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  1. No worries is not roket science 🙂 But the work with is a bit different to a Boeing or Airbus FMC. Have you set your inital Position so the FMS knows where your aircraft acually is? Type in your Airport like KMIA or KSEA, and follow the numbers in yellow. This will copie the FMS POS After that try to load a flightplan. So far I know flightplans from Simbrief use an flightplan exporter that not proper work. In the past a lot of people have has problems with. Best you fill in the required data manuell.
  2. Have a look inside the folder: Are there some flightplans in? If yes see the pictures and push the red marked buttons
  3. I have searched for this ominous mso20win32client.dll file but it is not present in my computer. But my MS Office is older and 32bit. @Zimmi What I noticed in the log files is that you loaded 116 AI Aircraft into the P3D. Wow, that the sim can do that. Unfortunately the FSUIPC5.log ends just when you loaded the CRJ. The log doesn't look complete because FSUIPC is still attaching data even in a crash. Check again if there is more. Wolfgang
  4. I read that you also have FSUIPC installed. This saves a .log file every time the sim is loaded, which sometimes gives clues to problems. Would you rename these two times as .txt and attach here? Wolfgang
  5. @Zimmi The big advantage with P3D is the installation method using the xml file. LM recommends to install all addons outside the P3D main directory. This has advantages with later P3D updates. All Aerosoft products support this method of installation. You have free choice where on your PC you want to install the software. I have created separate folders for P3D aircraft and P3D sceneries and specify these folders accordingly during the installation. This works perfectly.
  6. @Zimmi Now you have managed to confuse me completely 🙂 Above you wrote about the Pro, but the addon path shows the space for the "old" CRJ_Version - inside P3D? But the Pro version should be installed outside P3D. Maybe some Windows update caused these problems. My Office version is older and 32bit, but I have never had this error even with installed RAAS Wolfgang
  7. Jesse, I installed AIRAC 2014 a few days ago using the normal .exe installer and all the SID and STAR for KIAD and KBOS are there. However, I read that a user had problems after he installed the AIRAC using the Navigraph Manager. Check if the data is in the right place. They should be here: Check also the PROC Folder. I have 6980 files in there. Wolfgang
  8. @zimmi Strange, because the ASVersionInfo.txt in your post above show the older version of Win10 installed. Microsoft Windows ----------------- Windows 10 Post April 2020 (2004) Update / Version 10.0.19042 / 64-bit But ok, then you have one less possible source of error. Wolfgang
  9. This was only a question - never a suggestion. I use MS Office too and have no prob with the CRJ Pro. No, you use the "old" version of Win10 Microsoft Windows ----------------- Windows 10 Post April 2020 (2004) Update / Version 10.0.19042 / 64-bit The actuall version of Win10 is: Well if nothings else helps sometimes an upgrade can solve such dll Probs . Wolfgang
  10. @Zimmi Question: Do you use Microsoft Office? The error message indicates a .dll shared by another program. Maybe an update search via the Windows Updater will help? Or you upgrade to the newer Windows version. You are also sure that you are using the current versions of the CRJ? Wolfgang
  11. Well, there are two ways 1. Hans usually announces available updates here in the forum. 2. via the Aerosoft Updater. Set Experimental Updates active
  12. I dont think so because V4 is a 64bit and V3 is a 32bit version.
  13. Steve you are right. That's one of the puzzles that CRJs present us with every now and then. I recreated your flight and with the passing of SEA VOR the CRJ starts to turn in the wrong direction. Well, Hans is very involved with the development of the CRJ for the MSFS2020 and because this came earlier than expected on the market, there is only little time to take care of the bugs of the CRJ. But he wrote in another thread that the code development for the MSFS2020 will also benefit the P3FD version of the CRJ. So we have to wait and see. Wolfgang
  14. You're right, this section of the CRJ is flawed. In such a case it helps only to enter the flight plan completely new. But this is known to the developer and we all hope that his work for the MSFS version of the CRJ will also bring the corresponding improvements for the CRJ/P3D. It worked quite well before, but due to hints from real CRJ pilots Hans decided to rework this area. Unfortunately, the work for the MSFS version of the CRJ is probably very time consuming, so there have been no updates recently. So the only thing left to do is to wait. Wolfgang
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