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  1. Yes that was it. I now has repositioned the default parking pos in GSX and added a second jetway as well. The first one driven by Ctrl-J and the second by GSX Thanks for your attention Juergen
  2. And I have the fsx patch for jetways on Mega London extended installed
  3. The file itself was renamed, which is now visible in the menu after restart. The gate e.g. 533 still doesn't move while some others are, just like before. I'm using the built-in 747 Hmm, actually, looking from the cockpit closely on the jetway it seem to just slightly vibrate after a Ctrl-J and then stopped after a second.
  4. Maybe what you're after is something for P3D users, I don't know In addition to the other images this is my GSX Menu
  5. The only reference on google to what you call "edit airport menu" is your post here. Please Juergen explain" See "my world" in the attached images
  6. Sorry that pattern i mentioned is not correct either. Some heavy gates works regardless of No jetways and some don't simply.
  7. The first gate (532) I tried had a jetway, visually, but it wasn't defined and available for GSX so that one is solved I then tried the next gate 533 which is defined as having a jetway in GSX. When operate jetway from GSX, GTX thinks it works properly but the gate is not moving. The customize airport page says that gate has 1 BGL jetway. I though can't find a reference to a specific BGL-file-name there. Then I tried a series of heavy gates for this (QW787) and started to see a pattern. All gates are defined as having a BGL jetway in GSX but only those that visually has more tha
  8. Hi By some strange reason the Ctrl+J doesn't work for my FSX installation. I reinstalled the product plus the patch for jetways downloaded from aerosoft No change. GSX 2 says "no jetway" standing at gate 532 or other gates. What is missing? Any BGL-files I should look for? Mats Sederholm
  9. Thanks for all this info Mathjis. 1 So then what FS 2020 offers is not about aircrafts and airport sceneries but the amazing general graphics/realityfeeling plus other things of course. 2 So this means that if you really care for detailed airports and in depth functionality for the aircrafts like yours, PMDG or Qualitywings 787, you're back to square one, like with FSX, a pretty costsome journey investing in add-ons (mods)? 3 Then maybe it's a good idea not buying the premium version of FS2020 as the extra number of at least aircrafts will not pay-off while the sceneries ("high end a
  10. Hi I hope I haven't missed a reply to below question somewhere in this thread. FS 2020 comes with a certain amount of airports that I assume are faaar more detailed than what the P3D/FSX Add on sceneries offers regardless of provider. 1 But what about the FS 2020 generic airports, how would you say that the quality of those are? 2 Will Aerosoft's sceneries be available in that 3:rd party store and if so, what sceneries will then be there. And what about all the other add-on scenery providers, will their previous work be available there as well? And almost the
  11. Hi Is it possible to input the airport elevation to the aircraft? For high elevation airports this seems really important. A320 32-bit Mats Sederholm
  12. So version for FSX is the last one, no bugfixes then? What about an update for the issue of panels and not being able to start the aircraft See Hans post July 1 And regarding FSX vs P3D the answer is FS 2020
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