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  1. Nach dem umfangreichen Update von #Faroes4XPlane im vergangenen Monat, veröffentlichten wir vergangene Woche ein weiteres (kleines) Update v2.1 mit einigen Korrekturen und Ergänzungen. Alle Details zum Update, sowie weitere Schnappschüsse sind in der Ankündigung auf meiner Webseite zu finden. Faroe Islands XP steht hier im Aerosoft Shop zur Verfügung. All diejenigen, die bereits eine Kopie besitzen, können das Update über ihr Kunden-Konto beziehen.
  2. In case you missed it: After the huge update of #Faroes4XPlane last month, we released last week an additional (minor) update v2.1 with some fixes and additions. Complete change log and further snapshots can be found in the announcement on my website. Faroe Islands XP is available here in the Aerosoft Shop. All those who already purchased a copy can access v2.1 in their customer account.
  3. Thanks for your feedback. The main gates are assigned to FLI (Atlantic Airways) and appropriate aircraft sizes. If XP finds matching aircrafts installed, they will be displayed. Otherwise, XP makes a random selection, which is not always as we would desire it, even when the gates are properly configured. In such a case, I'd like to suggest to simply deactivate "Draw parked aircrafts " in the XP settings, and the static aircrafts will disappear. @Heinz Flichtbeil Maybe an idea to move this thread into the Maps2XPlane-Addons section of the forum?
  4. The "flying" boats and ships are fixed with today's update of #Faroes4XPlane. But that's not all: See the complete change log and some snapshots here. Check your Aerosoft shop account. Partner shops will follow soon.
  5. Tom, thanks for your feedback and this report. @Marten from Stairport Sceneries (responsible for the airports and heliports in the Svalbard4XPlane scenery package) can surely explain that better, but if I remember correctly: The issue is, that default pushback/tug.obj cannot be overridden regionally (with a REGION command in the library.txt), therewith the EXPORT command for the tug.obj affects all sceneries and not only the Svalbard4XPlane scenery package. An issue, which is already reported to Laminar Research. Unfortunately, no solution or even a workaround so far. Only option is to delete the highlighted line in the library.txt or disable it with a "#" as followed: #EXPORT lib/airport/vehicles/pushback/tug.obj objects/vehicles/Equipment_Tug.obj Regards, Matthias
  6. Thank you very much for your feedback. We were able to reproduce the issue and we will aim for a solution.
  7. Thanks for your feedback and this report. May I ask: That's not a general issue? You find these "flying" ships only at specific places?
  8. In more detail: The Tromsø XP Custom Mesh is based on the UHD Mesh v4 and that UHD mesh has the shown mesh-artifacts at ENDU. In other words: The base mesh for the custom mesh-version causes the shown issue at ENDU, not the custom edit itself. See also the attached comparison. Thus I'd like to adapt Marten's comment and say: "works as _initially_ designed".
  9. The update of Faroe Islands XP is now available! The main goal of the Faroes4XPlane update is to make the scenery package even more lively. Therewith, the main objectives were: Vegetation, Autogen, Landmarks, Harbors and Marine Traffic. A detailed list of all new features, as well as an image gallery can be found in the official announcement on my website. Faroe Islands XP is available here Aerosoft Shop, but also offered by various partner shops. All those who already purchased a copy of Faroes4XPlane can get the update in their customer account.
  10. Es ist soweit, das Update für Faroe Islands XP ist nun verfügbar! Ziel des Updates ist, Faroes4XPlane noch lebendiger zu gestalten. Damit galt das Hauptaugenmerk der Vegetation, dem Autogen, zahlreichen Sehenswürdigkeiten, den Häfen und dynamischem Seeverkehr. Eine detaillierte Auflistung aller Neuerungen, sowie eine Bildergalerie ist in der offiziellen Ankündigung auf meiner Webseite zu finden. Faroe Islands XP steht hier Aerosoft Shop zur Verfügung, wird aber auch in zahlreichen Partner-Shops angeboten. All diejenigen, die bereits eine Kopie von Faroes4XPlane besitzen, können das Update in ihrem Kunden-Konto beziehen.
