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  1. Da kann ich leider nichts zu sagen da es sich hier wieder um ein B429-spezifisches problem handelt, den fliege ich selbst gar nicht.
  2. Automatisieren ist relativ simpel: set("sim/private/controls/clouds/limit_far", 0.1)
  3. Ich hab das ganze mal mit dem Wert 0.2 in FTU integriert, so kann das einerseits nach belieben eingestellt werden und wird andererseits auch abgespeichert. Der Wert 0.2 hat dabei denselben Effekt ohne jedoch die Schattenpositionen so stark zu verändern, mit Wert 0.1 verschwanden beim Testen diverse Löcher in den Wolkenschatten, wo der Bewölkung nach Licht einfallen sollte, diesem wird so etwas vorgebeugt. Wer möchte kann den Wert natürlich auch auf 0.1 setzen. Download FlyAgi Tweak Utility 1.13a - FlyAgi.de
  4. This is a know bug and a fix is in the works. So far please switch the season to summer in the SAM Colors + Seasons menu or install the EDDN seasons package, it should work without issues then. Also please check if you have the latest version installed, I'm not 100% sure about that but I think this has already been adressed by an updated package.
  5. I have listed this item to be checked for a future update. 🙂
  6. Is there any dokumentation covering those changes? I expect a simple modified apt.dat is not enough as the airport is based on custom ground and this can't be done in the apt.dat file.
  7. AsI said before, I don't own this aircraft so I have no idea... Anyway, great to see you finally got it working. 🙂
  8. So then you have entered bad credentials - and if not please contact FlightFactor support, maybe they have to reset your activations or something like that (a common issue with flight simualtion addons). Flight Factor support
  9. I don't know what is wrong. I don't own any FlightFactor product and I don't knwo which issues the updater may create but it clearly tells you you have entered 'an incorrect user name or license key' so I would start with entering your correct user name and license key and try again. Further, if you have bought the aircraft shortly you can't update within the first 12 hours after purchase - this is what the installer tells you. If you have entered correct credentials and can't update after these 12 hours I think it's best to contact FlightFactor support directly as there maybe an issue on their end and the will surely help you out. So, the last screenshot shows you got it running?
  10. I suggest to read what the installer tells you, this seems to be pretty clear to me. If you have problems to understand use some translation software, deepl, google translate or something like that. I don't think it makes sense if I now tell you again what the installer already has told you.
  11. Just downgrade to an older version with the SAM Suite: Open SAM Suite then click the 'more details' button in the base plugin section and finally switch to the 'old versions' tab. Ther you can choose an older version to install, I recommend to use the 2.0.5 version.
  12. I'm explaining what you can see on your last screenshot. You have checked in this installer the beta option so this message appears.
  13. This is a beta test warning, just proceed if you really want to use it and expect bugs and errors to happen.
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