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  2. Hello, I'm trying to generate an ortho tile for my newly purchased LSGG, but I can't seem to apply the patch. Whenever I try, it results in floating buildings. I found another topic about this in the German section of the forum (where the creator responded in English) and tried to follow those directions, but I still can't get it to work. I've tried generating 2 tiles from 2 different sources just to be safe but it didn't make a difference. Here's what I've tried/what I'm doing: I verified that the patch is installed in my Ortho4XP folder properly. It is
  3. For the Citation II igniters I've been using: sim/cockpit/engine/igniters_on [0] sim/cockpit/engine/igniters_on [1] Values are 0=off, 1=on
  4. Let me take it one step further. I have a super ultra wide 49 inch monitor, 5120x1440 and 32:9 aspect ratio. It's like having two 27 inch monitors side by side. It's truly one of the best gadgets I have ever bought for both work productivity and flight sim. I will never go back to anything smaller.
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  6. Hans did an awesome job on that aircraft ! There are some "oldtimers" around still waiting for D/A to finish that virtual cockpit 🤣😂
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  8. Hope we can ai and other players contrails. It'll be 80% of the sky with the amount of crj's in the air.
  9. @Mathijs Kok so today's development update from Asobo confirmed that contrails will be added to the SDK on March 11. Any chance our CRJs will leave their mark in the sky at release? Also, I imagine you guys are already testing the CRJ with the Sim Update that will come on March 11 correct? Another dev (Iris simulations) said they have early access to it, so I imagine the same goes for Aerosoft.
  10. I assume its a ridiculous question to ask which model will be first?
  11. I posted it a while back and it is now buried. But... Hans was the guy behind the excellent Fokker 70/100 for FSX back in the day from Digital Aviation. Just sayin
  12. It would be interesting to know how the design of life-limited parts was different between something like an MD-80 vs. a CRJ, as I would imagine that would be a driver in when the airframe is retired. Certainly Bombardier would have assumed a high number of cycles per flight hour (as compared to a wide-body jet) given the range and mission of the CRJ; however, improvements in engineering analysis and manufacturing techniques have generally reduced required safety factors (i.e. you don't need to overdesign something in order to account for uncertainty in your analysis).
  13. Evening I loaded up the Aerosoft A320 in P3D with Allegiant N220NV but it fails to initialize and I don't know what's going on. If it's like a permissions issue or something or the aircraft in general? aircraft.cfg add-ons.cfg add-ons.cfg
  14. Hallo, ist noch jemand da, außer mir ?
  15. Just to give you an idea of the scalper's profit, the MSRP for the 6900XT is $999 (from AMD). Also, in regards to your questions, I am not sure who "people say", but a number of review sites online say that you can fry and egg from the heat from a 3090 who can use 350 watts versus the 6900XT's of 300. And apparently one consideration of AMD's using GDDR6 vs GDDR6x (other than availability of course) was heat generation. GDDR6X runs much hotter. With either, you do need good cooling, there are some new cooling technologies that will be soon available. Anyway, just make sure you hav
  16. Micha, ob Du es glaubst oder nicht - ich habe jeden Schritt, den du oben beschrieben hast, immer wiederholt und nochmal und nochmal, bin genauso vorgegangen. In der Standardversion ber B737-800 ist alles ok, aber unter Zibo B737-800X wird der Status des aktiven AIRAC-Cycles nach wie vor falsch angezeigt. Du hast recht, es ist zum Verzweifeln. Vielleicht sollte ich die Zibo rausschmeißen ?! Anbei die aktuellen Shots zum Sachstand. Vielen Dank für die Mühe, die Du Dir gemacht hast LG Jörg
  17. Moin Micha, meine Augen brennen und meine Ohren glühen, aber nun bin ich ein ganzes Stück schlauer. Morgen werde ich das dann in die Tat umsetzen. Vielen Dank für die Links! Gruß Hauke
  18. I am not sure to understand how you connect your (solid) hardware with the steer of the Twoter. You just usb-plug in and it works by itself? Thank you
  19. Hello Pavel and community, discovering your LZIB product in various seasons and I found the issue in winter... any idea how to fill the green airport area by snow? thanks a lot for any hints
  20. Hallo tongaluga, du hast in Ortho4XP unter Base Folder "H:/01 FLUGSIM/Neu/" eingetragen. Du könntest mal probieren, ob die Erzeugung der Kachel fehlerfrei läuft, ohne Angabe eines Pfads in Base Folder. Möglich, dass das Leerzeichen in "01 FLUGSIM/Neu/" den DecodeError auslöst.
  21. Kann ich mir anschauen. Problem ist, dass ich natürlich so stark Englisch angelehnt das machen möchte. Ist dann manchmal holprig.
  22. Thanx for hint... having the same problem but after disabling bgl LZIB file under ORBX then no more issue
  23. Hello I bought a A320/321 of steam dlc store for fsx and I try to get the paint kit of the support website and I need my product serial what I can’t find anywhere can anyone help if so thanks a lot!
  24. Hi Pavel, don’t be stressed... it was just a shot by mobile phone on screen... no filters etc... Looking forward to further updates... and Poprad will be great, I m sure.
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