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  1. I have v11.7b, what should the version number be after the update? I started STEAM but I was not offered an update, however, I see that I do have files that were updated 06/08/2012.
  2. Hello Mathijs, I read in the AVSIM interview that Aerosoft is planning an event in Paris, have you got a date and location in mind? I am planning on travelling there in September and wonder if it will coincide with my trip. Thanks, Robert.
  3. Hi Joshua, Nice work, I appreciate all your effort into improving the Airbus X however it does not work very well for me. I am using the Saitek Cessna Pro Yoke and Throttle and it worked flawlessly the first time, except for the throttle axis. The reverse levers engaged when I advanced the throttles or the throttles wouldn't move smoothly until they were past the CL detent. I tried FInn's throttle setup as per his thread then more issues arose. It is too bad that it does not work for me, perhaps that is why you wrote that a joystick is required. I still have my HOTAS Cougar and may hav
  4. Planes, do you mean in the plural like AI? Or do you mean the aircraft that you are in? Ground disappearing can be caused by duplicate AFCAD's and I have read that disabling vertical sync in the nVidia Inspector control panel may alleviate the issue.
  5. Okay, I'll bite... My common sense tells me that each of my addons install into the default C:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X folder or C:\Program FIles\X86, again these are the default locations as designed by the developers. I have zero issues with my installation, as a matter of fact installing outside of the default location you are asking for trouble. If one takes the time to figure out the nuances of Windows 7 x64 and how to properly use it there shouldn't be any need to install outside the default location. I have yet to see any ReadMe from any developer that instructs us to i
  6. The OP posted the following: "I have a Samsung Notebook, Windonw 7 Home, Nvidia 310M, original FSX, original Airbus x and other original add ons, iCore i3, 4GB, 32Bits." To LAN787A320, FSX is a graphically intensive program and one needs all the horsepower he/she could get. Even though you are running with sliders to the left there probably isn't much headroom for your processor and video card to give a good enough representation of the sim while running background programs that Windows7 and FSX require anyway. The best way to get FSX to run properly while not receiving error
  7. I wonder if you have a corrupt installer... Where did you download the Airbus X installer from? There is a dedicated Airbus X forum: http://forum.aerosof...m/320-airbus-x/
  8. Hello, Upon completion of the initial Airbus X installation aircraft files I observed that a version of Microsoft Visual C++ is installed onto my new computer and I would like to know if there is a possibility that the runtime library is being overwritten with your product installation .exe. This is how it reads: "Installed Runtime Components of C++" Further to that I am encountering CTD's after 20 min or less of flight, it usually occurs after turning or pulling a switch or by pressing an LSK on the CDU. I have run the installer and Airbus Connect as the administrator. I was
  9. Ich ├╝bersetze dies aus dem Englischen. Haben Sie versucht, die neueste Version von FSUIPC installieren http://fsuipc.simflight.com/beta/FSUIPC4.zip
  10. Joey, That is one outstanding looking livery, very well done indeed. Robert
  11. Hmm, open the _B.PSD (Night) files and delete the windows there. If the windows are still visible (night glow) I suspect the same as above and are coded in the .air file which cannot be edited.
  12. I have the logo Joey, Airbus logo included as well. jetBlue.zip
  13. Hi John, What a great idea! Never thought to take the UNWRAP and use those in a master, it took a little time but I will get working on finishing the paint ASAP. Thanks again for your help. JoeyL, your paint looks superb, very nice work. All the best, Robert
  14. Hi Nolan, Would that "dude" be me by any chance? FYI I replied to the OP on the 6th of September and it is the 14th of September today... 7 days ago (not weeks) and I have been giving updates as much as possible, aside from working 4x12 hour shifts, that's 2 days and 2 nights BTW, and then within that I try to squeeze in a little time with my wife, that is if I do not have to travel to Vancouver Island, eating, training, and sleeping are some of the things I consider important among other facets of my life. I do some repainting when I have the time and when I am in the mood, I have
  15. Thnaks for the tip scarebus, wingtips now contain the color. N615JB is the one I am painting. Have adjusted layer on the tail to multiply and have reworked the artwork a little. Great looking bird that you painted btw, tail is the hardest to paint next to aligning fuse colors from all the sections. Am afraid the bird will not be ready for upload today, sorry. Have to go to work tonight then I'll work on it a little more on Tuesday... have to work that night as well. hang in there;)
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