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  1. Thanks @Mathijs Kok for the patience! Enjoy the wine this evening. Looking forward to the release!
  2. Seeing same issues on Orbx forum. Mainly English airports causing CTD. So probably the issue is connected with Bing update which was postponed.... no official statement of Asobo or MS yet.
  3. The CRJ-700 (or 550) is not very common in use I can see. In the US there is American Eagle, Delta Connection, United Express and Elite Airways. In the rest of the world only Ibex Airlines (Japan) and HOP! (France) are in the game. So not much liveries needed for this initial CRJ release.
  4. Looking at the release of Grenadines scenery today, this was not announced in the forums at all. So keep an eye on the aerosoft shop, it might be out before it's announced on the forums!
  5. When you start at a runway from World Map, you will have the first notch of flaps in place. Starting cold & dark on a gate or ramp, this is not the case. So probably that's the issue?
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