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  1. Mine for July: The lights of southern Berlin during approach into Berlin Brandenburg:
  2. Nearly 7 years old, this picture. Taken in P3Dv2.4 (I think at least, that it was 2.4). Taxiing for takeoff at FlightBeam Denver on a nice and cold morning: Since I won the last two SSCs, I would like to participate out of competition this time! Therefore, do not take this picture into account in the ranking!
  3. Mine for this month: The picture is already more than one year old, taken in P3Dv4 with the fantastic Hertz-Livery of Eurowings during a sunny approach into Alicante
  4. Hello everyone! In autumn, the "struts for the wires" were painted red and white on the Lufthansa-Technik hangar. Would be super nice if this was added to the SimWings EDDM version! I took this picture in October, only the first ones were already painted: Best regards to the devs! Matthias
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Lufthansa A330-343 D-AIKE "Landshut" The D-AIKE is currently based in Frankfurt/Main and is named "Landshut" I tried to make the livery looking as much as possible as the real thing. To get the most out of the livery, I recreated the paintkit in 8K resolution, created a new window line and added a few small details.
  6. Leaving Melbourne with this 747-400F almost with MTOW during the last light of the day for a long flight through the night to Hong Kong:
  7. Hello everyone! Just a few pictures of my last weeks trip from Frankfurt to Abuja, Port Harcourt and back to Frankfurt via Abuja: Leaving Abuja for Port Harcourt Back to Abuja And back home to Germany Have a nice weekend everybody!
  8. Thanks! Pfiati (also Pfiadi, Pfiade) is a very, very foreign language, yes. This is Bavarian and really means something like Bye bye. But you only say it to someone you know well - someone with whom you've already been lying under the beer table. (I don't know if you can translate this so literally into English now... :D)
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