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  1. wingman5

    Lightning AB problem with P3D v4.4

    Hi Fulvio Sorry for the delay but the none virtual world has got in the way a bit ! Unfortunately I have no solution to offer as yet. I can not reproduce the effect you are seeing , but the v4 update has messed with the reheat visuals , and unfortunately it has messed with my FXtool so P3d CTD's if I try to use it, so I have not been able to make new ones . If your F3 reheat is fine you could try copying those ( in the main effects folder …. fx_lit3_reheat1 ; fx_lit3_reheat2 ; fx_lit3_reheat3 ) and renaming them .as.... fx_lit3_Rh1 ; fx_lit3_Rh2 and fx_lit3_Rh3( delete or rename the old fx_lit3_Rh1 etc first ) Cheers Dave
  2. wingman5

    Lightning AB problem with P3D v4.4

    Hi Fulvio I think you are right... It could be that LM's latest update has unfixed my fix . ( thank's LM ) I'll have to do a bit more experimenting and get back to you. The reason the reheat flame differs from the f3 to the 6 is only because I was trying to improve it to get a more dynamic flame .and I couldn't retro fit the F3 cheers Dave
  3. wingman5

    Lightning AB problem with P3D v4.4

    Hi Fulvio Just to check , when you replaced the effects files did you transfer the new texture file fx_2l across into the existing effects/ texture folder ? otherwise the new batch of effects should cure that problem . The last is a nice screen-shot ,,,, but I can't make out what you are highlighting Cheers Dave
  4. wingman5

    How to operate Autothrottle-Clutch by keyboard

    Hi Ernst All you ever wanted to know about setting keystrokes..... and @ Dave (H) … super shot Cheers DR
  5. wingman5

    How to operate Autothrottle-Clutch by keyboard

    Hi Ernst For the clutch , you could alter one of the keystrokes already set . If you open … panel >> Lit_Tac folders and open the XML " keys" with notepad. at the bottom is a redundant "chaff release" change it to... //CLUTCH <On Key="67" ID="C"> <Visible>1</Visible> (L:clutch,bool) ! (>L:clutch,bool) </On> and save.. So hitting key "C" will operate the clutch on and off As for the A/A A/G switch the default is A/A but if you add the command …. 1 (>L:navswap,bool) to the list of commands in the Lit3_load01. XML ( panel >> Lit_F3 >> folders, and about halfway down in the " (L:ready_mode, bool) 1 == " section , put it between the navonoff and chanswap commands . That way it will switch to ground if you use the all on option. Hope that helps Dave R
  6. wingman5


    I had the flaring of the reheat when zoomed out , the only cure I could make was to remove the class of effect that was causing it ! i.e. re-do that part of the reheat as an attached effect rather than a light effect ( or it could have been vice versa !) But surely the AI reheat only kicks in on the threshold , whereas the flare seems to be during the taxi ….. are you sure its not a smoke effect ? if so just remove it . D
  7. wingman5


    So is it the case the aberration only occurs when the view is zoomed out ?
  8. wingman5


    Clever coding , but visually what are you getting
  9. wingman5


    If its the same problem I had the fix is quite simple …. just double the size of the fx settings …. or rename and use mine . D
  10. wingman5


    Aye looking better., Realistically though there would never be so many aircraft on the line ( not in the era with those colour schemes ) ….. even if all flying had been suspended because some idiot had violated airspace in a microlight I have vetted a picture to show the car parking and the fire lanes to the hangars Being as the lazy runways had never been use for landing since the war I don't think you need the tire marks D
  11. wingman5


    Hi Dave I think only the main active was tarmac... the hard standings and peri track were concrete. In fact in the late seventies they detached all the aircraft so the concrete could be stained brown as camouflage ! It worked but soon faded …. anyway it made it harder for the pilots to find the runway . D
  12. wingman5


    Hi Dave Are you working on the textures as well as the set up ? I don't remember the pan being so dark and with all those pretty lines ! It was concrete laid in big square slabs . there would be a grubby white line for the nosewheel position and a very faded yellow hatched box for the houchin. And it seems a bit big ( or are the aircraft small ?) … I'd have been exhausted running all that way from the hanger to sort out a start failure ! Cheers Dave
  13. wingman5


    Isn't that the same photo you posted back on 26th August …… ? D
  14. wingman5

    air brake select switch f6 lightning

    Hi You should have no problems with the airbrake in P3dv4 or any other version ! the changes made in v4 have no effect on this area of the model You need to use a keyboard or joystick selection as the actual switch on the throttle is too hard to hit with the mouse . Dave R
  15. wingman5

    Radar sweep in P4D

    That would have been 1AAC on the old Anglia site ? I left in '76 . I only rarely ventured into your territory though. If you ever get homesick they have one of your bouncy castles over at Bruntingthorpe. D