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  1. Had that also! Flying LEBL to LEMD, somewhere this timer freezed
  2. The bug when you advance the throttle and the N1 drops: it's gone. Thank you! A lot of fun to fly now
  3. This is not a CRJ 1000 yet. It's either a 550 or a 700. Maybe they differ?
  4. I agree completely with these posts! Just tested a flight from Barcelona to Madrid and what a joy to fly this bird! Many thanks Aerosoft!!!
  5. JustFlight today released an update for their Piper Arrow on their site, which will be on marketplace next week probably. So it seems not every company has this deal with Asobo…. But, to be on topic: for me everything works fine with the HC Bravo
  6. Is the update published? Did not see a release post in the forums….
  7. Still finding it’s a bit strange that the advantage of buying the product direct at Aerosoft is a bit gone now…. As the update now is linked to availability on MS marketplace apparently. For all kind of sceneries this does not apply and there an update is at Aerosoft Updater already, for instance Bonaire now. But: looking forward to the update and of course the upcoming 900/1000 variants! Keep doing this marvellous job Aerosoft!
  8. I hope Navigraph is solving this in general. Or do we need to report this per airport? Like EHRD that was mentioned above as one of the arrivals that look similar in name...
  9. Yes so hopefully Navigraph wil take care of the issue. Or, that’s why I asked, if it’s also like this in real life: how do the CRJ pilots cope with this?
  10. For EHRD you have an approach with ROT transition for CAT A & B aircraft and one for CAT C&D aircraft. Basically the same approach but with a bit wider (or narrower) turn towards final. Same applicable to ELLX. For now you can only see the difference between the two on your map, if you are lucky. In the naming in the FMC it is not very clear indeed. Do not know if it’s also in real life?
  11. hotfix 1.15.8 is out and all should work now. For me the WASM modules are fine now (RealSimGear).
  12. Will double clicking the “transfer to FMS” button (or how it may be called in the EFB) help? Did see that here in the forums...
  13. No you should use the other THROTTLE AXIS, so the one without 0 to 100%. then everything works as it should do
  14. Aerosoft nowhere stated that this would be part of this first update.... personally I do not have a problem with it, but indeed it sounds a bit “too much”
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