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  1. We were told weeks ago that a fix was being tested. When is this fix going to be made available? Trevor
  2. Looking forward to it - thanks. Trevor
  3. Any update with this one Michael ?
  4. P3Dv4.5 The aircraft loads with the panel light on but the switch is off. I then switch it ON and then OFF and then the #3 OH light goes off. No too serious if you can't. More important is the cruise oscillating problem.
  5. I have noticed that when the White Flood light is switched on (FE panel), the light on the #3 overheat cabin compressor comes on. Can this plz been looked into. Thanks Trevor
  6. Thanks for your response Michael. Good luck with your "home schooling" . Fortunately for me, my children have long left home and married. The current times are indeed unique and come with challenges. Best wishes Trevor
  7. Michael I tried two flights - one with WX and one without. Without WX the airplane was rock solid at FL370. The flight with WX saw the oscillations return in ALT hold - if this info is of any help.
  8. Also experiencing this oscillating problem in altitude hold. especially when the aircraft is light.
  9. Bought the DC 8 last week and also had this problem after updating with the update tool. The above fix has now sorted it out. Thanks Michael Trevor
  10. Just purchased the DC8. I have spent a number of hours studying the plane and am beginning to thoroughly enjoy it. Getting the airplane engines going from cold and dark was a huge hurdle for me to clear, but after spending time I have fully mastered it and can do it with confidence. From paging through numerous realworld aircraft manuals I can see just how accurate everything is - well done and my sincere thanks to the developer (I believe it's Michael). I have also managed, after spending a few hours, to master the fuel system. Now my two suggestions if I may: 1. Could you please add a tooltip so when you move the mouse over the IAS gauge and the Mach speed gauge that you get an actual speed/mach read-out. 2. The engine thrust, at slower speeds below M0.6, is too much. The plane climbs too quickly, according to the manuals I have, below 20 000 feet. Could the thrust in this area be decreased somewhat ? Above 20 000 feet the climb speeds appear to match the manuals. Once again, thank you. This plane has increased the enjoyment of my hobby (especially now during lockdown!!). Regards Trevor
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