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  1. That has to do with how the aerial pictures are created. The BayernAtlas and the German Vermessungsverwaltung are providing georefenced images, which are pretty good. What is not done, is the haze correction. So the German Orthophotos will always look haze and brownish. To get the real color, you have to apply atmospheric corrections. So also the German Orthophotos do NOT look like the real thing! Please don't take these images as color reference! The picture shown by Michael is indeed strongly edited, so maybe a "typical german meadow green" would be a great compromise?
  2. Point Number 18: The Lufthansa Technik Hangar got "Tormanschetten" (Sorry, no idea what that's in English :D) 2 years ago: Maybe those could be added as well...
  3. The SODE jetway pack has been updated few minutes ago: Version is now available.
  4. Yep, did that, still have the old jetways. Maybe the download is still the old version, as the readme shows version and all the files have the timestamp of the 27.7.? EDIT: Now the new SODE files just appeared... EDIT: Just tested them, the jetways are now looking good! Thank you for that!
  5. Thanks, I guess I was at an old stand. The last time I flew off the T1 at night it was still orange. I edited the post above.
  6. Hi Thorsten, dear SimWings-Team! Thank you very much for the update, Munich looks much better already! Regarding Point 1 and 2: Done Point 3: Done. Point 4: Pending. Point 5 i: Done. Point 5 ii)Furthermore, the ground still shines at night Point 5 iii) the runway lighting seems to be too dark (at least on my machine, without any shader modifications, etc.). The lights are there, but from the distance you can't see them: Remark: I have lightened this picture a bit to make it clearer what I mean. The fact that the ground shines does not come from the editing. 6. i) Done 6. ii) The individual tiles are not so strongly marked, perhaps the gaps could be softened even further? 6. iii) Half done - is it possible to make the lines more glaring, they seem to be pretty dark, in real the are nearly shining. 7. Done 8. Done 9. Pending 10. Pending 11. Pending 12. i) Better, but the runway can take even more tyre wear - in reality you can hardly see the centre line in some places. 12. ii) Better, same as 6. ii) 12. iii) Pending 13. Pending 14. Done 15. Pending New, 16: The drainage ditches are missing I hope that my ideas will really be taken up for what they are: Constructive criticism to make MUC even better than it is now... I know how much work goes into sceneries, so I really appreciate how fast the first update came! And I hope, there will be some more...
  7. Well, I figured as much about the numbers. But especially when it comes to modelling/texturing of objects, I don't know so much about it, so it could have been... I am curious about the update tomorrow!
  8. Hello everyone. I take the opportunity to open another thread here, with some little mistakes that I found. ...which I hope will be corrected in the future. First of all I would like to say the following: I do not want to belittle the work that has been put into MUC, nor do I want to speak of it in a negative way. On the contrary, I want to contribute to make MUC even better. To cut a long story short: I have been a Planespotter in Munich for many years, so I know the airport pretty well. Besides, MUC in the Sim is my home base, I fly to MUC in the Sim almost every day. If necessary, I also might help with pictures. Some things already have been noticed, but I want to bring it here together in one place. 1. On Terminal 1, the new "Munich-Airport Logos" and stand numbers are missing: Please compare these 2 pictures: 2. O2 Advertisment looks wrong on the jetways on the Terminal 2 and the stand numbers are missing: (by "Merpati") Furthermore, also a few jetways on the Terminal 1 have the O2-Ads on it: (by "Eupemuc") 3. There you should see a small forest (left) and a more than 10 m high hill. Maybe the autogen should be enhanced, and the visitor hill in the south added. 4. The same in the north, the northern hill is missing, near Attaching 5. The night lighting seems to be wrong - has been mentioned already. Especially on the Terminal 2 you see bright white LED lamps, on the Terminal 1 more orange lights. Furthermore, the ground seems to be shining at night. 6. The apron, especially on Terminal 2, doesn't look like the real thing. There are a few things which do not fit... 6. i) The color is to warm, the concrete is more greyish, with less yellow in it. As it is, it looks more like Munich would be in Spain or Southern France... 6. ii) The concrete tiles are not as strongly visible as in SW EDDM and the tiles seem to be too small. 6. iii) The lines on the ground are better visible in real than in the sim. Maybe it is possible to enhance the contrast between lines and ground. 7. As already mentioned, the glass on the terminal 2 is pretty green. In the sim it is simply clear. 8. The small tower in the T2 Satellite is pretty green in real, in the sim you have to look twice to see, that it might be green. 9. On the rail tracks behind the fuel tanks there are missing 1-2 trains. In all the years I am visiting MUC I've never seen those rail tracks empty... 10. Again: These are forest, please add a few trees! 11. There are pretty good visible AUDI-Advertisments in real. 12. If you compare these 2 images, there you might see a few things, which do not fit: 12. i) The wear on the runway are very visible. You can hardly see them in the sim, as if the runway was newly built. 12. ii) The concrete tiles are not very present in real. In the sim it looks a bit like a russian airport. 12. iii) The Ground looks much too dry. In real the ground is also not as green as in Google Earth, but it is... well... a "usuall" german meadow. 13. Maybe also a bit of 3D Gras would make it look better? 14. The hill between the road in the north and the taxiway is missing: 15. The OMV fuel station near the northern runway is missing: I hope I haven't made myself too unpopular now... Anyway: Despite everything: I am really glad that someone has dared to approach Munich again!
  9. Oh, I'm sorry! I hope that it is possible this way: Original copyright of the pictures Copyright: User "Merpati" in the Mucforum and "Eupemuc"
  10. Thank you, edited my last post!
  11. Edited. As those two pictures are not mine, I am just posting the link to them here!
  12. Another one: The blue of the O2 advertisments on the jetways is nearly invisible: In real it looks like this: ... and the ads are also on the jetways in the Terminal 1: And as you can see in the picture, there are also stand numbers on the jetways at the T1. In the sim, they are missing.
  13. Thanks for forwarding! In real life the greenish color of the glass is very well visible, mostly even stronger as in my pictures above. Even with Dynamic Reflections the glass looks perfectly clear: Munich Airport is nearly famous for its greenish glass, so it would be a pity if the FS version didn't have this...
  14. Hello everyone! First of all: Thank you so much for a pretty good scenery for Munich! As Munich is my Homebase, in the sim as in real, it is really great to have it pretty good again in the sim! After first glance, I noticed something: The glass on the Terminal 2. In real, it has a very greenish look, as you can see in the background: The glass in the newly released EDDM is just ... well, white: Also, the glass on the T1 looks a bit more "greyish". One more small thing - I know, it is maybe not planned: Could you/Simwings please add a little bit 3d grass? In Munich the grass along the runways/taxiways is sometimes really important and that's something which would make EDDM even better! Thank you all again! Best regards! Matthias
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