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  1. Wurde mit V2.2R3 gefixt (war Bug in V2.2R2 ) Auszug aus Release Notes (s. http://jardesign.org/forum/viewtopic.php?id=3276) "R3: + Right Engine shut down issue fixed for XP11.11+ "
  2. Waiting at the gate at EIDW for the last flight of this tour. Weather is the nearly the same for some days now. After takeoff from runway 28 turning right at climbing to the initial flight level given by the simulated ATC Reaching cruise level the weather was getting better for a short time, but there still is some mist. On approach (about 2.000 ft ) to runway 27R there is no sight. As the contact to ATC wasn't working anymore I had to watch the aircraft in front of me it it would get out of the way or if I had to go araound. Finally the runway coud be seen and it seemed to be free. Unfortunately I had a hard landing with a double touch. So ended a long tour which has started 80 days ago. Overall it was a wonderful adventure and I am thankful to Aerosoft who had organized this event. There are wonderful diaries of tour members where many interesting things can be learned or be seen. And I admire those participants who had flown small and/or old aircraft. They surely had much more work of flight preparations and the flights were more exhausting than mine . I very much liked the open nature of this event ! For me it was a challenge to master a new flight sim and new aircraft within. Merry Chistmas and a happy New Year to all of you !!
  3. Tour step 8, part 2: EIDW (Dublin, Ireland) to EGLL (Heathrow Airport, London) 2017-12-21, est. 287 NM Today was time fo the final flight on this tour back to Heatrhow Airport, where I started long ago the tour around the world as close as possible to the route described by Jules Verne. Thinking about other aircraft to fly, I finally decided to use the aircraft which I have flown at the tour start: Airbus A330-243 in ACJ livery. Before time is running out I want to complete my tour diary: Flight route was (estimated flight duration : 48m) EIDW LIFFY UL975 WAL UY53 NUGRA EGLL Planned runways Departure: EIDW/DUB 28 Elevation 242 ft Arrival: EGLL/LHR 27R Elevation 83 ft Weather forecasts 2017-12-21: at EIDW for planned time of takeoff (12:15 GMT): Wind 240°@13 kts Temperature 12°C / 54°F Pressure 1033 hPa / 30.50 inHg Visibility more than 10 nm Clouds cloudy at EGLL for expected time ot landing (13:15 GMT): Wind 260°@09 kts Temperature 11°C / 52°F Pressure 1036 hPa / 30.59 inHg Visibility more than 10 nm Clouds cloudy Screenshots ot fhe flight as usual in a later post following soon.
  4. The flight itself was calm and less to see, nevertheless some screenshots to the past flight: Sunrise short after takeoff at KJFK low vis at initial cruise level sun rise over the Atlantic and still about three hours to fly. On final approach to runway 28 at EIDW. A few waiting AI aircraft can be seen lined up; this traffic was generated by X-Life Deluxe. End ot the returning flight to Europe with my parked aircraft at one gate of EIDW (payware addon by Aerosoft)
  5. Tour step 8, part 1: KJFK (New York City) to EIDW (Dublin, Ireland) 2017-12-16, est. 2.821 NM For the first part of the final step I selected the main aircraft, an Airbus A330-243 with ACJ livery. Since this aircraft is larger and heavier than my last used aircraft, I decided not to fly to Cork Airport (EICK), where the longest runway is only 2.133 m long. So I stepped over Cork and planned to land in Dublin (EIDW). After evaluation of the available NATs this flight route seemd to be the shortest (estimated flight duration : 5h 23m) KJFK PUT DCT ALLEX/N0487F390 N379A ALLRY/M084F390 NATT NETKI DCT CON/N0482F390 DCT OLAPO EIDW Departure: KJFK/JFK 31R Elevation 13 ft Arrival: EIDW/DUB 28 Elevation 242 ft The start of this flight was delayed for about three hours, therefore landing at EIDW would take place during night time. And checking the weather charts most time there would be clouds, so no sight seeing flight again. Why was Fogg's world tour during winter ? Weather forecasts 2017-12-16: at KJFK for planned time of takeoff (12:15 GMT): Wind 260°@12 kts Temperature -3°C / 27°F Pressure 1017 hPa / 30.02 inHg Visibility more than 10 nm Clouds partly cloudy at EIDW for expected time ot landing (18:15 GMT): Wind 260°@12 kts Temperature 03°C / 37°F Pressure 1020 hPa / 30.12 inHg Visibility more than 10 nm Clouds showers
  6. visual impressions: soon after the takeoff the strongly blowing wind made the climb pretty uncomfortable. one last view to the soil of Nebraska After reaching cruise level it was very cloudy (e.g. while passing Chicago, IL) or misty the sun shine mirroring in the Atlantic short before landing at KJFK And the Manhattan sky line on the horizon on final to KJFK (New York City and New York airports both payware addons made by Drzewiecki Design) And with a sunset at KJFK ended the travel from US west coast to US east coast. Soon the last step will start for returning to good Old Europe ... One final note concerning this transcontinental step: If I checked the real weather conditions correctly there was not much snow in the US during the simulated flights. So I decided not to change my scenery configurations and still to use the photo sceneries which I created straight forward with Ortho4XP (by Oscar Pilote), but without seasonal aspects or whatsoever. Since the visual conditions have not been well, any differences were hardly detectable in my opinion.
