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  1. Hello Henk, Please use the correct forum section for your question. Regards, Walter
  2. Hello Stuart, I remember that a cause for blurries in FS9 is when FPS are low, a solution I used to use some years ago, it was cap to 60 FPS, in that case you can restore the photorreal. I'm not sure but probably that could solve your issue. Regards, Walter
  3. In my case everything is working with no issue with a clean installation, perhaps there is an addon that are changing some values in Prepar3d.cfg, of course not a Aerosoft addon
  4. Please open another topic for your problem, make sure you are using the last version of P3Dv4.5 HF2
  5. Hola Walter buenas noches soy nuevo en esto de los foros, tengo un problema con el FSX cuanto intento volar con un A320 de  Aerosoft, no se prendían los monitores, el FMS no da todas las opciones y la palanca de gases no funciona. leyendo en estos foros vi una solución que era descargar los 3 archivos de SimConnect y probar. 

    Después de probar con esta solución el único cambio fue que prendieron los 2 monitores centrales pero el de radar sigue apagado. Ahora le puedo dar potencia al avión moviendo la palanca del  joystick (logitech extreme 3d pro) , pero en el simulador la palanca de gases no se mueve y tampoco puedo hacer que el avión se rote es como si no reconociera el  joystick, te agradezco si me puedes ayudar a solucionar este fallo.


    1. Walter Almaraz

      Walter Almaraz



      Por favor abre un topico en la seccion en español>aeronaves con toda la informacion posible de hardware, software y versiones de cada producto (Airbus y simulador).





  6. Muchas gracias Walter. Que significa P3Dv4 con el "HF1". Mi programa de p3d lo descargue hace muy pocos dias. Me ayudaria saber que es HF1.

    Un saludo.

    Vicente Barba.

  7. We still not sure what exactly do you want, if you ask for repaints, this is not the place. For GSX you can go to: http://www.fsdreamteam.com/forum/index.php/board,50.0.html For AES go here: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/54592-request-your-custom-vehicle-repaints-here/&page=1
  8. I remember a gauge for FS2004, it was a CD player, very nice indeed, however very hard on FPS, that's why I used only one time, just for testing. That idea sounds interesting but could be unrealistic, maybe bad FPS...
  9. But the Launcher is a good tool, well maybe need some improvements, but at least it can find the updates of your addons this is a usefull part. (Sorry for my English)
  10. You must use the Aerosoft Launcher for activate your scenery, I don't think there is another option Regards, Walter (Sorry for my English)
  11. Download (Mirror 1 - Germany) (AS_YEKATERINBURG-X.zip) I'm sure that is this file
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