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  1. Leaving Abuja for Frankfurt: And arriving at Munich again after a short trip to Orlando: I wish everyone happy Easter holidays - despite all the difficulties at the moment!
  2. This really looks fantastic! Just because I read that after Brussels it's Munich... Does the plan still look like this? I'm already looking forward to Munich, even if it will still take a while...
  3. Some pictures from my last flights: Cruising over Africa on the way to the Seychelles: Leaving them again for the flight back to Zurich: Over Somalia and Ethiopia: And passing the Alps for Brussels -> Kigali -> Entebbe -> Brussels:
  4. Powered by IAE: ... and stay safe and healthy everyone!
  5. Mine for this month: Best regards and good luck to everyone participating!
  6. Good morning everyone! Might I share another trip report? Pushing back at Frankfurt for a 10 hours flight to Windhoek (Namibia): ... and climbing out... After a few hours inflight we've reached the African continent and the Sahara: Unfortunately a lot of clouds were above the southern half of Africa. Approaching Windhoek during a bit of rain: And the return flight to Frankfurt the next day: Leaving Windhoek via RWY 08, the weather was still not better: The north of Namibia, above the Otjikoto Mine Better weather today over central Africa: The Sahara again: and approaching Frankfurt in the last light of the day:
  7. Hello everyone! A few pictures of my flight from Dusseldorf to Newark and back! Best regards and have a nice weekend everybody!
  8. I think that's my pictures for this month: The new FSLabs A321 in Lisbon:
  9. It depends on what you want to do with the pictures. My preview pictures for my sceneries or something like that are of course directly out of the sim, unedited. But such pictures, to show the "beauty" of the flight simulator, may be edited, I think
  10. Of course, without image processing it does not work! This applies to real photography, as well as to screenshots!
  11. Thank you very much! Yes, I am using Tomato, but of course without reflection profile for the A330
  12. Hi guys! Just a few impressions of the new A330: Leaving Stockholm: Leaving Lisbon: Approaching MIA:
  13. Thank you for looking into this. Yes, i do upload the winds in the FMGS, I am using ASP4. The arrival time prediction is pretty accurate, so there seems to be nothing wrong.
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