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  1. Thanks for the kind words KKT. Not sure that you mean with routes in the US? The installer for version 1.19 comes bundled with +1000 flightplans of which +380 are biz-jet flights with only routes in the US. All of these flights are based on the AI flightplans produced by AIG (Alpha India Group), and a few individualists (like all of the Biz-jet flightplans by Eric Steinmetz). The flightplans bundled with version 1.19 contains no less that 780112 different "legs" (a leg is a single flight performed by a specific aircraft). So plenty of flights all over the globe. To see flights in t
  2. Shaun are you asking or telling? The number of flights returned will be based on the criteria you define. The less specific you define your criteria the more flights are returned. If you perform a leg-search with less restrictive criteria you can use the Randomizer to randomly pick one of the flights, so you don't have to do this manually.
  3. Forgot to mention in the video, if you absolutely hate the connected/disconnected-sounds, you can put your own two audio-files in the UserData-folder, using the same filenames. When the program needs to play the connected/disconnected sounds, it will first try to locate these in the UserData-folder, and only it not found there, it will look for them in the Data-folder. However if you in stead replace the files in the Data-folder it will only work until you install a new version, as the installer will simply overwrite the files in the Data-folder (while it will NOT overwrite those i
  4. Hi Bernd, the release took a bit longer than anticipated as I had a few issues to iron out, but glad to hear you like it.
  5. Version 1.19 have just been released, and it can be downloaded from AVSIM using this link: https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=msfs20util&DLID=221824 Here below is a link to the video recorded for the 1.19 release explaining what have been added and what have changed, and below that there is a full list of changes. To mention a few this version can now connect to the simulator using FSUIPC and show your location on the map. Also I have once again decided to include all of the biz-jet flights (each prefixed by "Bz_" so they are easy to identify, in case you want to put
  6. Thank you for the file Graham, and glad you got it running in the end 🙂
  7. It appeared changing the "é" to an "e" cured your issue. If possible I would still like to have a look at the faulty Runways.xml so I can inform Peter Dowson so he (perhaps) can do something in MkRwy to handle- or at least detect this.
  8. There are multiple ways. When first installed (when nothing have changed) FV is setup to look for the 3 files it uses (Runways.xml, G5.csv, and F5.csv) in the user-data folder. However going into settings you can specify another path, and when specified the next time you start FV it will look for the 3 files in that folder. Lastly in one of the 2 last releases (forgot which one) I added an argument that can be specified in the shortcut, where this argument tells where to locate these 3 files. However I don't think your issue is finding these files. It appears that there are some "i
  9. Thanks for notifying med Bernd, I as afraid you had reverted back to version 1.17 🙂 I hope for a release within this or next week
  10. The issue is with your runways.xml file. If you load the runways.xml file into a text editor which can handle large files (like Notepad++) and goto line: 1224199 I am sure you will see some weird (illegal) chars or chars that are not encoded/escaped correctly (hence the xml-file is invalid). The issue I experienced, I saw "reversed chars" (black background/white text) in Notepad++ shown with hex-codes (e.g. "xA6"). Have you tried to download- and run the latest MakeRunways? It can be downloaded from via this link: http://www.fsuipc.com/ It's listed as version 5.11
  11. On 2nd thought it might an issue with your runways.xml if you made your own? (not using the one bundled with the installer). You error message report an encoding error in line 1224199 (position 33). I recently had an issue myself with MakeRunways caused by illegal chars in runways.xml. It was an issue with the free Aerosoft Paderborn scenery and the order by which MakeRunways was scanning (MSFS) official/3rd party scenery. Peter Dowson fixed this by changing the scan order, so perhaps you just need to update- and re-run MakeRunways: https://forum.simflight.com/topic/92054-ille
  12. I'm guessing it can't locate the settings-file. Is this a fresh (first time) installation? which version? I suggest you fully un-install the program and remove the two folders (where "[user-name]" is naturally your windows user-name): C:\Program Files (x86)\FlightplanVisualizer C:\Users\[user-name]\AppData\Roaming\FlightplanVisualizer Reboot the computer Install version 1.18 Start version 1.18 BEFORE you try to change anything EDIT: There should be a Logfile.log in your C:\Users\[user-name]\AppData\Roaming\FlightplanVisualizer\Logs folder w
  13. Here is a "correct" screen-shot. This time I ONLY selected Saturday (10:00-11:59) and I only selected aircraft out of EDDM (hence the Inbound list-view in the top is empty):
  14. My bad 🙂 as you can see in the screen-shot above all days are selected, so I forgot to only include Saturday, so it shows all days.
  15. Bernd, in next version will you be able to filter your leg-search on days. I managed to fit room for two "Days" buttons. When you hoover the mouse over these, then hint/tool-tip will show which days are active (it default to all being selected): When you press this button, it will open a new window where you will be able to (de)select which days to include: Here is a search for all Airbus A321 out of EDDM on a Saturday, between 10:00 and 12:00:
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