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  1. Hi Is it possible to input the airport elevation to the aircraft? For high elevation airports this seems really important. A320 32-bit Mats Sederholm
  2. So version for FSX is the last one, no bugfixes then? What about an update for the issue of panels and not being able to start the aircraft See Hans post July 1 And regarding FSX vs P3D the answer is FS 2020
  3. Hi Hans I always load an existing flight and then I always run into these problems. I have several CRJ flights that I load and none of them seems to work. I made this test right now, it includes a various combinations of starting and states All the scenarios are done one after another with no interruptions Scenario 1 ---------------- - Start a new flight, selecting the aircraft in the FSX menu, flight starts with engines running. - I set the aircraftstate "turnaround". - Setting up fuel pumps etc - Starting engines works! - Closing the engines (that's all) - Saving the flight Scenario 2 ---------------- - Restart FSX - Loading the flight - Most of the previous settings are lost, so I again set aircraftstate to "turnaround" - Setting up fuel pumps etc - Starting engines NOT working Scenario 3 ---------------- - End flight, create new flight selecting an CRJ aircraft (another livery) - I set the aircraftstate "turnaround". - Setting up fuel pumps etc - Starting engines NOT working Scenario 4 ---------------- - I set the aircraftstate "ready for taxi". - Engines starting - Saving the flight - Loading the flight, engines are running, closing engines - I set the aircraftstate "turnaround". - Setting up fuel pumps etc - Starting engines works!
  4. - Isol. valve open + source CHECKED, NOT THE ISSUE - "wait for N2 to increase up to 20% before injecting the fuel" CHECKED, NOT THE ISSUE - Ending the previous flight with engines running CHECKED - WORKING BUT NOT A SOLUTION, RATHER A BUG Comments like "I think you don't get any answers because there is no known issue with the eng start" seems more like a cheap escape I must say. There is obviously a problem with panel states + aircraft states, but I did not introduce it. I guess I'm back to square one, can't start the aircraft! Mats Sederholm
  5. That seems to work, but then the configs are "leaking" from one flight to another, who want such dependencies? And in that case, what's the point having selectable aircraftstates? Mats And Hans, yes that seems to be the case. E.g. loading a previous CRJ flight where the aircraft was closed down just returns trash, nothing seem to be remembered. So that leaves you with only one reasonable option, that is to use the aircraft states, which then doesn't seem to work either.
  6. Setting the state to "Ready for engine start" doesn't help. "Ready for taxi" starts the engines and so does Ctrl-E. Thank's but I'm running FSX
  7. Sorry I was about to give up this so I'm glad to see this response. I uploaded my panels just before I'm clicking on the Right Engine Start button (nothing happens) What's wrong?
  8. Still no answer from anyone. Not being able to start the engines do not seems like a detail !? Mats
  9. Hi Thanks Hans However a bit tricky as a click on that approach which turns it to white followed by a Exec do not show another approach. You must leave the Dep/Arr dialog and chose it again before the other approach shows. Maybe this can help out someone else. Br Mats
  10. Hi Tried to change the runway as the ATC told me so. However, only the pre-selected runway is visible ILS01 (after browsing in both directions) Clicking on it doesn't change anything or offer the other runway (ILS19) to choose from. (I read the closed thread) Br Mats Sederholm Using the latest version (using Updater)
  11. Ctrl + E Works though I'll do everything up to the click on the start button and then I choose Ctrl+E instead
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