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  1. Hi Willie No such thing as a silly question... only silly answers :0)................... That's the way I set it up , the instructors waiting for the pupil to finish his external walkround checks ( that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it .) If you select "Set for solo flight" as well, he will disappear. Dave
  2. Hi Willie If you zoom in and stare hard at the needles ...... and can just see them moving that's about right ! It's not an error in the code , that's how it actually was on the aircraft... It is faster at 80% ( with the engines running you have fuel tank pressurisation helping) but speed is a relative concept ... for the lightning wing to wing transfer was either slow or dead slow ( or bust :0). But as I have shown , you can tweak it in the XML to suit your preference ( Oh that we could have done that on the real thing ! ) Cheers Dace
  3. Hi Willie Aye very strange .. .. I'm wondering if your .dll is corrupted try this one I'm using... LightningT5.dll Dave
  4. Hi Willie Don't worry it's no trouble ..... "aircraft ready to start" is all you need , ( It switches on the battery , DC pumps , and instrument master ) , If the battery voltage is low activate the external power supply. When you select either Port or Stbd transfer does the adjacent light illuminate ? One thought occurs ,was this aircraft downloaded as FSX ? if it is the P3D version the .dll file that controls transfer will not work with FSX In the panel folder do you have an entry for LightningF3.dll (65kb) or LightningT5.dll (41kb) ? .......gosh, it's a long time since I've been called "Sir" 😁 Dave
  5. Hi Willie Hmmm................ I have just set up the thunder city T5 in FSX as you have . Without the engines running the flow is almost imperceptible ( Just relying on the DC pumps ). If I increase the values in trans.XML by +1 the flow rate becomes more obvious , increase it by +10 and the needles fairly leap around ! What settings did you use ? have you tried it flowing left to right ? This is my trans XML at +1 trans.xml Dave
  6. Hi Yes if you have the transfer switched across to Port the fuel will pump from the stbd to port wing ... but it is painfully slow especially if the no2 engine is closed down . Did you have any movement of fuel out of the stbd tank ? Try it on the ground . Load the aircraft and set the fuel load to 90% left and right with the others empty. Set the fuel pumps "On" and try the transfer switch , one gauge should (very) slowly increase as the other goes down .Start one of the engines and run it at %80+ the transfer rate should increase. In the panel / Lit_T5 folder, the trans.XML has some code which sets this rate (realistically) i.e. 3 with the engine running and 0.8 without if however you would like it to be quicker just increase the numbers and save. What sim FSX or P3d ? Dave R
  7. Have a screen shot to be going on with ........
  8. Hi Cameron I second that :0).. for Covid and the F2A as well !! working on the cockpit lighting as we speak ( write ?) Lord it's proving a pain...... textures and methods that work in FSX don't work in P3D and vice versa. Still as the man says " I've started so I will finish " Dave
  9. Hi You are not imagining things, I have the Lightning 2A on the drawing board here . Just need the to find the time to finalise it . My intention is to include it with an uprated F3 . cheers Dave R
  10. Thanks Dave , but I need to redo the transparency settings in the MDL so they are compatible with FSX , and if you have dropped FSX you couldn't test it anyway . Once I have sorted it I will be calling on you and the rest of the beta team to test it though. Cheers D
  11. As I created the models initially for FSX I can't leave them in the lurch . Saab Draken ? Not a model I've come across . But when I say distracted , I mean they are the models I'm creating ... when I hit a problem with one I switch to one of the others ... saves me getting bored :0) Cheers D
  12. Hi Dave Well I got it working ok ... in p3d .. but it's all to cock again in FSX . Such a pain having to work in 3 sims + tacpak ! I have to admit though I have been distracted .......... how's your aircraft recognition?
  13. Hi Dave Well I have found the problem .... It's the ASC.dll. delete that and everything is fine and dandy , trouble is you loose the cockpit sounds , and other than randomly trying other ASC.dll's of other aerosoft aircraft I have no idea on how to fix it . BTW the models grouped rather than as individuals is the way to go otherwise texture fallbacks don't work. Dave
  14. Hi Dave I did a test with a single aircraft and it worked a charm! If your code is verbatim can you use \ in a folder title ? In the Prepare3D v4 Add-ons folder I created "Horten" folder. In that a "SimObjects" folder and add-on.xml ....... <SimBase.Document Type="AddOnXml" version="4,0" id="add-on"> <AddOn.Name>Horten</AddOn.Name> <AddOn.Description>Horten glider</AddOn.Description> <AddOn.Component> <Category>SimObjects</Category> <Path>SimObjects</Path> </AddOn.Component> </SimBase.Document> In the "SimObjects" folder goes the "Horten HoIVa" aircraft folder. I ignored the Sound and Effects but your entries look right. maybe it might be best to ignore the "Aerosoft Lightnings" folder and enter them as individual aircraft? In which case just copy the sounds and effects into each sim. In the p3dv4 & v5 add-ons.cfgs I added the entry.... [Package.N] PATH=C:\Users\UKGC\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\Horten ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=false Cheers Dave
  15. Hi Dave I might have a go myself , I gather you put the aircraft into the Prepare3Dv4 (or 5) Add-ons folder .... in a new Aircrafts folder or individually ? Then how do you link to the sims to the aircraft , via an entry in the add-ons.cfg ? D
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