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  1. Gorgeous sceneries still being bought.....only to be let down by the lack of AES support.
  2. Two fantastic airports, both without AES support....... it's ....... very upsetting. Waiting at the ramp..
  3. I downloaded Hama's lovely Rosenbauer fire truck gave it a photorealistic paint and then wrote a water salute effect, added it as a smoke effect in the trucks aircraft cfg. Using FSRecorder I record the trucks in their positions and timed the water salute (smoke effect). I then played back (with FS Recorder) the MD-11 taxi with the trucks as AI traffic.
  4. As this was my first virtual visit to Mumbai I gave myself a water salute.
  5. I have rendered the video again. This time the engine start is not missing.
  6. I made my own photoreal panel bitmap, added a few more custom gauges but it is all PMDG otherwise. Love the systems! Minus points are; No gear suspension. (which I have now added), poor bogie animation and iffy texture mapping. (especially vents under the nose are using the engine fan textures!!!) Edit: I have just noticed the video did not render the engine start correctly. I will have to do it again.
  7. Moderator edit: New render of the video updated on top since the old video was removed from Youtube.
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