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  1. Thank you. You have put a lot of effort into this very detailed tut. And thanks for your tuts on the other aircraft you'ved covered. Greatly appreciated. Trevor
  2. Can someone from the support team please respond. Thanks Trevor
  3. Will there still be updates for fsx or is that chapter closed? I ask because I still have a problem which I posted on 26 April 2016 "In my first flight with the A320 I have noticed some speed discrepancies. On the PERF page using a CI of 25 it gives a CLB speed of 286/.75 However, in the actual climb, the speed adheres to the 286 but at crossover it exceeds the .75 and slowly increases to .769 At altitude capture, it reduces back to .75 and stays there for the CRZ." The reply I received from Frank Doctor was - " Alright, I did two flights and I can replicate the problem. It is now in the buglist for SP4. Thanks for reporting." that was 01 May 2016 Was this ever fixed and if not, will it be fixed? Regards Trevor
  4. Thanks for the update (1.2.2) and for the updater fix.
  5. Some feedback / assistance please Hans Trevor
  6. Hi Hans I posted this problem way back in September 2017 and was told that it was on your to do list after the LNAV issues were corrected. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This still appears to not be working properly. I did a flight from EBBR to EDDM in the -700. The distance from TOD appeared on the MFD (in VNAV mode) 49nm from TOD. The time to TOD was also displayed. Then at 27nm to go, the distance got "stuck" at 27 nm ( no longer decreased) to go but the time continued to count down to 1 minute. There also seems to be no correlation between the snowflake on the ADI and the blue doughnut on the VSI. Surely the snowflake should appear at the top (like a GS indicator) and as you get closer to the TOD, it should move down to the centre when you reach TOD. At this point, the blue doughnut should start moving on the VSI to indicate rate of descent required. I believe the original Wilco CRJ worked like that. Makes sense. I also found the snowflake to be very "jumpy" at times. It also disappears and then reappears during DES as does the blue doughnut. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Just did a flight from EDDB to LOWW and the problem is still there. Is this problem ever going to be resolved? Regards Trevor
  7. Yes, no crash. Does this mean you have a remedy? Thanks Trevor
  8. . This is what I see. Using cycle 1713 and this also happened with the included cycle.
  9. Hi This page (page 1) has a line of Chinese characters right under the date ???? Using latest SP1 Trevor
  10. Long story short, I cannot change the landing elevation at all! Needs to be looked at please, Trevor
  11. I also have the click spot on the windshield - FSX-SE
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