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  1. Green & White...Tail of Two Continents (New Zealand & Northern Italy) North of Christchurch, New Zealand North of Turin, Italy (Italian Alps) Thanks for viewing, Darryl
  2. Blue leaving New York...for greener and freer pastures. I wish Asobo would fix the airport with better gates, gate numbers and docking at all terminals. Btw, Click to Enlarge (2560x1152) Thanks for viewing, Darryl
  3. Down South America Way...A departure from SEQM in Ecuador and my First MSFS 2020 Screenshots. Btw...used my brothers system since I'm waiting for a RTX 3080 in order to start a new 4k build. As always, click to enlarge. Thanks for viewing, Darryl
  4. Still trying to understand the MSFS 2020 keyboard commands, completely different from FSX or Prepar3d. Will "try" to enter this Holiday screenshot, so Happy Holiday to everyone! Btw, click to enlarge. Darryl
  5. Delta is Ready When You Are! [Click image to enlarge] Thanks for viewing, Darryl
  6. A Few Recent "Sky Flyers".....Altitude with Color Click to Enlarge for Full Size Images Thanks for viewing, Darryl
  7. A Fall Heathrow... Just a little busyness for you. Note: Click to Enlarge Darryl
  8. How about the A330 instead, including all engines, variations and maybe a freighter? Darryl
  9. Eagle Approach...that fall kind of year, pre-snow. Note: Click Image to Enlarge. Darryl
  10. A Fall Boston Logan...with a little rain. Morning busyness with loads of aircraft (AI). Darryl
  11. Departure Cologne (Koln)...a Little Fall Color for You
  12. My Version of the Anything Goes theme...still P3d though. Hopefully a RTX3080 video-card comes back in stock, the other parts are awaiting for the MSFS2020 4k system.
  13. Airport Narrows I know it's P3d plus narrow-body aircraft & screens..... Hopefully, MSFS2020 pics soon.....it depends on the new video-card.....Darryl
  14. The weather report said it would be just like this! Flying in San Bernardino County heading towards Palm Springs... Good Luck to All.....Darryl
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