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  1. I installed first ECAMD2D.dll file. Then when v1002 update became available, I updated to v1002 with AS updater. Is that ok? Haseen Ahmad.
  2. Dear All: I tried two flights with the new file. The gross weight of the A333 was 175.5 tons. In my opinion, the flight dynamics has improved acceptably. Thanks to Aerosoft. In my opinion, a very little fine tuning is required for pitch control. If I say in pet cent, it is 80% done. I did the manual landing in zero wind condition. I'll try later with Activesky on. Haseen Ahmad.
  3. Dear sgreen91: Thanks for replying. 1. Okay, I'll try with CTRL-SHIFT-G. But Aerosoft should correct it so that clicking the TOGA switch on the throttles should produce proper TOGA pitch command. 2. By the way, does CLBxxx FD pitch mode (pressing the SPEED button) engage just after takeoff? Regards, Haseeen Ahmad.
  4. I purchased download the AS A330 Pro last night. I have issues with pitch control during final approach while landing manually. Pitch is quite unstable, in fact unflyable. Would you please update the flight model? Haseen Ahmad.
  5. I purchased download the AS A330 Pro last night. I have issues with pitch control during final approach while landing manually. Pitch is quite unstable. Where is AS A330 Pro support forum? Haseen Ahmad.
  6. Dear: CRJ Pro update applied. 1. On ground when TOGA is pressed, FD TO pitch command shows 0 deg pitch. At rotation shows 6 deg only pitch up. 2. After takeoff when SPEED button is pressed, FD pitch mode shows ALTS and on control panel ALT button lights up instead of CLB xxx mode being displayed in the PFD and SPEED button light up. I learnt that Aerosoft is looking into it. When can I expect the update? Haseen Ahmad.
  7. Dear: In CRJ 550, I was making RNAV approach to RW 05 of VGEG. At some point, I wanted to disengage VNAV and descend below VNAV constraint altitude of 4000. I pressed VNAV button. VNAV cancelled. I lowered altitude to 1500. Tried to engage VS mode. But VS does not engage. I had to disengage AP and fly and land manually. Any ideas how to get VS mode cancelling VNAV mode? Regards, Haseen Ahmad.
  8. Nexus82 is **** right. It's not behaving as it should at takeoff. Haseen Ahmad. MOD edit. Watch your language the next time!
  9. @Hoffie3000 @Hans Hartmann Dear Hans and Hoffie3000: Please find the attached pics. 1. After takeoff FD only provides a pitch up command of only 5 deg. I expect it gives such a pitch up command that V2+10 speed i e 159 kts here can be maintained manually by following the pitch up command. It should be around 15 deg. 2. As per Chuck's guide maintaining 10 deg pitch, causes to increase the speed above V2+10 and accelerate further. Pressing SPEED buttton causes ALT button to light up. 3. PFD FMA Pitch mode shows green ALTS i e FD ALT mode in engaged. How can I get CLB xxx mode? Hope these help. Haseen Ahmad.
  10. I would like to see speed button lights up, FD pitch mode shows CLB xxx(existing airspeed), and following FD pitch bar manually will help maintain that speed. Haseen Ahmad.
  11. Dear: I read the tutorial and Chuck's guide. I tried quite a no. of flights with CRJ 1000 Pro. I set FD TO mode before takeoff roll. FD modes show TO in the PFD, but pitch bar shows 0 deg pitch. With flaps 8, V2 was 148, so target was 158. At Vr, I rotated to 10 deg pitch, retracted gears. As I maintained 10 deg pitch, the FD pitch bar was showing only 6 deg pitch. When I pressed SPEED button, SPEED CLB mode did not engage, rather ALT mode engaged. Altitude was set to 11000 ft. and my departure airport VGJR elevation was 20 ft. Any help? Regards, Haseen Ahmad.
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