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  1. Night Moves...MSFS2020 Style Four Scenes @ Four Airports with loads of night-time angles and views. [Click to Enlarge] Thanks for commenting, Darryl
  2. Did further research, Hans Hartmann (you're CRJ-700 developer) and Asobo are developing this aircraft.
  3. Several months ago, I thought Asobo & Aerosoft announced they were creating a ATR for MSFS2020? Is this true and what is the timeframe. Thanks, Darryl
  4. Washington DC's Bigger Airport...Dulles International (IAD). [Click] to Enlarge Picture Thanks for commenting, Darryl
  5. An Early Moonson Season Is A Coming...June is early for this annual event in SoCal. The Flight starts at Big Bear Lake and covers San Bernardino, Cajon Pass and enters the Southern Mojave Desert. This was the actual weather around 10:00 AM on June 23th. The Thunderstorm showed up between 12-1:00 PM (Not Shown). [Click the Picture] to enlarge to full size. Please leave a comment & thanks for viewing, Darryl
  6. Finally, FRONTIER...this paint works after a upgrade from FlyByFire. Loads of Angles & Views...As always, [click] to enlarge. Thanks for viewing & commenting, Darryl
  7. It's Narita, Japan beautifully modeled by Drzwewieki Design.
  8. A German Sayōnara to Japan...I really think so. [Click to Enlarge] Thanks for viewing, comments are always appreciated, Darryl
  9. Just in case someone forgot about Winter...Denver International with a little snow. [Click for Full Size Picture] Thanks for viewing & commenting, Darryl
  10. OK, Ed has arrived (actually departed) with his entry. Mine is a little smaller but it's a little twitchy when it comes to control. This picture of this Lancair (Orbx) is about 9 years when I flew FSX. Good luck to all, Darryl Of course [Click] to see the larger picture.
  11. Delta is ready when you are...2021 Spring Edition Of course, these views come from the home-base of Atlanta. [Click to Enlarge] Thanks for viewing & commenting, Darryl
  12. Stockholm Arlanda...the MSFS2020 freeware version. Not as good as the Orbx Prepar3d version but it's decent. 😉 [Click to Enlarge] Thanks for viewing & commenting, Darryl
  13. These are all standard msfs2020 textures, the DFW Airport is a free upgrade if you own the simulator.
  14. An American A321...for an old FSX rehash, looks great. [Click to Enlarge] Thanks for viewing & commenting, Darryl
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