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  1. Here in the Aerosoft Shop or in one of the partner shops? Which one?
  2. Seychelles4XPlane - Seychelles Scenery for X-Plane is out now!

  3. A stunning landscape awaits you with more than a dozen scenic landing-sites: Seychelles International Airport, Praslin Island Airport and thirteen additional airfields and four heliports which are spread over the smaller islands of the Seychelles archipelago. But be prepared for challenging approaches: The island-runways are all quite short, embedded in dense tropical vegetation, and four of them are even unpaved grass airstrips. In short: Island hopping as its best! Seychelles XP is available here in the Aerosoft Shop. Further information and tons of snapshots can be found in the release notes on my website.
  4. Es ist soweit: Eine atemberaubende Landschaft erwartet euch mit mehr als einem Dutzend malerisch gelegenen Landeplätzen: Seychelles International Airport, Praslin Island Airport und dreizehn zusätzliche Flugplätze und vier Heliports, die über die kleineren Inseln des Seychellen Archipels verteilt sind. Seid auf herausfordernde Anflüge vorbereitet: Die Landebahnen der Inseln sind recht kurz, eingebettet in dichte tropische Vegetation, und vier davon unbefestigte Graslandebahnen. Kurzum: Inselhüpfen vom Feinsten! Seychelles XP ist hier im Aerosoft Shop erhältlich. Weitere Informationen und jede Menge Schnappschüsse in den Release Notes auf meiner Website.
  5. In addition: I quickly checked the RWY thresholds of our scenery package, to be sure, that everything is fine with Faroe Islands XP: RWY 30 matches exactly the latest AIP by Naviair (RWY 12 is marginally off, but that should not be really noticeable in practice)
  6. I tested with XP11.41r1 and without any navigation data add-ons, and when I fly from ROBUR to VG907 I can intercept the LOC at that point. I see, that XP ships two contradictory datasets for EKVG, but I assume, that the second data set located in "Global Airports" is in use: Resources/default data/earth_nav.dat: 4 62.067677778 -7.293527778 282 11030 18 300.112 MF EKVG EK 30 ILS-cat-I 6 62.059377778 -7.265019444 282 11030 18 350300.112 MF EKVG EK 30 GS 12 62.059377778 -7.265019444 282 11030 25 0.000 MF EKVG EK VAGAR DME-ILS Global Airports/Earth nav data/earth_nav.dat: 4 62.06767600 -007.29326200 276 11030 26 298.030 MF EKVG EK 30 ILS-cat-I 6 62.05942300 -007.26491800 275 11030 10 350298.030 MF EKVG EK 30 GS 12 62.05942300 -007.26491800 275 11030 25 0.000 MF EKVG EK 30 DME-ILS Mind, that we don't provide custom navigation data with Faroe Islands XP. So you should encounter your issue also when you disable Faroe Islands XP. Isn't it? Due I read about a similar report at x-plane.org, I wonder, what aircraft do you use and if you can reproduce the issue also with one of the XP default aircraft?
  7. <<< Bird Island (FSSB, Gras, 920 Meter) <<< Alphonse (FSAL, Asphalt, 1.220 Meter) Nur zwei von insgesamt dreizehn zusätzlichen Landeplätzen. Weitere Info und Schnappschüsse hier... Wahrscheinlich eines der letzten Postings im Vorfeld des Releases 😉 Folgt diesem Thread und dem Entwickler Blog, um keine News zu verpassen!
  8. <<< Bird Island Airport (FSSB, Grass, 920 meters) <<< Alphonse Airport (FSAL, Concrete, 1.220 meters) Just two out of the thirteen additional landing-sites. More info and snapshots here... Likely one of the last postings prior the release 😉 Follow this thread and the development blog to don't miss any news!
  9. Hello Franz, Thanks for your kind feedback. Great that you enjoy #Faroes4XPlane. We'll gladly check what's going on with the mentioned localizer. Can you provide further information: Correct positioning vs. XP. Thanks and greets, Matthias
  10. After having first looks on the landscape and the helipads, it's now definitively the time to take also a closer look at the airports. Let's start with the two largest: <<< Seychelles International Airport (FSIA) <<< Regional Praslin Island Airport (FSPP) More snapshots and infos in the newest publication on my website. BTW: Thirteen additional airstrips, spread over the Seychelles archipelago, will be included in #Seychelles4XPlane as well. More about that in the next posting...
  11. Nachdem wir in vorherigen Beiträgen auf die Landschaft und die Helipads eingegangen sind, ist es nun an der Zeit, einen ersten Blick auf die Flughäfen zu werfen. Beginnen wir mit den beiden größten: <<< Seychelles International Airport (FSIA) <<< Regional Praslin Island Airport (FSPP) Weitere Schnappschüsse und Infos dazu auf meiner Webseite. BTW: Dreizehn weitere Landebahnen, verteilt über des Archipel der Seychellen, werden ebenfalls in #Seychelles4XPlane enthalten sein. Mehr dazu im nächsten Posting...
  12. @Tom Knudsen Allow me to copy attached FB conversation into this thread: You got already an extensive explanation in this thread regarding the issues you encounter at ENDU. To summarize: The issues are not caused by @Marten' / Stairport Sceneries' ENTC scenery, but the X-Plane scenery architecture – and the fact, that LR doesn't allows us developers (yet) to patch meshes locally. Further reading here and here.
  13. Alright. These are the coverage maps of the single parts of A4XP: You see: For example the mentioned AT25 (Dumont d'Urville Station) is outside of the coverage of part 3. Extensions of existing parts as well as new parts are planned. The strategy in developing the terrain mesh was and is to build the terrain meshes there, where we already have add-ons from third-parties – or at least: add-ons are planned: E.g. I'm aware of two developers who plan add-ons for part 3, thus I realized the terrain mesh for that region. If you reveal more about your own development plans (contact me via the personal messenger here in the forum), I'll gladly pay attention to the concerned regions with the next A4XP update.
  14. Part 3 of Antarctica4XPlane covers Coats Land and the western parts of Queen Maud Land: From --39 to +6 longitude and down to a latitude of -81 degrees. Therewith, the location of the Troll Research Station is within the extend of Part 3. If you have only water at AT27 (please note: not AT25) then there's maybe something wrong with your installation of A4XP. If you need help, please start your simulator and a flight at AT27, then send me your Log.txt (can be found in the root of your X-Plane 11 installation). P.S. You write "my airports": Does that mean that you're working on add-ons for A4XP? That would be great!
  15. If you mean the apt.dat provided in addition to Antarctica4XPlane Part 3, then just follow the installation instructions on the download-page. Please note, the apt.dat is provided just because of the fact, that for Part 3 doesn't exist so far any custom sceneries (different than for the Part 1 and 2, which are listed here). The apt.dat just defines some some skiways and helipads in the region covered by Part 3. Meant as starting points to explore the stunning landscape. These are the chosen (partially fictive) ICAO codes: EGAH (Halley Research Station), SAYB (Belgrano II Base), AT16 (Neumayer-Station III), DRE1 (Drescher Ice Camp), ABA1 (Aboa Research Station), WSA1 (Wasa Research Station), SVE1 (Svea Research Station), AT12 (Kohnen Station), AT22 (SANAE IV Research Base), AT27 (Troll Research Station) and TOR1 (Tor Research Station).
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