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  2. No worries! Actually we've seen a few different movement issues with EzDoc, but none recently. Thanks for letting us know!
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  4. A number of posts were hidden since they were focused on how great/bad MFS and P3D are relative to each other, and a couple of resulting personal affronts. This thread is about a preview of the Brussels International product and not a particular sim. As Mathijs notes above, "....let's not open that can of worms here." Thanks all for staying on topic.
  5. Thanks Heinz - no need for a ticket - Your suggestion of the CTRL C and CTRL V did the trick. Thanks mate. Cheers Pete
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. Yeah, legitimate customers want to know about the future of PFPX a software in which we PAID for, so that makes us a troll? Get real.
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  9. In fact, have you tried using Shift-L for the cabin lights?
  10. FYI.. Worked fine, just got a bit darker. I can work with this just fine until the new update is coming. Again thanks.
  11. This is looking very impressive. I was aware it was in the works but today is the first time I've actually delved into the forums and seen the latest updates. I've never flown a CRJ in my 25 years of flight simming but I've been having a look at the routes they fly and I think it's going to be the perfect aircraft for this sim. Good luck with the finishing touches and, if you can get it out before I start my two weeks of self-isolation on 12th December, that would be great. Nice to finally have a target to work towards, eh? 😉
  12. Those screenshots look incredible. I can't wait for this plane!
  13. By the way another question, how is the performance of WASM in the sim in terms of fps and limitation on the CPU? There are some folks claiming that WASM has big performance impact on the sim, hence I'm wondering about it.
  14. Thank you so very much.. Will check out the short fix.. Good luck on the beta
  15. All FSLab Airbus A319 up to A321 with EDDH Prof . In Hamburg EDDH with newest P3DV5 SIM-Wings scenery and GSX is a too big gap between door 1L and Jetway. It is very dangerous for passengers and crew. See photo attached
  16. Will this have interior wing views? One thing I've really liked with the default airliners is the small details (scratches on windows, sun glare at certain angles etc) when looking from the cabin.
  17. Yep. Cologne has quickly become one of my favorites. Having flown there every year for a decade for gamescom, It certainly brings back memories. 😁
  18. @Jo ErlendYour talent knows no bounds! Thank you for the effort you put into your sceneries - I can't wait for this one. I don't know if you were aware, but Trondheim and Cologne/Bonn both did very well in my Top 10 Airports of 2020 (so far) video: https://youtu.be/86ayMfFuVWE Good luck with the release. All the best, Filbert
  19. Ey,ey,ey, das " Ding " ist ne Herausforderung für sich. Da weiß ich, womit ich meine Adventszeit verbringen werde 🥴
  20. Hi, I've done many flights in A320 (in P3D 5.0 and 5.1), but I've never seen the cabin lights switch on, giving me the impression they weren't even modeled. However, today I found out that after loading the A330 and then switching to the A320 the cabin lights did switch on. When loading the A320 directly from the create-a-flight-menu they never turn on during the entire flight. Are they supposed to switch on automatically, or is there a keyboard command? Screenshow below: GPU connected, cockpit all set-up, but no cabin lights. Regards, Ste
  21. Im Bezug auf die Joystick Steuerung hat mir bisher immer FSUIPC (Version 7 gibt es ja bereits) geholfen, hab es für MSFS aber noch nicht probiert. Download und Install ist kostenfrei möglich über http://www.fsuipc.com Die Joystick Funktionen werden aber meines Wissens nach erst mit der kostenpflichtigen Freischaltung aktiviert: https://secure.simmarket.com/john-dowson-fsuipc7-for-msfs.phtml Zumindest gibt es dort die Funktion, die Joystickachsen um den Mittelpunkt etwas abzuflachen (zumindest war es bei allen Vorversionen so). Manual ist ja bei der Freeversion sch
  22. Somehow, it's only just occurred to me that it might be a good idea to share my add-on reviews of Aerosoft products on the Aerosoft forums. I don't know if General Discussion is the best place for it (the reviews forum doesn't seem to have been used for a while) but, mods, feel free to move this topic as appropriate. Hope you find these useful. 🙂 All the best, Filbert St. Tropez: Trondheim-Vaernes: Cologne/Bonn: Ibiza:
  23. Oh my ... 😍. Never recalled the CRJ looked that good, wow MSFS engine has changed many things, I saw one of interview that Asobo is using Forza game engine which may explain this insane details of graphics. Awesome job guys and looking forward to this release ! By the way, is there any photos for the night lighting of the plane internally and externally? I bet it looks beautiful at night as well !
  24. Wow! That looks amazing. I don't think I've ever been more excited for a payware aircraft! Will be instantly buying this one day one
  25. Hallo Klaus, eventuell lässt Du den MSFS reifen und nutzt die Zeit Dir die Totgesagten einfach einmal anschauen. Zum Teil gibt es Demo bzw. Geld zurück Garantie. Ein Blick könnte sich lohnen. Ahoj -Uwe PS. ich hadere auch mit der Steuerung und einiges mehr.
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