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  1. Hi Mathijs,

    I got this link from a member "JohnB911". http://aerosim.org/index.php?/files/file/1-aerosoft-crj-700900-x-beta-newest/

    It goes to a site with latest Beta of the CRJ to download.

    I guess it's kind of "ratbastard" mail I got for a reason I don't know...
    Just wanted to report this for your knowledge. His message is still in my mailbox if you want it (I guess you can read my mailbox as admin).



    Torbjörn Kuntze

    Vallentuna, Sweden

  2. Well, the end of MS FLIGHT is no surprise for anyone I guess, I have never tried it, and will probably never do. I have had an eye on the development though, and from time to time I have had the feeling of give it a try. My time in the virtual cockpit is not endless however and my wonderful FSX is taking it all. Maybe it's time to now move on to PREPAR3D.
  3. Here´s a woman I found at Dornoch airfield, Scotland, making her after flight checks in a Evektor Sport Star. Good Luck all!
  4. Ahh....how I love to spend my holiday in the air. Here in an Aerospool WT-9 above Lanzarote. Good luck to all!
  5. Hello Mathijs, Why not having a pre-pay system, so the most "fanatic" can pay some weeks or days in advance and then make their downloads at a pre-release party, a day or two before the official release. You can even limit the number of invitations to the party so the servers can handle it.
  6. Caption: Picture 1: - Silly Hat Airline welcomes you aboard... Picture 2: - ...and under your seat you will find your Silly Hat Lifewest. Just put it on your head and in contact with water you will float like a cork. Your hat will also glow in the dark, easy recognisable for a rescue helicopter or boat...
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