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  1. @Danny Vincken May be depending in what region you fly? After HF2 from Frankurt to Geneva the temp was flipping every minute from -23°C to +20°C so I to have stopped my climb at FL230. Strangely enough during two flghts over USA (Florida and California) the temp was fine at cruise FLs.
  2. @mizra108 The MSFS has still the temperature bug at hight altitudes. The screenshot from @vincenzo34 show a right temp at that altitude, but if the bug gets active the performance the engines will drop, even on full power, loosing speed and so on.... Look next time at the temp in the upper right side of the Nav-Display, if the problems starts.
  3. I see that this is your first post here. The main development for the CRJ is now only for the MSFS , but the code is also used for the P3D version by compiling. The CRJ900/1000 for the MSFS is still in development, I hope Hans will read your notes and incorporate them into the development of the CRJ for the MSFS. Especially this would be important:
  4. ... and you pushing the EXEC-Button also? I never have has such a line if I solved the discontinuity/ies and pushing the EXEC-Button
  5. Additional hint: Try not to use the flare when landing. You've noticed that a little too much can lead to a glide or climb. Just keep the glide angle and reduce the engines at about 30ft. Then the tail will come down on the main gear by itself. In MSFS, you then have to deliberately push the nose forward as well to get the nose gear on the ground. Then use the reversers. If you look at the CRJ from the side you will notice that the CRJ is standing there with the nose slightly slanted downwards. This causes the rear wheels to always contact the ground first when you hit the rwy with a normal glide angle.
  6. CLR button works but the speedbrake lever with the clickspot is near by overlaying the clickspot of the CLR button. Solution is another view to the FMS.
  7. Please provide the flightplan so I can look in my CRJ installation what happens.
  8. Why, there is no need to push the button. Just dial in the Altitude you want - but dont push ALT-Button. Please take the time for the tutorial flight, the CRJ is special in some areas and it would be a shame if you were one of the users who are frustrated with the CRJ after a short time.
  9. Der Screenshot ist in Ordnung, die von Dir genannten Airports sind mittels xml-file in die Library eingebunden und können nicht so ohne weiteres vom User verschoben werden. Es ist ein optischer Hinweis auf die xml-files Installation von Szenerien. Vielmehr glaube ich, dass Deine Orbx Szenerien nicht an der richtigen Stelle in der Library stehen. das kann dann zu Problemen führen. Stichwort ist hier der Insertion Point in Orbx Central.
  10. OK, the reinstallation brought the CRJ back to life 🙂 It is curious that the CRJ did not show this behaviour during the update to V5.2.
  11. Now it has hit me for the second time. Full installation on P3Dv5.2 HF1 leads me to a functionless CRJ. I will reinstall the CRJ on Friday. I hope it helps
  12. Dont use VS for climbing, the real CRJ Pilots wrote they use most of time the Speed mode. Set speed to 270-280 KIAS should be ok. 3500ft/min in climb is at upper FL way to much. @Secondator Is OlDakys flightplan
  13. Route Loaded dont mean this is at time the active plan. If you read "Route Loaded" push then "Sec Plan", on the next screen push "Activate", on the next screen push "EXEC".
  14. The first and last picture can be explained by the fact that with decreasing speed and no increase in thrust, the AP tries to maintain the FL by increasing the trim. You know you are too slow for that altitude? Did you change anything in MSFS Aircraft/Weight & Balance? Your CG value is very high and the CRJ is designed for an Empty CG Position%MAC of 35.00. You should not change this value or make any other weight changes there. All weight entries only via the EFB of the CRJ. In addition, I would not start the flight if I had such anomalies in the EFB.
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