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  1. Hello at all, I would kindly ask of there is a release-date in sight? Kind regards and stay health chris
  2. Hätte evtl auch einer Lust nen a321 in eurowings zu painten ?
  3. Hello @ all, is it possible to paint a germanwings A321 fictional ??
  4. Hallo, could somebody Paint a fictional a321 of germanwings !? Very kind regards and happy landings Chris
  5. Hello @ all, first a big compliment to aerosoft and the users here for that great forum . Thanks for all the repaints and Support if needed. This is my first post and I hope somebody could help me : I´m searching for a fictional repaint of the A321 with the last ( newest ) Germanwings-repaint. Or is it possibly that somebody could repaint it !? It would be very nice. So if somebody could help me it would be great !! See you and evertime a happy landing Christian
  6. What a great texture !!!! Is there the possibility to paint a A321 of germanwings !? Greets Chris
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