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  1. Hi everyone, I'd like to leave a little, easy niggle here I came across today. The power switch of the fuel panel is clipping into the guard: Maybe you can take a quick look? Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone, I'm not sure if this has been discussed before, but after a quite extensive search on the forums I haven't found anything in this regard. What I'd like to request are slower animation speeds of flap extension and retraction on the CRJ. Right now, they move very fast compared to any footage of a real CRJ. Here's an example of a 900, but I'm pretty sure it's this way across all variants: Is this possible, or are the current speeds intended? The other is a very easy one: The more time I spend in wingview, the more I notice it. One "NO STEP" decal is slightly clipping into the wing: Thanks and kind regards!
  3. Hi everyone, first of all thank you for this nice aircraft. While I really enjoy the soundscape of the lady, there's one little thing that tends to annoy me a bit: The sound of the big square switch buttons seems a bit unfiltered and you can hear the backround noise from when it was recorded encompassing every push. This obiously is most noticeable with the plane coming up from C&D and not a lot of fans running yet. Maybe you could apply some more filtering to this particular sound? Thanks a lot and kind regards Johannes
  4. Hi Hans, first of all congratulations on the MSFS release! Now for P3D: Generally speaking I can definitely notice an improvement with the new DLL. P3D average FPS and fluctuation have gone from 20% way down to 3-5% using the scenario seen in my video. Running the sim with unlimited FPS makes it quite enjoyable now. However, there are still noticeable stutters when using a frame limiter (as observed previously by Pete). These seem to be to high in frequency to be catched by a video recording or the P3D FPS counter, that's why I've made another video using the Reshade graph to track those fluctuations. I've also added a comparison to what the graph looks like on all other addon aircraft using the NGXU. Unfortunately I have to close the window for a brief moment to interact with the VC, but I think it's still quite noticeable what I'm trying to depict. So I'd say stutters without limiter are almost eliminated, stutters with limiter got better, but are still there. Another issue that I don't think is directly connected with the general constant stutters is the also previously mentioned effect of bigger lagspikes when turning the aircraft (especially on ground when doing tight turns, the faster you turn, the more intense the spikes get). But one thing at a time. Thanks for the improvement, maybe you can pull another rabbit out of the hat. Kind regards Johannes
  5. Hi Hans, thanks for your efforts! While what you did sounds very promising, I can't confirm if it's working yet. With the DLL in place, the plane is electrically dead, unresponsive, engines at idle, controls all full left and unresponsive. I took the v5 DLL and put it where you told us to. Did I do something wrong? With the old DLL I backed up it works again. Kind regards Johannes
  6. Hi Hans, first of all thank you for digging into that, I highly appreciate how you care about your product! Before watching the video down below, let me say that stutters ARE noticeable in the recorded footage, but much more intense when you experience it yourself with your hand moving the camera. That's why I have some numbers for you aswell and added the average FPS counter of P3D, which is able to measure FPS fluctuation in percent. And indeed it supports what my feeling tells me: Popping out the displays decreases the variation by almost 10%! The 6-7% variation with popped out displays is what I see on other aircraft aswell, so this is would be the desireable value. If I can be helpful in any way, just let me know! Kind regards Johannes
  7. Hi Hans, sorry, I was a bit unclear describing my stutters. Just like the others I'm experiencing stutters when panning around the VC. To be even more precise: The smooth stream of images is interrupted by a periodical short "pause" every 0,2 seconds or so. I can take a video of it later and compare it with another addon if that helps. It's quite noticeable even on recorded footage.
  8. Hi guys, I’d like to contribute mz findings regarding this topic, as I’m suffering constant stutters with high FPS aswell. I have my sim running with 60 FPS target frame rate (the P3D internal limiter) in the most complex add on aircraft, reaching it steadily. Unlocked, I’m able to get up to 80 FPS at Aerosoft EGLL with those airliners. In the CRJ though the 60 FPS limited setup creates those constant stutters. With the FPS unlimited it’s much less noticeable, but still there. And I can tell you the who’s the culprit for me: Display drawing. In C&D, the CRJ performs just as good as any other aircraft, but once I turn it on and the displays become alive, the stutters start. And now the most interesting part! Once I pop out the displays, the stutters get less intense, being completely gone with all displays popped out. It would be interesting to know if the other people reporting stutters experience the same when popping out the displays. Not with this version, but the previous one, I also experienced this on a vanilla P3D install. Changing settings also has no effect at all. So, display drawing, my personal guess. Would be lovely if a solution was found, cause this lovely aircraft doesn’t deserve being so hard to use! Should you need any additional information, I’m happy to help. Kind regards Johannes
  9. Hallo an alle, ich hatte heute (Samstag) um ungefähr 20:30 Uhr die Downloadversion WoS Vol. 2 - Berlin per Kreditkartenzahlung gekauft. Ich hatte damals auch die Vol.1 auf die gleiche Weise gekauft und dort auch sofort den Downloadlink mit Reg.code bekommen. Doch heute habe ich weder eine E-Mail bekommen, noch gibt es einen Eintrag in meinem Konto. Daher frage ich mich, ob diese Links automatisch versendet werden oder von Hand gemacht werden und das ganze erst wieder versendet wird, wenn Arbeitszeiten sind (also am Monatg...). Eine Anmerkung noch: ich habe zwar nach Zahlungsbestätigung einen Downloadlink angezeigt bekommen, dieser war jedoch von meiner alten Bestellung, der Vol.1 -New York. Ist das also ein Fehler und ich habe umsonst bezahlt, oder brauch ich einfach noch Geduld? Danke für alle Antworten. Herzliche Grüße. *EDIT* HAT SICH ERLEDIGT!
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