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  1. Hi Dale Hopefully I'll have had some response and it proven by then , but nevertheless, happy holidays . 😎 Dave
  2. Hi guys , sorry not a Lightning , but I've been experimenting with the new PBR materials , so would anyone with P3d v4.4/5 like to give this Mitchellwing U2 the once over for me, and let me know if I've missed (or Messed ! ) anything before I stick it up for general consumption . Mitchell Wing Cheers Dave R
  3. Hi Flapper I think only the F6/53 downloads as fully functional in P3d v4.0 and above( up to 4.5 at present), but the T5 and F3 only need two .dll files replacing and they are good to go . The fixed files are at the top of this forum. Cheers Dave R
  4. Hi Peter Nothing much to show as yet … still trying to beat this PBR into submission...., for a system that has "metalness" as one of its parameters a decent ally is proving hard to get. :0), If you check the .cfg you'll see the Avon 210 is already dialled in. D
  5. Aye , I thought everyone must be on holiday ! Nothing was forthcoming on the F2A weapons system from the Bruntingthorpe meet ….. the pilots were too hazy in their recollections , but I have managed to get hold of a tactical manual for the Sea Vixen ( uses the same Attack Sight as the F1 and 2 ) It's not nearly as comprehensive as the RAF AP's but it gives me a better understanding. Now of course PBR has to be considered ( it stands for Pain in the Bloody Rectum :0). ….. whole new learning curve . Dave
  6. Hi Peter I'll be at Brunters later this month with the LPG, so I'll be quizzing Dennis Brooks and John Ward ( they are used to my cross examination 😊) so I may get some info … but it's relying on 40 year old memories ….. nothing beats having the AP . Hopefully the guys that own F2 cockpits will also be there so I can twist their arms as well. D
  7. Well, I was getting withdrawal symptoms so needed a fix ….:0) I honestly didn't think I had enough info to model the T5 and F53 initially , but over time I have garnered enough ( and made contact with the guys that own cockpits ) to do them , likewise with the F2 . D
  8. Hi WH It is still very much a WOP, so a lot depends on whether or not I can get the info on the PAS. I'm toying with the idea of putting together a package of the F1A and F2 / 2A with the 4 gun fit and all the improvements the T5 and F6/53 have gained along the way.... but it's early days yet . D
  9. To the best of my knowledge the P1 was the only lightning that had n/w steering. If you google Lightning nosewheel and compare all the different marks you will see they are all the same. (except for the P1 which is totally different ) I have the pilots notes and FR cards for the F2A and there is no mention of n/w steering , only differential breaking.. I guess the button was left in , in case they ever decided to use it … rather like the rocket battery switches ! D
  10. You sure about that ? the nosewheel steering was selected by a pushbutton which is present on all marks . My 19 sqn rigger guru tells me that although proposed, nosewheel steering was never implemented .
  11. It is of course the F2A cockpit … ….( I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms :O)………… and just about everything is different . only the seat and stick seem to be constant ! Still looking for info on the PAS gunsight , so if anyone has the weapons manual for the F1/2 it would be much appreciated.
  12. Really Warhorse? ….. you must still be wearing your blinkers 😏 D
  13. Some recent footage I have not seen before of the F1 .
  14. Hi Dave The banner should work if you have tacpac (use it as a tanker) but I don't know off hand of any other way to add AI in p3d . D
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