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  1. That in itself is a great pity and (for me at least) also surprising. Are there any plans at all for the future of NDP, or will it simply die within the next few years, similar to PFPX?
  2. Hello everyone! First of all, yes, this post may be influenced by the release of Navigraph Charts version 8. I am just a little surprised that there have been no updates to the NDP charts for a long time. Yet the NDP charts have a really outstanding unique selling point: the LiDo charts. I myself don't want to leave LiDo for anything in the world, I simply can't deal with the Jeppesen charts. And I'm sure there are many who see it the same way. But I also have to say that Navigraph is becoming more and more attractive simply because of the many, many pleasant functions "around it" and also because of the significantly more functions provided by the software. Now the NDP charts are of course not only interesting for FSX or P3D users, but also for MSFS users. That's why I'm simply asking the question here: In what form will the software for the NDP charts be further developed, and if not, why not?
  3. More than 5 years ago, back in the P3Dv3 times, a fanstastic aircraft has been released, the Do228:
  4. Great theme this month, and don't worry, real life always comes first! Climbing out of my all time favorite airport Munich!
  5. A rather old picture from my side.... Approaching Graz Thalerhof on a Eurowings rotation from and to Düsseldorf.
  6. Hello everyone! Today I took the A330 out of the hangar for the first time in a while. I have installed the latest version (I think it is v1.0.51). My sim is P3Dv5.3, still without hotfix, but I know also in v5.2 this problem already existed. So, the problem is this: The fps vary a lot, from about 10 fps up to 120 fps (but I have VSYNC activated, my monitor manages 60 Hz, and I have limited to 59 fps in the NVIDIA settings, I have had very good experiences with this with all other aircraft (A2A, FSLabs, PMDG, CaptainSim, Carenado)). Most of the time the fps (apart from the mentioned fluctuations) are between 20 and 30 fps. Even that is extremely low for me, as I can even fly EGLL at +50 fps with all other aircraft with absolutely no stuttering. Here, the A330 stutters like hell no matter whether I'm on the ground in Frankfurt or in cruise over the ocean. The system load is also actually normal, with GPU at 30%, CPU at 50%, VRAM at 4.3 GB out of 7.2 GB. Logging etc. is already deactivated in the settings. I really don't know what's going on here - but as it is now, the A330 is really unflyable, so I hope you have an idea what could be the cause. Best regards and already and Merry Christmas everybody! Matthias
  7. That's such a shame to hear - I've been using PFPX for many years at least, and it's just so much better than all the other alternatives put together. Unfortunately, there is no chance that other developers will continue this project? In any way - thanks for the information!
  8. Anything - on this picture you can see nearly anything Nice evening light while preparing for a flight through the night from Melbourne to Hong Kong
  9. Thank you so much for choosing my picture again! Even though only very few pictures found their way here this time, I hope that there will be many more pictures in the next contest!
  10. I don't have ENVShade installed at the moment...
  11. Yes, same problem here. You can't even see the markings, would be great if this could be fixed!
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