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  1. Dear: I downloaded/installed crj v103 today for my fsx classic. 1. a) The tab door page 'door open' does not work. 1. 'Cold & Dark' does not work. 2. FMC PBD: Does v103 have place/bearing/distance feature/custom waypoint active? How to make one if active? Regards, Haseen Ahmad.
  2. Dear Dave: Thanks for your reply. 1.My FSUIPC is a free version. Can I use it for that? 2. In FSL A320-X, it can be done in a MCDU page, pretty easy! Haseen.
  3. Dear: My joystick has become old. The throttle lever creates "noise" i. e. when set at CLB, the lever jerks fore & aft, 'clb' changes to 'man thr' and back and forth. Is there any way I can increase the climb detent zone as it is done in FSL Airbus A320-X? Haseen.
  4. Dear Oliver: How can I retreive v1.0.0.5 and the 5c hotfix? Thanks again, Haseen Ahmad.
  5. Dear Captain Snowflake: That's right! 1. I'm not sure whether I deleted or not the previous installers. How can I get them back by chance I deleted them? 2. I use FSX Acc. in Windows 7 pro 64-bit. Thanks & regards, Haseen Ahmad Bangladesh.
  6. Dear Dave: Thanks for your reply. I mentioned in my post that I use FSX Acc. By the way, my OS is Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. 1. I don't update/work with my NVIDIA matters. So I'm ignorant about it. Please tell me how to wipe and update. 2. What are shaders and how to delete them? Regards, Haseen Ahmad.
  7. Dear: In all previous versions of CRJ's, the plane flew smoothly like a charm in my fsx acceleration. But now in this v1010, everything moves in steps! Why? The plane is hardly flyable. Please help. Regards, Haseen Ahmad.
  8. Dear Bjorn: Thank you very much for your explanatory reply. AP and AT Disconnect key mapping: I use Saitek Pro yoke, throttle quadrant and pedals. How can I use the yoke and throttle switches to disconnect AP and AT? Is there a separate Simcheck key mapping? Regards, Haseen Ahmad Bangladesh.
  9. Dear Bjorn: Thanks for replying. Please refer to the second part of my q no.1. If I engage autopilot(AP) at 400 ft, the pitch mode shows PITCH. Then what next pitch mode the pilots select in real life, VSPD or IAS? Regards, Haseen Ahmad Bangladesh.
  10. Dear: I download/purchased the Simcheck A300B4-200 for my FSX from on 11.07.11. I have the following queries: 1. When should the autopilot be engaged after take off? Exactly which subsequent pitch mode should be selected after SRS? 2. During a manual landing with autothrottle engaged, will the throttles retard automatically during flare? 3. The joystick(Saitek Pro) AP and AT disconnect switches don't work. Kind regards, Haseen Ahmad Bangladesh.
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