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  1. Hi Andy Well the SDK comes with the sim download , which I don' t have ( yet?.... currently running FSX ; P3Dv2 ; V4 ; V5 !)) so I don't know what format the models take , so maybe you can help me there by letting me know , and maybe we can take it from there ? Cheers Dave
  2. Hi Rainero I am working on converting the Lightnings to PBR textures , so when that is completed I imagine they will get a new installer . All the Lightning marks are fully functional in P3d5 however as they are. Cheers Dave R
  3. Have you tried one of the addons such as Tomato Shade ? D
  4. Hi Dave Is it snowing ?..... grass looks a bit pale .. which will make everything else darker . what settings are you using , playing around with the saturation and brightness might help . No major problems with the Lightnings although the transparencies are a bit foggy and the night lighting is a bit dim . Am wrestling with converting them to PBR , and upgrading them all to the F53 spec. Cheers Dave
  5. Hi Andy In my opinion PBR in P3d v4+ was flawed at least for metal finishes , I preferred the standard metal finish , and as the conversion is simple enough ( but tedious as I would have to do all the aircraft ) , I made the tutorial so people could have a go themselves. However P3d V5 has much better PBR rendering so I'm looking to get them set up for that . All the Lightnings do work well in V5 , and can be ported straight over . There is a minor issue with the Perspex transparency looking foggy ( easy fix ) and yet again the reheat fx has altered …. par for the course really :0) LM just like to keep me busy. Cheers Dave
  6. Damn :0) never thought of that … if you are ok with manual installation download this ….. https://www.dropbox.com/s/6c1nqa58h51hn6y/Aerosoft Mitchellwing U2.zip?dl=0 Cheers Dave R
  7. try the original non PBR version http://www.aerosoft2.de/downloads/AS_MITCHELL-WING-U2_V101.exe I made changes because there was some shading problems on transparencies in P3d V4, but they are not evident in P3d V5 Cheers DR
  8. Hi flapper That can't be it ! even with only one engine running you should easily be able to cruise past 330 knots .. when the flaps automatically retract ! Dave R
  9. How odd.... never had it called a frame killer ! in P3d V4 and V5 I find it has the same effect on the FR as the default Piper Cub DR
  10. Here you go https://www.dropbox.com/s/ktlzq5g1kanztju/F6 Paint kit.zip?dl=0 that should keep you out of mischief for a while :0) Cheers D R
  11. Hi WarHorse Yes , the keys.xml in the panel / Lit_tac folder for each model and its instigator in the panel.cfg is all that's required . You can of course change the keystrokes to suit yourself. Dave
  12. Hi Peter I've put the F2/2A onto a back burner . My intention was to release it grouped with an updated F3 , but with the advent of PBR textures in P3d that would involve just too much work , especially as the PBR polished metal textures don't look quite right , and I suspect LM will be making changes ( at least I hope so) Dave
  13. Hi Peter I have had the same thoughts myself , I think I'm capable of modelling and texturing the buildings etc , but I couldn't get to grips with using ADE to construct the airfield . I'm all for a better Binbrook though . Dave
  14. Hi Have you checked out the photos here...https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/location/RAF Binbrook xBOxEGXBxBCx/270/? there is a clearer shot of the "watch tower" on one of the later pages , it's probably something to do with the ILS beacon , as is the building ( I think that might be an aerial array surrounded by a wire fence so it looks solid). There are a number of block houses scattered over the airfield though , I think they house electrical junctions for the airfield lighting etc. or are just left over from the war , The one on the far side of the airfield was certainly used as a shelter for the guys doing R/H runs on the detuner. As for the parking numbers , the earliest I have seen them is on 1985 photo's , but 65; 66 etc ? I don't know , could it parking bay 6 slot 5 ; 6 etc ? Depending on the era you are going for, you might notice that in some photos the pan and taxiways look distinctly brown, that's because in the late 70's "operation Tone Down" had them all stained down so they were not so obvious from the air . It worked , but I don't think our pilots appreciated it much :0). It faded and wore off after a few years though . Cheers Dave R
  15. Hi there Sorry for the delay in replying , but my notification seems to have got itself switched off ! Still I'm happy to render any assistance ( but by the screengrabs it doesn't look like you need much :0) Are you working with standard textures or PBR ? I'll put my thinking cap on (and ask around) for info on the Binbrook scenery . Cheers Dave R
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