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  1. Yes I did do an update.. And the sims connect window is the from Radar Contact.. Full re install? Wauw.. All the best... Jens
  2. Well This is strange.. After the latest updates P3D v 4.4 and CRJ The plane is beginning to behave strangely. Starting with a little detail. The "power on" button on the cabin camera flips immediately back to off. .. And then the more serious stuff. 1. First the during the climb suddenly 3 things happen instantly. The spoilers deploy, AP goes of and and slats deploy?!.. I sort things out and I can resume the flight. This happened 2 times. And during another flight also.. 2. The next one is suddenly the plane climb rapidly and will eventually stall.. Like the pilot just decided to pull the yoke. I have had other issues after v 4.4 update. Aerosoft Airbus 319 and PMDG 737-600 could not log onto ILS and follow the descent track beam. Are there other reports that the gauges and flight systems are in trouble? All the best Jens
  3. Tom A320 Thank you for your answer... But to do this .. I have to go into the puzzle work mode, this fits to this and this sentence fit to that.... But it's that part of me has been burned out in my18 years as a flight simmer. I have been there and done that too much over the years. That's why I protect the flight simming experience by supporting the flight simmer experience without have to be a software programmer.. I have for example really criticised the X-plane community for making the X-plane not user friendly with all these actually non working libraries that demands rocket science to make sure sceneries work in Xplane.. One could think its to copy paste the new flight deck textures into the old livery files.. .But all this above procedures..... I dont go that way... And the flight simmer should not have to go that way for being able to fly..... So still strange aircraft companies in dutch and russian, european etc airports.. Jens
  4. Hi This wonderful plane A318-319 have been out for a while. There are a ton of liverie for the 32-bit versions... But what has happened the 64bit version? Are the painters waiting for something? Have they gone tired of starting updating all the wonderful liveries to 64 bit. Is this updating necessary? Obviously the non professional liveries gives black flight decks... Is is possible to update the liveries yourself? What is the problem or reason for the missing livereries All the best Jens Michlas
  5. Sorry I DID SOMETHING WRONG.. While I had loaded the flightsim, I updated fsAerodate and didn't reload the sim.. Now it's working... Jens
  6. HI.. I can't insert waypoints. When I write the waypoint, here LAMLA in LSK 4R , its shown on the ND but not on the MCDU. But EXEC it there to press. When I do that everything revert to nothing. I have init on the pos page, and payload page is ready as well. All the best Jens
  7. I am able to close the windows!!! There a little lock on the window frame that need to be released!... Aerosoft.... You are awesome... You rock... Jens
  8. HI No did not try the tutorial.. And I was rude.. Because I like the checklist but not some who are pushing buttons, because I want to do that myself. I always, like in FS2Crew, avoid procedure buttons.. What I tried was trying to join the checklist "after start", but when I start doin things the checklist start hanging. And the looping sound was all the way during the flight. I haven't check with out track ir.. The plane flies very good. But in the ND display no airports .. Like the picture shows Mallorca LEPA is not there. I am flying to Menorca LEMH... I have low altitude because I had to check a new Barcelona scenery... All the best... Jens
  9. Hi.. This aircraft is awesome... Some bugs I encountered I think. Can't close the windows here after engine start.. So I took of anyway, and took the chance , and during full throttle out the runway the windows closed. I have Rhine X55 and the hat switch on the joystick is not working suddenly and mouse spacebar not working either. And arrow up, down to the sides not working either.. I have alternativets like TrackIr. Checklist get confused and freezes All the best Jens Michlas
  10. When I pressed button f20 for setting V speeds from the CRJ manager in the cockpit, P3d crashed immediately . Yours Sincerely Jens
  11. I have reinstalled Gibraltar Professional in p3d v42 again and it is still hanging... or freeze ... I loaded with the default F18 and not initiated Active sky. I have just installed using the installer as usual.... I have the usual ORBX installe and Pilots mesh sceneries. FX Global Ultimate Next Gen. Thank you Yours sincerely Jens
  12. CORRECTION THIS HAPPENED IN AEROSOFT ENGM NORWAY This is soo strange that I am nearly speechless.. I will try and see if this solves the issue Jens
  13. Michael2 yes and the system will keep the pressure ongoing... I forgot to mention that the aircraft is en ready to taxi state. All engines running, compressors, freon compressors and flaps set. AAC47 I will look at the chart.... Thank you.. Jens
  14. No Hydralic pressure and no brake power... I have set option 5. Hyd6: Both ENG driven pumps BY PASS, Auxiliary Pump Active. (Note is same as No. 1) Elev Trim OK. Flaps retracts fully. How to fix that one? Jens
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