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SOAR Gliders


  1. General Discussion

    General chit chat ..... comments, suggestion, etc.

  2. General Chit Chat

    For comments and questions that don't fit other catagories or that cross multiple catagories.

  3. SOAR News

    Information relating to the SOAR site and/or SOAR Message Board at Aerosoft.

  4. Races - Contests - Tours

    Discussion pertaining to specific races, contests, tours, etc. that are sponsered by SOAR or it's members!

  5. Soaring Flights in FSX

    General discussion regarding soaring with and without missions

  6. FSX Soaring Videos

    A place to submit links to your video and discussion on the submitted videos.

  7. CumulusX!

    Discussion related to all aspects of this exciting new program that puts thermals in FSX and creates ridge lift using CCS slope files.


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