  7. Tour step 7, part 3: KOMA (Omaha, Nebraska) to KJFK (New York City) 2017-12-11, est. 1.022 NM Due to technical problems the final part of this step to New York was delayed. Instead ot flying on Sunday the flight took place on the next day. Flight route was (estimated flight duration : 2h 12m) KOMA OVR DCT IOW DCT GIJ DCT DORET J190 SLT DCT LVZ KJFK Planned runways: Departure : KOMA/OMA 32L Arrival: KJFK/JFK 31R Weather forecasts 2017-12-11: at KOMA for planned time of takeoff (18:45 GMT): Wind 320°@23 kts Temperature 9°C / 48°F Pressure 1015 hPa / 29.96 inHg Visibility more than 10 nm Clouds cloudy at KJFK for expected time ot landing (20:45 GMT): Wind 280°@9 kts Temperature 3°C / 37°F Pressure 1017 hPa / 30.03 inHg Visibility more than 10 nm Clouds partly cloudy
  8. As the second half of this flight was during sunset I cannot present many screenshots. After take off at runway 34R it seemed like looking for a gap in the surrounding mountains for a turn to east direction. an impression of Utah not far away to Sall Lake City. A typical view of Wyoming, isn't it ? Eppley Airfield (KOMA) to the left. Omaha in the evening: On final to runway 32L
  9. Tour step 7, part 2: KSLC (Salt Lake City) to KOMA (Omaha, Nebraska) 2017-12-09, est. 771 NM After an one hour rest in Salt Lake City I continued my travel to Omaha, Nebraska. Phileas Fogg and his party had to master some obstacles on there way between Salt Lake City and Omaha, like. crossing a shaky bridge at Medicine Bow, defending an attack of Sioux warriors and finally reaching Omaha using a wind powered sledge. Flight route was (estimated flight duration : 1h 52m) KSLC CHE DCT SNY J100 OBH KOMA During the flight Laramie, Cheyenne and North Platte would be passed, while the railroad track and the Interstate 80 were near. Weather forecasts 2017-12-09: at KSLC for planned time of takeoff (21:15 GMT): Wind 340°@5 kts Temperature -3°C / 27°F Pressure 1038 hPa / 30.65 inHg Visibility more than 10 nm Clouds clear at KOMA for expected time ot landing (23:15 GMT): Wind 350°@11 kts Temperature -01°C / 30°F Pressure 1021 hPa / 30.16 inHg Visibility more than 10 nm Clouds cloudy
  10. Some visual impressions ot this flight: The aircraft in ACJ livery, waiting at the gate for flight preparation (KSFO freeware scenery by MisterX6) Looking to KSFO and to the skyline of San Francisco in the background Look over the San Francisco bay with misty weather. Sadly the Golden Gate Bridge couldn't be seen later. Lake Tahoe next to fly over. Visual conditions were getting better after leaving San Francisco Bay for some time.. Passing Reno and the Pyramid Lake. (Why has this sea this name ? ) Following the Interstate 80 for a short time during this flight. The Great Salt Lake to the left. Just turning north towards Odgen following the planned flight path. I wasn't able to communicate with ATC properly which would have been necessary as the wind conditions had changed. Turning near Odgen (just in front in this moment) for a tailwind landing at KSLC On final approach at KSLC, where I tested the suspension abilities of the landing gear unintentionally . But no one was reportedly injured . It seems that the switch from Boeing 777-300 to Airbus A320 is not so easy. (KSLC : payware addon by Shortfinal Design)
  11. Tour step 7, part 1: KSFO (San Francisco) to KSLC (Salt Lake City) 2017-12-09, est. 595 NM Now the specific flight planning data for the first part: Flight route was (estimated flight duration : 1h 28m) KSFO MOGEE Q122 MCORD Q124 BVL KSLC Weather forecasts 2017-12-09: at KSFO for planned time of takeoff (18:30 GMT): Wind 160°@3 kts Temperature 8°C / 46°F Pressure 1027 hPa / 30.33 inHg Visibility more than 10 nm Clouds cloudy at KSLC for expected time ot landing (20:00 GMT): Wind 110°@3 kts Temperature -03°C / 27°F Pressure 1038 hPa / 30.65 inHg Visibility 9 nm Clouds clear Following the flight route I should pass Sacramento, cross Lake Tahoe, the passing Reno. And near Elko the flight route would come close to the Interstate 80 and the railroad from Sacramento to Odgen. According the expected wind at KSLC I would fly north and turning near Odgen before landing at KSLC. Interestingly the original railroad passed the Great Salt Lake on its north side, while the actual railroad crosses the lake. For the first time I tried to use X-Life for generation of AI traffic as well as an hopefully better ATC tool compared to the default ATC of XP11.05. I didn't dare to update to XP11.10
  12. Tour step 7: KSFO (San Francisco) to KJFK (New York) 2017-12-09 - 2017-12-11, est. 2.388 NM Constructing flight plans for this step I tried to gather some information about the travelling of Phileas Fogg by train. One aspect was the route ot the railroad then named Union Pacific Railroad (or Overland Route), which was opened 1869 (s. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Overland_Route_(Union_Pacific_Railroad) or https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Transcontinental_Railroad ). The other aspect was where Fogg's journey paused. But finally my chosen steps are not an exact match. I decided to divide the travel into three parts: KSFO (San Francisco) to KSLC (Salt Lake City) KSLC to KOMA (Omaha, Nebraska) KOMA to KJFK (JFK Airport in New York City) Visually this three parts look like following: Due to private circumstances I planned to execute all three flight during the past weekend. And I have selected the Airbus A320-271 again for this transcontinental journey since I used it to fly from Mumbai to Colcata. Flight specific data will follow soon.
