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  1. Hi You are not imagining things, I have the Lightning 2A on the drawing board here . Just need the to find the time to finalise it . My intention is to include it with an uprated F3 . cheers Dave R
  2. Thanks Dave , but I need to redo the transparency settings in the MDL so they are compatible with FSX , and if you have dropped FSX you couldn't test it anyway . Once I have sorted it I will be calling on you and the rest of the beta team to test it though. Cheers D
  3. As I created the models initially for FSX I can't leave them in the lurch . Saab Draken ? Not a model I've come across . But when I say distracted , I mean they are the models I'm creating ... when I hit a problem with one I switch to one of the others ... saves me getting bored :0) Cheers D
  4. Hi Dave Well I got it working ok ... in p3d .. but it's all to cock again in FSX . Such a pain having to work in 3 sims + tacpak ! I have to admit though I have been distracted .......... how's your aircraft recognition?
  5. Hi Dave Well I have found the problem .... It's the ASC.dll. delete that and everything is fine and dandy , trouble is you loose the cockpit sounds , and other than randomly trying other ASC.dll's of other aerosoft aircraft I have no idea on how to fix it . BTW the models grouped rather than as individuals is the way to go otherwise texture fallbacks don't work. Dave
  6. Hi Dave I did a test with a single aircraft and it worked a charm! If your code is verbatim can you use \ in a folder title ? In the Prepare3D v4 Add-ons folder I created "Horten" folder. In that a "SimObjects" folder and add-on.xml ....... <SimBase.Document Type="AddOnXml" version="4,0" id="add-on"> <AddOn.Name>Horten</AddOn.Name> <AddOn.Description>Horten glider</AddOn.Description> <AddOn.Component> <Category>SimObjects</Category> <Path>SimObjects</Path> </
  7. Hi Dave I might have a go myself , I gather you put the aircraft into the Prepare3Dv4 (or 5) Add-ons folder .... in a new Aircrafts folder or individually ? Then how do you link to the sims to the aircraft , via an entry in the add-ons.cfg ? D
  8. Hi Dave No I'm not surprised , :0) , Seen 'em all . there are some of my dodgy animation codes that throw up an error ... (even though they still work ) , and every single Tackpack code , the error reporter sees (>C: etc. as an error ) For the T5\Panel error simply delete the line " file=speed_back.bmp " fx_lit_missile_R.fx fx_lit_missile_L.fx fx_lit3_sonicboom.fx Not sure why its looking for the mk6 ventral on the t5, if you want grab it from the T55 and drop it into the t5 common. , but these are not errors that would cause
  9. Ok Dave here we go..... Sound.zip D
  10. oops no sorry That is only the .dllls . I'll get the sounds for you . D
  11. Ooo-er ! .... could cause a problem .... top post has all the new stuff that was needed for P3dv4.5 , use those . D
  12. Hi Dave I was just about to say check the main sound files , I have 14 that start Lit or lit . D
  13. Hi Dave Well they do work in P3dv5, Have you tried them in the P3dv5 aircrafts folder ? What is the advantage of using the shared folder ? I have found that V5 crashes with the slightest error , if it looks for something that isn't there it crashes. D
  14. The fx_ fire add might just be something I tried but never used but Fx_Lit RH gives movement to the flame fx_litRH.bmp D
  15. Hi Dave Yes, in the effects texture folder fx_fireadd_lit ; fx_litRH ; and fx_2l Cheers D
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