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  4. Any chance of development of an EFIS equipped F-16 with moving map display and functional navigation systems for MFS2020? Id love to fly it on long cross country flights to take advantage of MFS2020’s amazing visuals / weather engine. The block 60 comes to mind for its large Center Display screen but really any block with EFIS would be welcome. Thanks Shack
  5. I didn't see any AI traffic at UOOO although according to my timetables (AI Configurator) there should be. Upon checking the AFX file I realised that the gates were very small, there were no taxi lines, runway thresholds were in the middle of the apron, and the apron not linked to the runway. Is there an update of the AFX/ADE file somewhere, or has some user updated the file and stored it somewhere for download? I tried fixing things myself, but that led to elevation issues. Thanks for any help, Chris
  6. Most of the functionality already is the same between A320 series and A330 in regards to CFD. Biggest difference is with the separated NDs and few other things that are separated on A330 while the A320 has still primarily remained as single pilot aircraft on that regard. We are hoping to get these features on the A320 series as well and do value your feedback on this matter
  7. Eine Frage: Funktioniert World Jetways auch bei der neuen EDLP Airport? Habs über Aerosoft gekauft, aber keine Animation an den Brücken. Muß ich da was einstellen?
  8. Hi, I've noticed Bergen for Xp11 has updated to version 1.03, however my steam version has not updated. How can I get the update or when will it be available on steam? Thanks
  9. Is there a certain setting in particular? I have most of them pretty high. Is this effect part of scenery complexity or special effects?
  10. already do that but i can try again
  11. yer but will the smaller buses be at least bought up to the same level as the 330 soon or we stuck only enjoying the function in the 330 for the foreseeable future? the 330 cfd is pretty much there for me just need the same level in small buses.
  12. Okay, that's good, it doesn't on mine(neither does the EFB - way too bright to read, even on night setting), I've installed the A330 3 times but still can't get it to work, yet as mentioned, it works for the A320/A321. Is there some settings somewhere I can adjust, it's really annoying having them constantly on and at the brightest setting, failing that is there an .ini or .cfg file somewhere where I can turn them off for day flights.
  13. Hallo, ich habe bis jetzt auch den Aerosoft Airbus A320 geflogen. Ich möchte den Wilco Bus fliegen, weil ich mit ihm sämtliche Diplays auf weitere Monitore separieren kann, und das ohne Jeehell. Gruß Klaus und danke
  14. Hallo Liebe Gemeinde ich versuche möglichst sachlich zu bleiben obschon mir grad fast der Kragen platzt. War mit der FF757 unterwegs nach Lille..Mitten im Flug haben die Frames angefangen stark zu ruckeln..anschliessend blieb der Simulator bei etwa 0,5 fps !!!! stehen. Was soll der der Sch... nun wieder? Kann ich irgendwie abklären, was die Ursache defür war? XP hat sich trotz 10 Minuten warten nicht mehr erholt und ich musste XP schliessen. Da hab ich nach längerer Zeit mal wieder einen Flug gemacht und dann dies..grmpf... Gruzz remo
  15. Hab die neue Version auch schon geladen... mannomann... da fehlen mir Worte..!
  16. Ich habe den Aerosoft A320/21 Version 131 und fliege damit IFR mit vollem Einsatz des Autopilots bisher ohne Probleme. Seit 3 Monaten fliege ich online auf IVAO und jetzt stürzt mir der FSX bei ca. jedem 3. Flug ab. Ich habe lange analysiert wann genau es zum Absturz kommt. Der FXS stürzt genau dann ab, wenn der IVAO Lotse Anweisungen gibt das "Heading" zu ändern oder einen direkten Wegpunkt, z.B. "direct COL" einzugeben, d.h. der Absturz erfolgt genau dann, wenn ich in die Autopilotsteuerung manuell eingreife und ändere. Meines Erachtens kommt es hier zu einer "fehlerhaften Kommunikation" zwischen dem Aerosoft Airbus und dem FSX. Ich habe das Problem vor 2-3 Monaten Aerosoft vorgetragen, dort war man der Meinung es läge vermutlich nicht an deren Produkt, sondern es könnte auch ein "out of Memory Effect" sein, was ich nach den o.g. Erfahrungen jetzt ausschließen möchte. Ich habe einen starken PC und ohne die Eingriffe in den Autopiloten infolge von IVAO Lotsenanweisungen funtioniert ja auch alles. Habe auch den Airbus und alle anderen Addons (AS16, Rexclouds, Simtimizer, Efass) mal deinstalliert und wieder installiert, aber das Problem besteht weiterhin. Wer kann mir weiterhelfen ?????????????
  17. So a few weeks ago I upgraded to the latest version of the F-14X... My issue is that the Payload Manager Panel (shift-2) no longer saves Sim Start Options on the control tab so every time I load the F-14X or switch between F-14X variants I have to re-check all the boxes. As I recall in the last version whatever I had checked was saved an autoloaded anytime I loaded the Tomcat. Any ideas as to what to do about this or is this just a characteristic of the latest version? Thanks
  18. Hi Aharon, FSDG is a different company than Aerosoft. They're business partners and Aerosoft does part of the publishing for FSDG, but Aerosoft does not own FSDG, nor are they a subsidary. If you bought the scenery at Aerosoft you can get support from support@aerosoft.com or alternatively directly from FSDG, if you bought at FSDG you'll get it from FSDG only.
  19. No plans currently to make the EFB as an option. It's complex part of the virtual cockpit model. About CFD: It's still something that we are actively working forward and the plan is to have it much more better still from what it is currently on the A330. This of course includes also making it better for the A320 series aircraft.
  20. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  21. How many more threads do you want to open on this topic?
  22. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  23. Hello, now the new Airport Chania is available with our Shop. Developers: E. Stefanakis and Stairport Sceneries.
  24. Hallo, im Shop erhältlich: Der Airport Chania von E. Stefanakis in Zusammenarbeit mit Stairport Sceneries...
  25. Lassen wir mal stehen Als Ü60 Thread.... Gruß heinz
  26. Shalom and greetings the Aerosoft staff, I just saw new release of GMMN Casablanca FSX scenery by FSDG that Aerosoft is selling on various retail flight sim websites and I want to buy it. I checked my laptop and discovered that my recent purchase of Ayers Rock FSX scenery sold by Aerosoft was also made by FSDG. I have two questions please. First question: Is FSDG part of Aerosoft or is FSDG subsidary of Aerosoft or does Aerosoft own FSDG? Second question: in event I need tech support for either of 2 sceneries mentioned above, who am I supposed to contact for tech support: Aerosoft or FSDG?? Thanks, Aharon
  27. Great ill try it. Not sure how its corrupt. All i did was update.
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