  11. @Kenneth Simmons Thanks for you inquiry. As it regards your specific scenery: I assume, that you're the one who contacted me also at I already answered you there - please check your inbox of the personal messenger at Let us continue the conversation there... For those who are following this thread: Information about my tool to edit existing X-Plane meshes are available in my development blog. In short: The tool isn't publicly available until now, I'm still improving it in partnership with renowned scenery developers, like Stairport Sceneries and ShortFinal Design. Who's running a development studio and interested in a cooperation, can read here more about my mesh development- and mesh editing-services.
  12. Thank you very much. We're glad that you like #Faroes4XPlane, and that you confirm, that we chose the right objectives for an update. Further helipads (all helipads with an official ICAO code are already realized, but there are two more pads served by Atlantic Airways, as well as some unnamed pads like the one at the hospital) are on our wish- / idea-list. But they will not be realized with the upcoming version - simply to avoid a too long delay. We'll finish and release first, what we have prepared now and then we'll decide on further development steps. However, even the upcoming version will contain at least one small surprise for rotorheads 😉
  13. Die Arbeiten am angekündigten Update für Faroe Islands XP nähern sich ihrem Ende. Drei der vier Hauptziele sind: Vegetation, Verbessertes Autogen und Sehenswürdigkeiten. Die vollständige und ausführliche Feature-Liste folgt demnächst in einer offiziellen Ankündigung. In der Zwischenzeit, geniesst die Landschaft von Faroe Islands XP (verfügbar hier im Aerosoft Shop). Weitere Informationen zu #Faroes4XPlane findet ihr auf meiner Webseite.
  14. Just a short notice about the work in progress on an extensive update for Faroe Islands XP: We can already reveal 3 out of 4 main objectives: Vegetation, Autogen and Landmarks. A detailed feature list follows quite soon within an official announcement. In the meantime, enjoy the beauty of the Faroe Islands XP (available in the Aerosoft Shop). For further information about #Faroes4XPlane visit my website.
  15. In addition to the german info- and support-thread about Faroes4XPlane: Faroes4XPlane is a scenery package for X-Plane 11, developed by Maps2XPlane in cooperation with Albert Ràfols. It covers the Faroe Islands, which are situated between Norway and Iceland and are mountainous, windy, wet, cloudy and cool, what makes them a really challenging destination for air traffic. Faroes4XPlane features not only the Vágar Airport (realistically sloped, quite short runway) and the eight helipads which are spread over the islands, but also the stunning landscape (about 1.400 square kilometers of custom terrain mesh), seasonal representations as well as Faroese-themed autogen. Be prepared for a challenging approach at the Vágar Airport: Do not lose your focus due to the stunning landscape, because you need to expect a strongly sloped and quite short runway – only 1799 meters. After your successful landing, start a helicopter and explore the scenic situated helipads and settlements. Full list of all included overlay sceneries: The Vágar Airport (EKVG), the Froðba Heliport (EKFA), the Kirkja Heliport (EKKU), the Klaksvík Heliport (EKKV), the Mykines Heliport (EKMS), the Skúvoy Heliport (EKSY), the Stóra Dímun Heliport (EKSR), the Svínoy Heliport (EKSO) and Tórshavn/Bodanes Heliport (EKTB). Key features Realistic rendition of the complete Faroe Islands with an area of about 1400 km2 High resolution terrain mesh with various texture sets for a seasonal representation Customized local terrain details, e.g. realistically sloped runway at the Vágar Airport Detailed rendition of the Vágar Airport and eight helipads spread over the islands Faroese-themed autogen, navigation obstacles and dynamic traffic on the islands Hundreds of custom objects with PBR materials, 3d vegetation, night lighting Faroes4XPlane is available directly here in the Aerosoft Shop. For further information and screenshots visit my website.
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