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  1. May Rain for LA (Los Angeles), very unusual Thanks for viewing, Darryl
  2. Takeoffs and Landings German Style...Four Airports included, can you guess where? Note: should be extremely easy. Thanks for viewing, Darryl
  3. A French PC-21 (Round 2 of this Aircraft) Looking good in the French Air Force training colors! PS, it flies smooth like the Piper Sport but at much faster speeds unlike the Lancair witch is twitchy. Thanks for viewing, Darryl
  4. A Little Dublin Spring Green Thanks for viewing, Darryl
  5. A little Here...A Little There A few commercial...A few civilian...Some from a long time ago. Thanks for viewing, Darryl
  6. Stuttgart...Another "new to me" airport and of course it was on sale. Just wish I knew about the JustSim Dusseldorf sale two weeks ago. Thanks for viewing, Darryl
  7. Night-Dawn Scenes, The New Addition Paris Orly, France Cologne-Bonn & Stuttgart Germany Gdansk, Lublin & Katowice Poland Madrid & Barcelona Spain Thanks for viewing, Darryl
  8. A Little PC Testing...not as a computer but rather an IRIS PC-21! Again, thank you IRIS for the excellent PC-21, Texan II T-6B, Grob G115E, etc freeware... Thanks for viewing, Darryl
  9. A Little Polish Gift...as in a few nice little airports. A thank you to Drzewiecki Design for the one-day only Polish Airports Volume I freeware. EPGD Gdansk Airport EPLB Lublin EPKT Katowice EPRZ Rzeszow Thanks for viewing, Darryl
  10. I guess I'll to bring out the sectional's. Thanks for the comments.
  11. Yodelayheehoo...Switzerland again with the Lancair. Just a little cabin fever release/reliever! Thanks for viewing, Darryl
  12. Boomerang Airbus...as in the other Eurowing paint-scheme. Featuring the "new to me" Aerosoft Cologne/Bonn Professional Airport. Thanks for viewing, Darryl
  13. Hertz? Again? Real photo-scenery, real weather...mid-flight sampling. Thanks for viewing, Darryl
  14. My "New to Me" French Airport Great job on this airport scenery by JetStream Design Thanks for viewing, Darryl
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