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  1. Hi Bernd, Technical there is nothing preventing a filter by weekday, but already the Search Legs page is near its limit as what can be displayed at once. So adding more criteria would probably result in having to split the view into multiple tab-pages. Which would result in the user not being able to see all criteria without looking at multiple tab-pages. Anyway I hear what you are saying, and will give it some more thoughts when time allows for it. Merry Christmas for all as well.
  2. Just to add to my previous answer. In stead of choosing "All flights to/from this airport" on the traffic tabpage, you could begin using the Search Legs feature to only find all Lufthansa flights into/out of EDDM, as this would vastly reduce the number of legs shown in the Legs tab-sheet. Hence it would be faster to locate the flight you are looking for. Likewise if you also know where the flight is coming from and/or which aircraft is used, you can add these criteria to the Search Legs form to reduce the number of flights even more.
  3. Hi Bernd and thanks for the kind words. There is no direct method to filter results by day/time. If I personally was looking for such a flight I would press CTRL+A to open the search airport form and search for "EDDM" and press enter (or click it) to open the Airport Info form showing info for EDDM. Here I would go to the traffic tabpage and change "Traffic to chart" into "All flights to/from this airport". It will filter both what is displayed on both the "Legs" and "Traffic" tabpages to show all traffic into/out of EDDM no mater which leg search is otherwise active of which speci
  4. For version 1.18 of Flightplan Visualizer (FV) I had something entirely different planed, and I have been working hard on adding an entirely new set of features, where I am still a long way from being able to release anything, as it contains a lot of new data, forms, and functionality, where I also will have to do a lot of "investigation" and testing - at least I know how to spend my time throughout the long, cold, and dark winter nights 🙂 Those future plans were pushed a bit in the background (for another release), and in stead version 1.18 became all about the support for MSFS, a
  5. There was a type on the previous post. A few places I wrote "MSFS-UserAirportInfo.xml". Just to clarify it is an underscore that the program adds to the entered FilePrefix. So the correct name is "MSFS_UserAirportInfo.xml".
  6. Flightplan Visualizer (FV) have not been made to be used with multiple different simulators at the same time. However now that MSFS is here and Pete have managed to update MakeRunways (MkRwy) so it can also scan the scenery files of MSFS, I have improved how its more easy to use FV with multiple simulators. I have added a couple of command-line arguments that can be set in your short-cut icon used when starting FV. As I showed in the previous screenshot, in settings you can now quickly switch between different sets of MkRwy-files. However using the new command-line argument /MkRwy you can now
  7. In the next-version the entry-field in settings have been replaced with a combo-box, which "remembers" the last few paths you have been using, so its more convenient to switch between MkRwy -files for different sims (e.g. "P3D" and "MSFS"):
  8. Per say Flightplan Visualizer (FV) have not been made for a particular Flight Simulator. However it relies on the output from Make Runways (by Pete Dowson) which is able to scan installed FSX/P3D scenery, and extract information about Airports (including runways, gates and frequencies). Likewise the bundled (pre-imported) flight-plans are intended for AI traffic in FSX and P3D, but who are to say a person flying in MSFS cannot use these as inspiration, as they are based on real-life flight-plans. So in theory you can use FV with any sim, if you simply want to use it to find inspira
  9. Good catch 🙂 You are true. But I have seen it in the past also, so I just wanted to hear if there were something "bad" in the new versions that made users "downgrade" to previous versions. Anyhow the program is not build to allow for a downgrade. In some cases you can downgrade to a previous version without any issues. But there is no guarantee that its possible. In most cases (except for these mandatory versions) newer versions of the program are able to read old file-formats of the various data-files, however older versions are in many cases not able to read data-files using a ne
  10. Every time I have released a new version I have noticed that there are still a few download of the old one. In this case I that estimate version 1.16 have been downloaded 10-20 times since version 1.17 was released. I am guessing that most of these are people who have just come across the version 1.16 and downloading it, not knowing there is a version 1.17. Also I can be someone who want do have some of the older flightplans, that were made obsolete (hence not included) in version 1.17. Anyway I would like to hear if any of you ever have been downgrading to a previous version and i
  11. Version 1.17 have just been released, and it can be downloaded from AVSIM using this link: https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=p3dutil&DLID=218897 Version 1.16 is a mandatory version that you must install and run prior to installing version 1.17. I urge to you to watch the video released with version 1.11 (available via the help-menu) as it tells you how you can manage your flightplans. A video explaining most of the changes in version 1.17 have also been uploaded to YouTube and link for this video is also available via the help-menu. Below is the entire list of
  12. The video for version 1.17 was uploaded last night. I suggest that you at least have a look at the first part as it shows how to make sure all of your flightplans gets updated in case you have them in multiple sub-folders. Remember that both version 1.16 and 1.17 are considered being mandatory. So if you have not yet been enabling all of your 1.16 flightplan sub-folderes you should do so prior to installing version 1.17 (when it becomes available).
  13. If you have enough free space on your C-drive, then there is no need to read this post, as it is aimed at those who need/want -to free the space occupied by Flightplan Visualizers (FV) data-files on the C-drive. Most of these data-files does not take up that much harddisk-space, however the cached map-tiles can easily take 1-2 GB of space. This tip is not only for FV, but can be used for other programs as well. E.g. I had the same issue myself with DCS (Digital Combat Simulator), where I was able to release +200 GB on my C-Drive, simply by moving my entire DCS installation from my C-drive to a
  14. You have a plan … until you make a new one 🙂 I did initially not plan to include any of the load-sheet code that I have mentioned previously (the reason for why the form for creating an aircraft contains so many weight/load-fields). However while refactoring some code I began working on it anyway, as it allowed me to “shape that code for the future use” I had planned, and the more I wanted to test out this code, the more code was written to handle it. Its still in its early stage, and as of now only visible in the Leg-info report that can be generated from the leg-info form:
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