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  1. My Version of the Anything Goes theme...still P3d though. Hopefully a RTX3080 video-card comes back in stock, the other parts are awaiting for the MSFS2020 4k system.
  2. Airport Narrows I know it's P3d plus narrow-body aircraft & screens..... Hopefully, MSFS2020 pics soon.....it depends on the new video-card.....Darryl
  3. The weather report said it would be just like this! Flying in San Bernardino County heading towards Palm Springs... Good Luck to All.....Darryl
  4. An Innsbruck-Summer...a late afternoon climb out. Thanks for viewing, Darryl
  5. Thanks for the editorial Mathijs, I agree entirely with your thoughts on the new simulator. Now for the new graphics card, everything else is awaiting (new system wise). Darryl
  6. A Summer Miami Vibe...can't you feel that heat and humidity. Thanks for viewing, Darryl
  7. Believe it or not, it's either the original MegaScenery (New York area), MegaSceneryEarth or SkyBlue/France freeware. Darryl
  8. It's 4k video-card time comparing the RTX280Ti (11Gb) vs RTX2080 Super (8Gb) does the much cheaper 2080 Super work well with Prepar3d v4.5 and MSFS2020 in this resolution. Unfortunately, I will not/cannot pay $1,100 US for a video card to use my current 4k monitor and it will not look right at1440P/1080P resolutions. Also, any comments on the RT5700XT at 1440P for my brothers current system for MSFS2020? Thanks for any help, Darryl
  9. Suggestions... Screen-shot forum should be separated from screen-contest forum, allowing more subject to be shown. Currently, only 3-4 subjects can be seen because the contest treads are so long. Also, separation by sim (FS2020 a coming) would be great idea. Darryl
  10. Airplanes need their rest too..... Iberia A330 on layover in Santiago, Chile Darryl
  11. Great Civil Airplane Scenes... One City, Mountains and Desert, you guess the locations! Thanks for viewing, Darryl
  12. Just received a promo-email on the product but a little late since "you-know-what" simulator is coming within the month. Don't think Prepar3d will be used much by me when the new simulator is installed. Darryl
  13. No hype or information on your Forum Page or FSElite but it's in the store. Any information on possible upgrades of your previous releases? Darryl
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