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  1. OMG it looks amazing - can‘t wait to fly this beauty ………
  2. We will see nobody knows- seems like that good airplanes for MSFS are highly complex - this we can see at the moment on all sides like Aerosoft, PMDG, Fenix ………… good planes takes a while 😉
  3. - at 29.54 Minutes - but it is in german. I really like his videos he is a good guy and normally gives no fake news.
  4. Hello, I saw on YouTube that the A330 will not come this year. Is that correct ?
  5. Hello Mathijs, I‘m sorry for my impatience. Is the Airbus still in Beta ? Kind regards chris
  6. You could say that it was our idea and that we have forced you to ask for it 🤣
  7. Hello Mathijs, I wrote that simply traffic is complete canceled. I‘m suprised an happy to read that it will come. Regards Chris
  8. I think this is Aerosoft- Standard 😉 that is what we all love on the busses since fsx.
  9. Ah okay thanks a lot for your Feedback. Kind regards and stay health chris
  10. Hello , I have also got a problem in MSFS2020 with this Airport. You can still see it on the picture. What is this. Anybody with the same Problem. Any solution?!
  11. Hallo , ja das Problem kenne ich . Aber nun sind die Originalflieger im MSFS 2020 für mich kein Maßstab. Die Dinger sind total „verbugt“. Ich finde der Airbus von fly by wire ist echt gut zu handlen. Den ganzen Rest kannst du Knicken. Mir geht es genau so ich fliege wie ein Anfänger obwohl ich schon mit dem FS5 damals begonnen habe. Also ärgere Dich nicht . Es kommen hoffentlich bald vernünftige AddOn-Flieger heraus die das Thema erschlagen. Da ist ja einiges in den Startlöchern wie Fenix und PMDG. Das wird Benchmark werden denke ich. viele Grüße
  12. I think what oisk mean is that the MSFS is not more stable since the last update. The more fps are great. But this is complete wrong here. Regards Christian
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