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Because of a series of meetings coinciding with vacations (yeah bad planning, but these things happen) our support resources are a bit low this week. We apologize for any delay in responses.
Wegen einer Reihe Meetings, zusammen mit einigen Ferien (Ja, nicht die beste Planung, aber sowas passiert manchmal) sind unsere Supportmöglichkeiten diese Woche nur eingeschränkt. Wir entschuldigen uns für jede Verspätung bei Antworten.

Welcome dear guest,

We like to ask you to log-in or to create an account if you don't have an account. Being a member of this forum allows you to post messages and gives you access to the free downloads. It is by far the fastest way to get any support for the many products we sell. Creating an account is fast and easy, certainly if you already have a Twitter or Facebook account. Do note we take your privacy very serious and will never allow any other company to access your information.
Wir bitten Sie, sich mit Ihren Log-in Daten im Forum anzumelden oder sich einen neuen Account anzulegen falls Sie noch über keinen verfügen. Als Mitglied des Forums können Sie Ihre Mitteilungen an andere Mitglieder oder an uns posten und Sie erhalten Zugriff auf kostenlose Downloads. Außerdem ist die Nutzung unseres Forums bei weitem der schnellste Weg um Support für die vielen Produkte zu bekommen, die wir verkaufen. Einen Account zu erstellen geht einfach und schnell, vor allem wenn Sie bereits bei Twitter oder Facebook registriert sind. Sie können sicher sein, dass wir die Privatsphäre unserer Mitglieder schätzen und schützen. Es wird keiner weiteren Firma gestattet Einsicht in Ihre Daten zu nehmen.]
Nos gustaría pedirle que accediese a su cuenta, si la tiene, o que cree una cuenta, si es que no la tiene. Pertenecer a este foro le permite colocar mensajes y le da acceso a las descargas gratuitas. Es con mucho la forma mas rápida de obtener cualquier tipo de soporte para la multitud de productos que comercializamos. Crear una cuenta es rápido y fácil, y  lo es mas si tiene una cuenta en Twitter o en Facebook. Considere además que nos tomamos su privacidad muy en serio y que nunca permitiremos a ninguna otra compañía que tenga acceso a su información.
Gostaríamos solicitar que acesse a sua conta, se você já tem uma ou que crie una nova. Pertencer a este foro permite que você possa postar e permite usar as nossas descargas gratuitas. É a forma mais rápida de ter suporte nos muitos produtos que vendemos- Criar uma conta é rápido e fácil, mais ainda se você tem conta no Twitter ou no Facebook. Acrescentar que nos levamos muito a serio a sua privacidade, e que jamais vamos permitir o acesso aos seus dados a outras companhias.
Nous vous demandons de vous identifier ou créer un compte si vous n'avez pas encore de compte. Etre membre de ce forum vous permet de poster des messages et vous donne accès à des téléchargements gratuits. C'est le moyen le plus rapide pour obtenir un support pour les nombreux produits que nous vendons. Créer un compte est rapide et facile, surtout si vous avez déjà un compte Twitter ou Facebook. Ne noter que nous prenons votre vie privée très au sérieux et ne permettrons jamais à une autre société pour accéder à vos informations.
Guest Message by DevFuse

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Deal of the week (Download & Box)

Latest Reviews & Awards

Awards, we love them! Certainly if they come from Mutleys Hangar because the reviews there are always to the point and detailed. So when we got a an 'Outstanding' rating (9.7 our of 10) and a gold award for the Lightning F3 we celebrated by breaking the sound barrier a few times. The conclusion" "Like the real world 'Lightning', this add-on is not for the faint hearted. It wouldn’t be very good if it was. If you are new to flight simulators, then make this product a goal. Fly something more forgiving first and work your way up to the 'Lightning' F.3, and when you are ready, then go and buy it. If you are an experienced virtual pilot, then lucky you, you are in for a treat!. Read the review here.

