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Manual Flight, Autoflight and Flight Management

All discussions and questions about the Flight Management system and autoflight (autopilot etc) and manual flight.

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    • Hi,   I post this problem here as it has been discussed and developed on AVSIM forums   Problem: When the frame rates become too low (for instance when P3D  loads a lots of files related to the coming scenery),  the bus becomes completely erratic and uncontrollable: It climbs, descent, rolls, flaps move, speed brakes open/close, etc. This occurs whit any version of the Bus (A318 to A321)   As soon as the frame rates become normal (i.e 20 fps or more), things return to normal.   Useless to say that this is totally unrealistic!   So, do you expect to study and solve this problem which is a major flaw (for your information, Fslabs Airbus do not have this behavior).   Thanks.   Patrice.
    • Greetings, I purchased X-Plane 6/24/19. I would like to register it for 15% discount and updates. When attempting to register, I receive the following message "You are not verified! Please confirm the e-mail." I have tried to confirm, but cannot. Can you help?
    • Guten Morgen! Bei Flylogic ist seit einiger Zeit die Version 1.06 des Airports verfügbar. Ist absehbar, wann die neue Version auch bei Aerosoft verfügbar sein wird? Vielen Dank im Voraus! Uli
    • Moin Günther da muss ich nochmal nachfragen. Ich dachte das wäre bereits erledigt. Version 1.01. Gruß heinz
    • I am having the same issue.   I use an Xbox controller, it has been reliable for years with no issues like this. Other aircraft do not exhibit an issue. I have recently upgraded to a new version of windows so perhaps it is driver related.   Like the description the PFD shows the stick moving around fine, but the control indicators go haywire when I move the stick up and down. Left->Right works perfectly, it is only the Elevators.   I am going to try the suggestions.
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