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  1. That's such a shame to hear - I've been using PFPX for many years at least, and it's just so much better than all the other alternatives put together. Unfortunately, there is no chance that other developers will continue this project? In any way - thanks for the information!
  2. Anything - on this picture you can see nearly anything Nice evening light while preparing for a flight through the night from Melbourne to Hong Kong
  3. Thank you so much for choosing my picture again! Even though only very few pictures found their way here this time, I hope that there will be many more pictures in the next contest!
  4. I don't have ENVShade installed at the moment...
  5. Yes, same problem here. You can't even see the markings, would be great if this could be fixed!
  6. Mine for July: The lights of southern Berlin during approach into Berlin Brandenburg:
  7. Nearly 7 years old, this picture. Taken in P3Dv2.4 (I think at least, that it was 2.4). Taxiing for takeoff at FlightBeam Denver on a nice and cold morning: Since I won the last two SSCs, I would like to participate out of competition this time! Therefore, do not take this picture into account in the ranking!
  8. Mine for this month: The picture is already more than one year old, taken in P3Dv4 with the fantastic Hertz-Livery of Eurowings during a sunny approach into Alicante
  9. Hello everyone! In autumn, the "struts for the wires" were painted red and white on the Lufthansa-Technik hangar. Would be super nice if this was added to the SimWings EDDM version! I took this picture in October, only the first ones were already painted: Best regards to the devs! Matthias
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Lufthansa A330-343 D-AIKE "Landshut" The D-AIKE is currently based in Frankfurt/Main and is named "Landshut" I tried to make the livery looking as much as possible as the real thing. To get the most out of the livery, I recreated the paintkit in 8K resolution, created a new window line and added a few small details.
  11. Leaving Melbourne with this 747-400F almost with MTOW during the last light of the day for a long flight through the night to Hong Kong:
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