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  1. Dear Hans: I use P3D v5.1. After a month or some more, ASUpdater again fails to remain open. Kindly help. Please find the ASUpdater Log file attached. Regards, Haseen Ahmad. ASUpdater_App_Log.txt
  2. Thanks Hans. Ok. I'll do that. By the way, my graphics card is Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 and RAM is 32-gb.
  3. Dear Hans: In P3D v5.0, I disabled trueglass. Still CRJ is causing 'error device hung' message after some time in flight and CTD occuring. For reference only, Majestic Dash 8 Q400 Pro is doing same. But in p3d v4.5, both are ok. Could you please help about CRJ in p3d v5.0? Regards, Haseen Ahmad.
  4. FMS does not accept pilot defined waypoints, Place/Bearing/Distance or PlaceBearing/Distance. Any help please?
  5. I am having the same problem after installing A333 for P3D v5, ASUpdater closes after few seconds. But I don't know how to dig out those tech info. Please help me. Regards, Haseen Ahmad.
  6. For me, TrueGlass issue is in P3D v5 only, not in v4.5. In v5 I renamed "TrueGlass.dll" to "TrueGlass.off" in the gauges folder of P3D v5. But still P3D v5 closes. Dear Hans: For P3D v5, I'll try your suggestion and let you know what happens. Regards, Haseen Ahmad.
  7. I didn't find any reply to this. However, I updated to v2202 again. This time, after flying some time, p3d v5 closes with a Graphics message... DX_DIAG_HUNG. I tried to do a flight with CRJ 550, from VGHS to VEAT. But after takeoff, during climb out, p3d v5 closed with that message. Please support. Haseen Ahmad.
  8. I ran the AS Updater and updated CRJ Pro to the latest version in P3D v4.5. But after loading the plane, CRJ 1000, the cockpit is totally cold and dark, control wheel rotated to left. I turned on Battery switch but no response. Please help. Regards, Haseen Ahmad.
  9. Dear A_Pilot: I am flying with Logitech Pro yoke.
  10. I have the version 2201. I flew from VGJR to VGHS. I chose ILS RW14 appoach for VGHS. As no transitions for ILS 14 approach in the FMS DEP/ARR page, I used pilot defined waypoints, place-bearing/distance. They were DAC242/14, DAC300/12, DAC314/12, DAC324/12, then the approach waypoints from FMS. At first PBD i. e. DAC242/14, I set altitude constraint of 3000 ft. And my cruise was at 11000 ft. I was expecting to see top of descent in ND and VNAV deviation and snow flake. But they were not visible. Any help?
  11. During line up and final approach with manual flying, it is very difficult to maintain level laterally. I bank left a little bit for line up, then when try to level, it levels, overshoots and then rolls right. Any tips to keep the plane level laterally during final approach? I fly in a no wind condition. Haseen Ahmad.
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