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Deal of the week

Latest Releases

Another week, another Night Environment release. This week we now follow up with the complete British Isles. This amazing product adds many millions of lights (and highlighted terrain below it) so you see highways connecting cities and smaller streets meander through neighbourhoods. Compatible with any other 3rd part scenery, it revolutionizes your night time flying. If you like to try it first download the demo we done for Berlin. Check our the Night Environment - British Isles product page

Sometime it is hard to beat developments on real airports in our virtual versions. With this Mega Airport however, we beaten the brick and mortar builders. Mega Airport Berlin Brandenburg is now available for FSX (P3d to follow soon). Not only does this product depict the airport as it will be when it opens, with a single mouse click you can change it to the current situation with only the Schönefeld part open for traffic. An amazingly detailed airport that should be in your list of destinations.

Moving swiftly forwards with Night Environment, we have now released Night Environment - Germany. Over 10.000.000 lights all with a lit terrain under it, cover all German roads, cities and villages, This makes VFR navigation at night as easy as in day time and will make any approach to an airport more realistic. You see you are getting closer to a major cities as the roads all seem to point to it. Compatible with all additional scenery (it comes in several combinations of effects) this is a low cost add-on that will make you long for nightfall.

We have seen a slew of high quality airports released recently and we are happy to add another one, Mega Airport Dublin. Developed by our own developers this high detail rendering of the major Irish airport features some of the best ground polygons ever done, superb night lighting and a huge amount of small details. Just check out the images and you will see that this is one airport that belongs in your collection. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Night Environment - Benelux will light up your night like no other add-on has ever done. Using a database that contains all roads (so far more than FSX contains!) will put lights on all roads. You see the big highways connect cities and see small roads meander through neighbourhoods. There are several levels of lights and different combinations that make this add-on compatible with all other scenery add-ons we are aware of. This first version covers Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Soon to follow are versions for Scandinavia and Germany!

There are several GPS based retrofits available for real life A300B4 users, most are based around a GPS module which provides lateral guidance information to the A300 autopilot and flight director system. Some systems only feature a GPS control display unit (CDU), others also include an Electronic Horizontal Situation Indicator with Electronic Flight Information System controller. The new SimCheckSoftware - A300-FMC-add on is a low cost enhancement for our popular A300.

Thessaloniki X is one without a doubt one of the finest medium sized airports we have ever released. FSDG did an amazing job recreating this airport on the isle of Crete with a huge amount of objects on the airport and even included the city in the great detail. Most surprising is that with all that detail the impact on FPS is moderate. We know it's only January but we are sure this will be one of the hottest releases of 2014. Just check out the images and the video and you see what we mean.

Mega Airport Oslo v2 is not only a stunning looking airport, it also has some very innovative animations like boarding and debarking passengers. It really as a modern scenery should be, rich in details and in content. Of course the latest version of AES supports this new release in our Mega Airport range. It’s our last release of 2013 and we think it is one of the finest airport sceneries done. Should you own the original FSX version of this product you are entitled to a 40% discount.

Global Air Traffic Control is now released. What makes GATC stand apart from any other ATC simulator is that it is less a game and more a simulation and that it covers close to fourteen thousand (yes that’s 14.000!) airports with all SIDs, STARs, Arrivals etc. You will find all aircraft behave realistically and the right airlines at the right airport. Special also is that it we made it fully open, meaning customers can add and change whatever they want. TThere is also a fully functional try-before-buy version to download. Try something new this Christmas, try GATC!

Latest Updates

Global Air Traffic Control is updated to version 1.1.07 to solve a small runway offset issue. For this minor update only a full new build is available.

Mega Airport Dublin has been updated to version 1.10 (this will be the version going to DVD as well). See your order history page for a full new build.

Profesional Flight Planner X was updated to version 1.14. Full new build and update from 1.xx to 1.14 is now available.

Thessaloniki X is now fully P3D V2.1 compatible. You find find a small patch here.

Mega Airport Oslo v2 is updated to version 1.03. This update fixes all the open issue with this release. As the update would be nearly as big as the full build we decided only to release a full new build. We do advise you to remove before updating.

Global Air Traffic Control has been updated to version 1.1.06. This update adds some user requested features and fixes the weather issue. More updates with user requests are being worked on! A full new build is available on the order history page. Because this is the same file set as the boxed release there is no update.

OMSI2 has been updated to version 2.00.006. This update solves many of the open issues. For a complete list of the changes see here.

Global Air Traffic Control has been updated to version 1.1.03. This update adds some user requested features and fixes a small bug. More updates with user requests are being worked on! UPDATE... 1.1.04 is now available, it solves a small unfortunate issue with 1.1.03. Sorry for the mishap.

See more updates and releases here.

Latest Reviews & Awards

Simflight.de reviewed Holiday Airports 2. They conclude: Aerosoft beitet hier ein Paket an, das qualitativ nicht besonders herrausticht, aber durch den Preis dennoch interessant ist. . Read the review here.

iFlySimX reviewed Mega Airport Dublin. They conclude: "It’s hard not to recommend Dublin, especially with all the attention to detail put into the airport.. Read the review here.

I had to translate this review from Czech but I know the writer likes Global Air Traffic Control because he concludes: "GATC impressed me. It's a simple but comprehensive simulation, which thanks to a database of all the world's airports will not get old after a few days. On the forum you can see that the makers are responding to the wishes of users and the program still trying to improve. Price € 25 fully meets its quality. If you are thinking about buying, you can also help demo limited to one airport and 20 minutes.. Read the review here.

A fine review at simflight.com of Thessaloniki X. The conclusion: "If you are any kind of flight sim enthusiast you will definitely, without a doubt want to purchase this product. It is easy to see that the developers were very passionate about what they were creating; it shows in the quality of the finished product. I absolutely loved everything about Thessaloniki X and if I could give a product a gold star I would definitely award it to this product" . Read the review here.

A brilliant review at simflight.de of Thessaloniki X. The conclusion: "Thessaloniki X bietet spektakuläre An- und Abflüge dank der sehr weitläufig gestalteten Umgebung des Flughafens. Meine Sammlung an griechischen Airports wurde somit um eine weitere Perle bereichert. Je nach dem, wie man die Szenerie nutzen möchte, muss allerdings an den Szenerieeinstellungen des Flugsimulators geschraubt werden, um OOMs zu vermeiden. Die Vorschläge aus dem Handbuch helfen dabei, die passenden Einstellungen zu finden um den Airport auch mit anderen speicherhungrigen Addons zu betreiben. Egal, ob IFR oder VFR – Thessaloniki X ist für beide Lager ein gleichermaßen interessantes Ziel und erhält von simflight.de die Empfehlung der Redaktion." . Read the review here.

A very extensive and detailed review of Profesional Flight Planner X was posted on one of our favorite sites, Mutleys Hangar. With a total of 9.3 out of 10 points and a award we can only say thanks to the developers and the reviewer! Read the review here.

A fine review at flightsim.com on Skiathos X. The reviewer concludes: "My conclusion for this add-on scenery by AeroSoft is that I certainly would recommend fellow simmers to try out this scenery. The quality of the scenery is high and the experience I got using the scenery was very realistic. AeroSoft has captured the uniqueness that surrounds this island." Read the review here.

Another extensive review of the Twin Otter Extended over at flightsim.com. It concludes: "Inside and outside appearances are outstanding, especially the clear instruments. Documents provide sufficient explanation for using the product and simulating the aircraft... There's a lot more to this product than appears on the surface!". Check it out here.

See more reviews here.
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