  13. Here some screenshot to the flight from RJTT to KSFO: Holding the center line was difficult due to the wind blowing from the right side. And the takeoff was about 30 mins later than planned. After about 5 hours of flight in the darkness there was finally a sign ot the next day, or was it the sunset of yesterday ? The aircraft we are flying with: Before descending I dumped about 15 tons of fuel to achieve a safe landing weight. Somehow the XP aircraft need less fuel than calculated. Bad weather on the approach. I missed the terrain radar on this model after I was too low for a short while. The runway (19L) has come in sight: A gust of wind took me by surprise. And this time the aircraft was heavy and sluggish An exciting manual landing ended safely:
  14. Tour step 6: RJTT (Tokyo - Haneda) to KSFO (San Francisco) 2017-11-26, est. 4.643 NM With this step the second half of this world tour has started. Since Fogg's transit from Toyko to San Francisco by ship took about 3 weeks, it was not necessary to hurry on this flight as I planned to fly an long haul trip. This time I had the idea to simulate a regular flight with the aircraft almost fully loaded: This connection seems to be best suited for my purpose: Flight No: JL2/JAL2 (Japan Airlines) STD 10:45Z/19:45L STA 20:00Z/12:00L Aircraft: Boeing 777-346ER In XP11 as aircraft I would fly the VMAX Boeing 777-300ER. Since I flew the PMDG model in FSX many times, I am still not so familiar with the VMAX model compared to PMDG. And indeed it took to trials to complete this trip because on my first flight I suffered a fuel leak warning short after takeoff from RJTT. In turned out that the center tank had a fuel leak and was quickly empty, so it was not possible to finish this flight. I had to return back to RJTT. Ironically I had to dump fuel to avoid flying endless loops to reach a safe landing weight. More wisely I turned off the option "custom failures" of my VMAX model on the second flight. This second flight was executed on 2017-11-26. Some planning data for both mentioned flight: 1. The deviated first flight (estimated flight duration: 8:32h and estimated flight distance 4.607 nm): Planned Route on 2017-11-18: RJTT SYE Y11 JD Y88 DAIGO Y889 OATIS OTR3 PUTER/N0500F320 A590 POXED/N0494F330 DCT AGEDI R591 ASPIN DCT SYA R591 AMOND A342 CRYPT DCT 54N160W 51N150W 47N140W/N0489F350 42N130W DCT VESPA DCT REDWD DCT AMAKR KSFO 2. The successful second flight: (estimated flight duration: 7:58h and estimated flight distance 4.643 nm) Planned Route on 2017-11-26: RJTT PLUTO DCT SYE DCT COLOR Y808 ACQUA Y804 SCORE OTR11 LEPKI DCT 40N160E 42N170E 43N180E/N0500F320 44N170W 45N160W 44N150W/N0497F330 41N140W 39N130W/N0501F340 DCT DACEM/N0497F350 DCT PAINT DCT PIRAT DCT OSI KSFO with following runways: Departure: RJTT/HND 16R Arrival: KSFO/SFO 19L Depicted route of the second flight: Weather forecasts 2017-11-26: at RJTT for planned time of takeoff (11:15 GMT): Wind 230°@17 kts Temperature 16°C / 61°F Pressure 1017 hPa / 30.03 inHg Visibility more than 10 nm Precipitation Partly clouded at KSFO for expected time ot landing (19:15 GMT): Wind 230°@14 kts Temperature 18°C / 64°F Pressure 1015 hPa / 29.97 inHg Visibility 5 nm Precipitation Light Rain
  15. Hello Eric, welcome in Tokyo too. Interesting story flying the FF A350. Did you observe significally FPS drop downs reaching RJTT ? I did so landing at Haneda. At the moment I do not know the exact reason why. Greetings and comfortable flights ! Erich
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