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    • As long as it isn't scheduled for Feb 29... lol
    • By reading through the last few pages of this topic you will figure that no release dates are given. And that the release is not imminent.   Title of this forum:    
    • Here is my flight report for the flight VIDP to OPRN which I also concluded on 18-Nov-2016. VIDP BIPAN DCT BUTOP A589 ASARI L509 INDEK OPRN / FL 320 A319 German Air Force 15-01 VIDP – New Delhi, Indira Gandhi, India
      METAR: VIDP 180730Z 31008KT 1200 R28/2000 R29/1400 FU NSC 26/09 Q1016 BECMG 1500
      OUT:     07:11z
      OFF:     07:27z Avg winds aloft: 287/29 OPRN – Islamabad, Pakistan
      METAR: OPRN 180739Z 18006KT 1500 22/07 Q1020
      ON:      08:36z
      IN:        08:42z   Add on scenery: -, by Craig Scott,
      -, by, thanks both of you for the nice sceneries!     Our route is pretty much straight forward.
      Weather report is kind of astonishing to me, the visibility at VIDP seems to be ok, while at OPRN it is pretty low.
      Our plane is still parked at stand E84 of an still empty airport.
      It looks like the firefighters are only on duty for our departure. Thanks guys!
      Climbing out of runway 29 and immediately the dense of haze is increasing.
      30 NM ahead of SADAR  waypoint all the sudden after lots of clouds we have relatively clear sky. But then I realize that also the wind speed indicator has fallen to 0.0kn After “working on the lost weather conditions checklist”  I could identify the root cause of this effect, FSX had lost synchronization to AS16.
      Crossing Jhelam River or Jhelum River, which is a river that flows in Indian and Pakistani Kashmir, and Punjab, Pakistan. It is the westernmost of the five rivers of Punjab, and passes through Jhelum District. It is a tributary of the Chenab River and has a total length of about 725 kilometres (450 mi).
      After almost an hour into the flight we arrive at Chaklala Intl at Islamabad. In the upper right corner we recognize the airport. We make a right turn for the downwind leg.
      We passed the airport on the outbound leg of a procedure turn to runway 30.
      Short ahead of the procedure turn we listen to a TACAS alarm and seconds after that we face a fighter aircraft in the upper right corner. TACAS advised to descend but we decided for a left turn because of our low flight level.
      Finally we are settled and cleared for landing on runway 30 …
      … when only seconds before touch down we realize a triple engine jet using runway 12 to reach its start position on runway 30. Because the jet almost had left the runway we decided to land anyway.
      I take it that way, better having traffic around you, than empty airports like at VIDP.
      When leaving the runway we can clap eyes on the one and only Antonow An-225, which primarily was built to transport piggyback the Soviet Space Shuttle called Buran.
      Finally we arrive at our assigned stand 12. As other fellow pilots already have mentioned there is quite a number of trees spread over the tarmac of this add-on freeware scenery.
      Wish you all always happy landings Gernot
    • Yes, but obviously only at selected airports. I didn't check the AFCADs for missing gates.
    • Having traffic issues, Gernot?
    • What VGA do you have maybe you are going with Video Ram OOM
    • Here is my first flight report for the batch of flights from Asia to Africa, the flight VNKT to VIDP which I concluded on 18-Nov-2016, VNKT NARAN L626 SSB VIDP / FL 300 A319 German Air Force 15-01 VNKT – Kathmandu, Nepal
      METAR: VNKT 180320Z VRB02KT 4000 BR FEW015 13/10 Q1022 NOSIG
      OUT:     03:27z
      OFF:     03:38z Avg winds aloft: 295/20 VIDP – New Delhi, Indira Gandhi, India
      METAR: VIDP 180330Z 27006KT 0800 R28/1500 R29/1300 FU NSC 16/09 Q1017 NOSIG
      ON:      04:52z
      IN:        05:08z   Add on scenery: -, by Antoine Calleja
      -, by Craig Scott, thanks both of you for the nice sceneries!     Most part of our route was along the southern hillside of the Himalayan Mountains. Then would turn left for Delhi.
      Weather map shows limited visibility in particular around Kathmandu and Delhi.
      Our plane was parked at gate 10. With respect to aircrafts the airport was quite empty. I increased the percentage of traffic without any improvement. Winter time might not be the best season of this airport.
      Climbing out of runway 02.
      Already at FL070 we got into dense clouds and had to follow our departure route without any sight on the surrounding mountains.
      Only a few seconds later there had been gaps in the clouds allowing us a view on the close mountains.
      Some minutes later above the cloud layer we had a final marvelous view on the Himalayan Mountain Chain.
      About 20NM ahead of Dehli we are entering into a smog cloud.
      About 6 minutes later, short ahead of reaching minimums we recognize the runway 28 – “continue”.
      It took as more than a quarter of an hour to make the tour around the new terminal located between runway 28 and 29 to our assigned stand E84. Unfortunately also this airport was totally empty of aircrafts.

      Wish you all always happy landings Gernot
    • The release of the a330 Aerosoft is expected when ? Date He is so beautiful !