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  1. Hello 


    Hope you are well? I have been interested in downloading the Part 1, 2 and 3 of the Antartica Meshes however, it doesn't seem to want to even start to download.  I was able to get the Orbit view textures but just can't seem to get the Antartica meshes.  Is there another place to download these? 


    Any help or advice is appreciated




    1. Brent Buffham

      Brent Buffham

      Of note if the links aren't working ... then copy the link and open a new browser and paste as text in the address field.   The file then started to download. Thanks anyhow.

    2. maps2xplane


      Strange, for me the download-buttons work! See also this support-thread.

  2. A first shot of our latest Terrain Mesh 😎 Yes, our work on #SocietyIslands4XPlane continues as planned! Currently focused: Tahiti & Windward Islands. More detailed info will follow soon! Until then, enjoy the already released scenery pack Bora Bora & Leeward Islands!
  3. Eine erste Aufnahme unserer neusten Terrain Mesh 😎 Ja, wie geplant gehen unsere Arbeiten an #SocietyIslands4XPlane weiter! Aktuell im Fokus: Tahiti & Windward Islands. Detailliertere Informationen folgen bald! Bis dahin viel Spaß mit dem bereits veröffentlichten Szenerie-Paket Bora Bora & Leeward Islands!
  4. No problem! Actually, the hint "to move the thread" was addressed to Heinz (a forum admin), hence the "@" 😉 Nope, the terminal (and other objects) shouldn't float! Just an idea: Please check, that you've "Runways follow terrain contours" enabled in the "General Settings" of X-Plane. This setting is required, otherwise X-Plane probably auto-flattens the entire airport area! Please let us know, if it works!
  5. Looks like the custom terrain mesh is either missing or not installed correctly. Did the installation happen via Aerosoft One? Also the X-Plane Log.txt that you can find in the root directory of your X-Plane installation would be helpful (start XP and a new flight at the airport, then exit XP and take the Log.txt and upload it here). @Heinz Flichtbeil: M2XP has created a custom mesh for the airport in question, but it is actually not an M2XP product. Therefore, this thread is probably better placed in another sub-forum. If you agree, please move this thread. Thanks!
  6. unfortunately I cant pm you I get the following error: Your account has not yet met the minimum content item count requirement to send personal messages.

    could you send me a Pm? 

  7. Ortho4XP ist kein Maps2XPlane-Addon. Den Ortho4XP-Thread findest du hier: @Heinz Flichtbeil bitte diesen Thread verschieben, Danke!
  8. I'm not sure what specific issue you have... Can you please describe your problem in more detail?! Screenshots could also be helpful... Thank you!
  9. Kaiser Wilhelm II Land, Queen Mary Land and the eastern parts of Wilkes Land were originally planned for Part 4. However, the development has been on hold for several months now. Due to several reasons. I can't say yet how the #Antarctica4XPlane project will continue... Anyway, I'll gladly sent you shortly an alpha version of part 4 via PM!
  10. Short info: First reviews of Saint Croix XP are online! I've summarized the ones I know of in an article on the developer blog. If also you have written a review, or want to write one, please let me know.
  11. Kurze Info: Erste Reviews zu Saint Croix XP sind online! Die mir bekannten habe ich in einem Artikel im Entwickler-Blog zusammengefasst. Wenn auch ihr eine Review geschrieben habt, oder schreiben wollt, lasst es mich bitte einfach wissen.
  12. Please try these shortcuts. Just tried them, all them work fine for me: Still issues? Then please check your security-settings or try another browser.
  13. @val1030 Thanks again for the chat we had via PM, good that we were able to solve your very special problem! I'm glad it wasn't a general problem. Thanks also for your feedback about #SaintCroix4XPlane, we're pleased that you like it! So then let's enjoy the sunrise over Saint Croix / Henry E. Rohlsen Airport / TISX: More snapshots in the release announcement on my website!
  14. As developers of Saint Croix XP, we're really sorry that Aerosoft One is causing such troubles for you. We'll send your feedback to Aerosoft! Actually, that's not the process as it should be. Please report your Aerosoft One experiences in the dedicated sub-forum or at the helpdesk. Really nice snapshot, thanks for sharing it! Really happy, that you got Saint Croix XP finally running and can enjoy the scenery pack!
  15. Thank you very much for this report! We're sorry that you have problems with Aerosoft One and that you, caused by those issues with the installation, cannot enjoy our beautiful Saint Croix XP scenery. Unfortunately, we developers have no influence on the way our publisher Aerosoft deploy products. But we immediately contacted our publisher Aerosoft and are waiting for feedback now. We will keep you up to date and hope to find a quick solution!
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