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  1. Hi Thanks Hans However a bit tricky as a click on that approach which turns it to white followed by a Exec do not show another approach. You must leave the Dep/Arr dialog and chose it again before the other approach shows. Maybe this can help out someone else. Br Mats
  2. Hi Tried to change the runway as the ATC told me so. However, only the pre-selected runway is visible ILS01 (after browsing in both directions) Clicking on it doesn't change anything or offer the other runway (ILS19) to choose from. (I read the closed thread) Br Mats Sederholm Using the latest version (using Updater)
  3. Ctrl + E Works though I'll do everything up to the click on the start button and then I choose Ctrl+E instead
  4. Hi I can't start Engines with states Cold Dark, Turnaround or Ready for engine start. Clicking the start button, nothings happen. Only ready for taxi makes it work Panel State - Throttles in ELE - Pumps on - ISOL Valve open - Hydralics AUTO - Batt master & DC Service ON - APU On and APU Gen on OR GndPWR connected and "In Use" Version (Had an really old version before and then I never had this problem.) Mats
  5. mseder

    Setting DH

    Hi I can't find where to set DH. The tutorial doc says: "Please set the decision height knob to Decision Height, DHand tune to 480’. The first one I get but the second one, changing the value itself and WHERE it will show up I cannot find any references to. Also, how can I turn off all the airports symbols in blue showing up in the MFD in MAP mode Thank you Mats Sederholm
  6. Is it possible to configure or in another way have the FD using crossbars instead of v-bars? Mats Sederholm
  7. Hi Late reply, anyway: " I can only reproduce the problem if I save a flight after turning off the engines. " Yes I always close the engines after a flight !? And also I always loads a saved flight. So this might very well be the key trigger. I also noticed that even if I uncheck the hyd pumps in the failure panel, they get checked again during the start up. Sometimes more than once. Mats Sederholm
  8. mseder

    Paint Kit

    I wonder as well? Mats
  9. Hi I recently encountered the problems discussed here. So in conclusion, loading a saved flight will have the Hyd Pump failure Failed. And by unchecking them everything will work just as when you're creating a new flight. (At least these are my conditions) I also assume this will be fixed in a coming release. Regards Mats Sederholm FSX DC-8 ver 1.3 WIN 10
  10. Livery request: Scandinavian Airlines System and the charter version ran by Scanair, the 63-model, so extremely beautiful. Mats Sederholm
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