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  1. Oh, how I have taken this picture? Quite simple... with a good tele at the Myrtle Ave at Heathrow...
  2. Well, great idea, my picture for this month: A British Airways 787-9 arriving at LHR after a short shower of rain:
  3. Hi! Thank you for your answer! Just an idea, is it possible to create a kind of index file that is stored locally and in which this information is written for each open chart?
  4. Hello everybody! Some time ago I switched to the NavDataPro charts (because of LiDo format). I'm very happy with it so far, have no problems whatsoever. I use the charts on my Windows laptop. The only thing that bothers me regularly is that the rotation of the charts is not saved. For example, if I open the approach chart for the ILS RWY 03 in GCRR (which is available in portrait format), I turn it so that I can read the chart. If I then quit the Chart Viewer and restart it, and recall the chart, I have to rotate it again. It would be great if the rotation of the charts were saved so that you don't have to do it every time. Many thanks in advance and a Merry Christmas to everyone! Kind regards!
  5. Oh, thank you very much for this information, I did not know this! (Except of A321, because it has other wings).
  6. Hi Stefan! Thank you for looking into this! By the way, you really did a fantastic job on the VC, that looks great now!
  7. Hello everybody! I know, there already have been several threads regarding the flap settings with the "old" Busses. Now I've noticed again that the config 1+f setting with the current A319 is not like it should look. I have taken this picture on bord of an A320, which departed with Config 1+F I have asked the captain, he confirmed that on my picture Config 1+F is shown and we departed with Config 1+F. So on this picture you definitly see Config 1+F. And now I have a picture of the current airbus, also with using Config 1+F To be honest, I can see a tremendous difference between these pictures, which sould look like the same... I think it is not a really big deal to change this animation, so it would be really great if it would be changed! Thank you very much in advance! Kind regards
  8. MatthiasKNU

    Hot Brakes

    Thanks! That sounds great!
  9. MatthiasKNU

    Hot Brakes

    Hi everybody! I've noticed that, too. There should also be a warning in ECAM that looks like this:
  10. Hi Erik! I had a similiar problem, in my case I just had to reinstall the drivers for my Logitech Force 3D Pro. That helped for me...
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