Very interesting review of Mega Airport Heathrow Xtended. I love the way it goes into details on VAS etc (spoiler: no problems there). Conclusion: Heathrow is an exciting airport and will always be relevant in aviation. With so much to see and do, it’ll make for a perfect hub for so many people. Aerosoft have done an excellent job at creating a well-balanced and fantastic looking scenery. It’s fairly priced and blends in well with other popular add-ons. Despite some issues with texture loading and a lack of snowy textures during winter, there’s very little stopping me from saying this is a near perfect example of how a large scale airport should be done..
Read the review here.

Mega Airport Heathrow Xtended just got it's first award from simFlight. Read the (German) review here.

ASN reviewed Mega Airport Dublin. They like it! "That being said, I would still have to say, overall, this airport is very much worth the price and if the developer continues to update and improve the deficiencies, it has a chance to be truly one of the greats. In its current form, it's a good add-on which just needs a little more work to really shine. If some of these issues are addressed, it most certainly will. Out of a possible score of 5, I'm giving this airport a solid 4." Read the review here.

iFlySimX reviewed Mega Airport Berlin Brandenburg with many many pictures!. They conclude: "It’s hard not to recommend Dublin, especially with all the attention to detail put into the airport.. Read the review here.

With a score of 9.8 out of 10 (and a Gold Award), Mutleys Hangar reviewed Thessaloniki X. And boy do they like it! "Well, with Aerosoft Thessaloniki X you will find yourself completely immersed in an area of outstanding beauty and attention to detail..... With the mix of a wonderfully detailed airport and the surrounding city and urban/rural areas, ports and recreational areas, you can not help but feel you are there for real. The development team have completely mastered this airport in a way which no one else has done.... I am thoroughly impressed with Aerosoft Thessaloniki X and would recommend it to any type of pilot, be it large heavy tube fliers or the not so heavy general aviation aircraft pilots.". Read the review here.

iFlySimX reviewed Mega Airport Dublin. They conclude: "It’s hard not to recommend Dublin, especially with all the attention to detail put into the airport.. Read the review here.

A fine review at simflight.com of Thessaloniki X. The conclusion: "If you are any kind of flight sim enthusiast you will definitely, without a doubt want to purchase this product. It is easy to see that the developers were very passionate about what they were creating; it shows in the quality of the finished product. I absolutely loved everything about Thessaloniki X and if I could give a product a gold star I would definitely award it to this product" . Read the review here.

A very extensive and detailed review of Profesional Flight Planner X was posted on one of our favorite sites, Mutleys Hangar. With a total of 9.3 out of 10 points and a award we can only say thanks to the developers and the reviewer! Read the review here.

A fine review at flightsim.com on Skiathos X. The reviewer concludes: "My conclusion for this add-on scenery by AeroSoft is that I certainly would recommend fellow simmers to try out this scenery. The quality of the scenery is high and the experience I got using the scenery was very realistic. AeroSoft has captured the uniqueness that surrounds this island." Read the review here.

See more reviews here.

Latest Releases

As promised the Airbus A320/A321 are just added to our download shop. These models have the same advanced features as the A318/A319 (so a working (!) weather radar that works with any (!) weather add-on) and state of the art Fly-By-Wire systems. Please note that bundles of the A318/A3189 + A320/A321 are available and that owners of the Airbus X Extended get discount!

AES has been updated to version 2.37. There are many new airports included: Mega Airport Heathrow Xtended, Tromso, Bergstrom etc etc.

As winter sets in on the northern hemisphere and nights get longer, having a good night environment in your simulator starts to get more and more important. So get the best and don’t be fooled by cheap rip-offs and get Night Environment. This week we cover Finland and as always this scenery is compatible with all scenery products and can be tweaked to match your requirements. Check out the Product Page

Mega Airport Heathrow Xtended is now also available for FS2004! Now never say we don't support FS2004 any more!

