" We are still working on some linearity and response curve points on Flight Simulator, but we are making progress. Stay tuned, we will let you know more very soon !
  10. How to use the TCA Throttle with Aerosoft CRJ 550/700 This tutorial shows how to configure the Thrustmaster TCA throttle quadrant with the Aerosoft CRJ’s for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This is an easy setup thanks to the CRJ’s built –in configuration utility. Moreover, this utility is directly accessible from within the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) of the aircraft. No need to go back to the Windows desktop or menu. We assume you have successfully installed the CRJ addon. STEP 1: Start a flight with a CRJ. STEP 2: Note that the Electronic Flight b
  11. Track IR v5 with Microsoft Flight Simulator ”The simplest way to look left or right is to look left or right” (Jacques II de Chabannes de La Palice 1470 - 1525) This step by step tutorial shows you how to use the NaturalPoint Track IR v5 with Microsoft Flight Simulator. Forget the hat view buttons or the mouse… We assume you have the Track IR and the reflector or the Trackclip Pro. Either the Natural Point - TrackIR 5 Standard Set or the Natural Point - TrackIR 5 Gamer Set Let’s go ! STEP 1 : Goto the Track IR website to download the driver :
  12. Dear Helmut, You have been heard.☺ I will extend this tutorial to the Flaps and Spoiler addon soon. Have a great weekend.
  13. Basic test of the Honeycomb Bravo Throttle under P3D with the Honeycomb Configurator This basic tutorial assumes you have already downloaded and installed the configurator from the Aerosoft website : https://www.aerosoft.com/en/hardware/flight-simulation/throttles/2568/honeycomb-bravo-throttle-quadrant?number=AS14515 The goal is simply to test if the throttle correctly interfaces with P3D. To do this, some lights should lit at the end of this procedure. Please note you may not get the same lights pattern as it depends on what aircraft is loaded and what its state is.
  14. How to use the TCA throttle, the reverse levers and Starter buttons with Aerosoft Aibusses under P3Dv4/v5 This is not complicated at all but since the Airbus is a complex aircraft and P3D as well as the Thrustmaster TCA throttle offer A LOT of capabilities and features, some basic configurations are required to be able to use the full possibilities of all these. Once again, as a guideline, DO NOT rely on automatic assignments. YOU are the pilot, so YOU decide what does what. Also, no need to use the Thrustmaster tools or driver. Here are the steps to configure
  15. Dear Sir, I am a bit confused. - The TT Panel does't have Axes. Only buttons. The multi Switch Panel has Buttons and Potentiometers (Axes) Can you please send me a picture of the panels you have connected to your computer and how they are recognizeed in the Windows Joystick utility ? (See below) Thank you.
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