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  1. I think I have found the problem. They are the SODE-Jetways. I used the new version for some time, which was already withdrawn. Since then I have the old SODE-Jetway version, which triggered the CTDs. I assume that something was not quite right with the SODE jetway mdls. I took the liberty of simply re-exporting the mdls with the MCX, during a short test the sim did not crash anymore. By the way: The jetways in the terminal 1 look "rounded", like (i think) it was common for jetways built in the 1980s/1990s. In reality, however, they seem
  2. Thanks for your opinion, then I'll try to narrow it down further...
  3. Well, 8 GB ARE enough. Sorry to say that so clear, there is no airport in the sim, where I get a VRAM-Problem - also not in Munich. The used VRAM (according to the frame rate message in the Sim) is at about 4,5 GB in Munich, together with my 4096 textures, the FSLabs, TrueSky-Weather and AI Traffic. I can therefore actually eliminate a VRAM-CTD. (I'm currently inflight in the sim, so I can't show a proof, but believe me, there is more than enough VRAM still available) EDIT: As I said above, I also have this problem with TrueSky off and a texture reso
  4. Hi! Thanks for getting back to me! I think I can rule out a VRAM problem. I have 8 GB, more than 5,5 GB are never used. I am using TrueSky, but I also experience this CTD with TrueSky disabled. My Max Texture Size is usually 4096, but I also tried to lower it to 2048, without success. I already had these CTDs on approach to Munich in different weather conditions, sun, clouds and rain... I have this problem only in AS EDDM. When disabling it, the CTD is gone. Not at any other airport does this happen, and I really have a lot of SimWings, Aerosof
  5. Are there any news regarding this CTD? This CTD also occures when only overflying the airport. It is really a show stopper for me, as long as this problem exists, I cannot use the AS EDDM actually... As already said, it occurs with SODE Jetways as well as with Default Jetways. So it seems to be another problem... (The lua-Scripts maybe?)
  6. Hi Aharon! Thanks a lot! I am using my self-created sceneries for Germany and Africa (http://www.fsxforum.de/viewtopic.php?f=51&t=19491, http://www.fsxforum.de/viewtopic.php?f=51&t=19260) (Not sure if those links are allowed...). For Switzerland and Austria I am using Switzerland Pro/Austria Pro HD, but I created own autogen for them...
  7. Hi, everybody! Today I went on a longhaul flight with the AS A330 and wrote a tripreport about it. DLH 594 EDDF/FRA (Frankfurt am Main/Germany) -> DNAA/ABV (Abuja/Nigeria) Airbus Industrie A330-300 D-AIKO, MSN 989 While we are just getting to our aircraft, the handler is already loading the food for the almost 6 hours flight into the Airbus. While the IRS is alligning, we can take a look at the OFP. Here is a short overview for the air traffic controllers: We take off on Frankfurts Runway 25C, then turn south to follow the ANEK
  8. Maybe you could try to load up the sim at a 1xx gate, and then jump to the 2xx gates via GSX?
  9. Also get this CTD, but it seems not to be related to AS EDDM - it happens with and without it. I got that from day 1 with P3Dv5, so I assume it is a P3D issue.
  10. I could have found a few more points... 19 Minor errors in AFCAD 19. i) Parking positions 611-614 missing, where usually Antonovs, Ilyushins or the Royal Thai Airforce-737s are parking. 19. ii) Of the 700 and 800 position, half of the positions are missing. 19. iii) The 600 positions are mainly used for parking aircraft and aircraft maintenance. You will find many LH A350, LH A380, CA A330 or earlier SA A330. Maybe the AFCAD could be adapted so that the heavies are parked there? 19. iv) Parking codes in Terminal 1 are
  11. That has to do with how the aerial pictures are created. The BayernAtlas and the German Vermessungsverwaltung are providing georefenced images, which are pretty good. What is not done, is the haze correction. So the German Orthophotos will always look haze and brownish. To get the real color, you have to apply atmospheric corrections. So also the German Orthophotos do NOT look like the real thing! Please don't take these images as color reference! The picture shown by Michael is indeed strongly edited, so maybe a "typical german meadow green" would be a great compromise?
  12. Point Number 18: The Lufthansa Technik Hangar got "Tormanschetten" (Sorry, no idea what that's in English :D) 2 years ago: Maybe those could be added as well...
  13. The SODE jetway pack has been updated few minutes ago: http://www.sim-wings.de/SUPPORT_SODE.htm Version is now available.
  14. Yep, did that, still have the old jetways. Maybe the download is still the old version, as the readme shows version and all the files have the timestamp of the 27.7.? EDIT: Now the new SODE files just appeared... EDIT: Just tested them, the jetways are now looking good! Thank you for that!
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