And another Night Environment release. This week we release Night Environment - Norway. This cost effective product adds many millions of lights (and highlighted terrain below it). Compatible with any other 3rd part scenery, it revolutionizes your night time flying.

What's better then an airport far away in a beautiful surrounding and challenging weather? For us it's what flight simulation is about. So we're happy to include Tromsø X to our new destinations!

For those waiting to update their subscription of PFPX we are now selling those codes! Go to PFPX Server Subscriptions to get all the details.

We're happy to announce the arrival of the Airbus A318/A319"] in our collection. This is one of the largest releases we plan this year. Do check out the extended feature list!

AES has been updated to version 2.36. There are many new airports included: Mega Airport Heathrow Xtended, Mega Airport Lisbon, Bergen but many airports of other developers like TropicalSim, UK2000 and MK Studio etc.

Mega Airport Heathrow Xtended has just been added to our download shop. Heathrow is of course one of the biggest airports in the world and this scenery does it justice. Not only is it a fully up to date representation of the airport but it is been made with an obvious love for detail. It’s also remarkably light on resources so you will be able the fly the most complex aircraft into this Mega Airport. We can’t recommend product higher then we recommend this one!

Mega Airport Lisbon v2 is our latest Mega Airport. It's a medium sized airport and rather pretty airport because of it's location. Our version for FSX and P3d v2 is a new development using all the latest technology. If you own the previous version you get 50% discount!

Ayers Rock X is of course most famous for the stunning rock formation but it also has a nice little airport. Smack in the middle of the Australian desert you better have your navigation in order when you have this as your destination!

There is not a lot of good scenery for Italy unfortunately but at Aerosoft we are sure going to try to change that. Right now we are proud to announce the release of Bologna X. Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport is a busy international airport that is faithfully recreated for FSX and P3D using modern technology and build on satellite imagery. It does not only include the airport but also includes all the important buildings of the city itself.

The very first aircraft that could supercruise (fly supersonic without after-burners) was the English Electric Lightning. This Cold War interceptor, designed to intercept the Russian Badger and Bear bombers and filled with state of the art technology of the early 1960’s, protected NATO skies for two decades. It’s fast, it climbs like a bat out of hell and needs a serious pilot. If you like your aircraft complex this is one you should not miss!

And another Night Environment release. This week we release California. This cost effective product adds many millions of lights (and highlighted terrain below it). Compatible with any other 3rd part scenery, it revolutionizes your night time flying. If you like to try it first download the demo we done for Berlin. Check our the Night Environment - California product page. Do note we show in many images on the product page in combination with megaSceneryX SoCal, a perfect combination.

Latest Updates

AIRAC Cycle 1412 is now available for download on our server! Run NavDataPro on your PC to download the new AIRAC Cycle.

The Airbus A318/A319"] has been updated to version 1.10 via Service Pack 1. We advise all customers to update the new file from their order history page.

Global Air Traffic Control is updated to version 1.1.09 to solve a few minor issues. Only a full new build is available.

All the Night Environment products are now updated version 1.1 and thus compatible with Prepar3D V2.3! Just download the new versions and enjoy your night flights like never before. Thanks to Lockheed for supporting us with this!

Profesional Flight Planner X was updated to version 1.15. Full new build and update from 1.xx to 1.14 is now available.

Mega Airport Berlin Brandenburg is updated to version 1.10. You can find full new builds for FSX and P3D V2 on your order history page. This is a highly recommended update as it adds a lot of new features.

Global Air Traffic Control is updated to version 1.1.07 to solve a small runway offset issue. For this minor update only a full new build is available.

Mega Airport Dublin has been updated to version 1.10 (this will be the version going to DVD as well). See your order history page for a full new build.

Thessaloniki X is now fully P3D V2.1 compatible. You find find a small patch here.

Mega Airport Oslo v2 is updated to version 1.03. This update fixes all the open issue with this release. As the update would be nearly as big as the full build we decided only to release a full new build. We do advise you to remove before updating.

See more updates and releases here.
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