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  1. It looks like you have not switched the spoilers active. Set it to Auto.
  2. This is an option to save some FPS on weaker PC´s. You can switch it on in the EFB options.
  3. Sounds normal for me - if I understand your question right. If AP is on and you move joystick or a yoke AP disconnect. The EFB has an option were you can change the sensitivity. But normally if AP is on use the HDG mode for turnings
  4. David, yes the CRJs has problem with the ILS system, espacially here following the GS signal if you in a distance of about 6-5nm to the runway. I saw not problem with the localizer. Did you have strong crosswinds? The runway CRS was set correct (normally automatic)? We all hope the problem will be solved with the next update ( but no idea when it will be released)
  5. Die Vermutung in den verschiedenen Foren ist, dass es eines der letzten Windows Updates ist, dass diese Sekunden Freece und andere Symptome verursacht. Microsoft zieht dieses Update zurück: https://www.heise.de/news/Windows-10-Microsoft-korrigiert-Grafikprobleme-nach-fehlerhaften-Updates-6029365.html Gestern hatte ich jedenfalls auf dem Flug EDDM-EDDH keinen Sekunden Freece.
  6. Of course is this place active, but you should be able to describe the problems more in detail. Have you work with the tutorial flight? You find it in the Document folder of the CRJ. This is no describtion were people can help. Try it more in detail like: I have a problem with a flightplan to import from Simbrief I stuck at that ...point to create a flightplan. Post your flightplan so we can look into. You now the CRJs have some "Aircaft State" in the EFB were you can make your live a bit easier? The CRJs are n
  7. Oh sorry, my fault,I talk about the "default" aircraft Nav Screens like the CJ4 or Longitude. The CRJ has the problem that 3.party developers currently do not get the necessary rights in the MSFS from Asobo/Microsoft to process internal data. This also affects the weather data.
  8. My observation is that you see traffic on the Nav Display only if you have activated "Live Traffic" (the real world traffic) I never seen signals from other players around me on the TCAS.
  9. Well, AI Control is switched off for me. Other assistance systems are also off. Nevertheless, when you are online (vPilot) Ground COM switches on automatically, even if you want to change the frequency, it switches back to Ground COM. Once I was in the air, the frequency 122.80 remained stable until I landed. After landing, it automatically switched back to the ground frequency of the arrival airport. Where else could I look?
  10. Have you checked the assignments of the axles of your control units? There are always reports that there have been undesirable changes in the assignments after updates. Fl240 and max speed is absolutely not normal. If you have installed the SDK, you could switch off the "Visual Icing" under "Options".
  11. Yes, this is known and I read in another thread this should be solved with the next udate. It makes an approach not really easy to fly 🙂
  12. Leider musste ich nun feststellen, dass ich nach dem letzten Update auch von dem Sekunden Freeze betroffen war. Cache löschen und neu erstellen brachte diesmal nicht den Erfolg. Der Schuldige ist wohl in den Multiplayereinstellungen zu finden. Bisher bin ich mit "All Players" geflogen, aber das führte nun zum Stottern. Live Players und Off (Group Only) sind ohne Stottern. Testflug EDDM-EDDH war einwandfrei - nur ein bisschen einsam. Nur ein Flieger war in EDDM zu sehen.
  13. Hast Du nach den letzten Updates mal den Rolling Cache und falls in Benutzung auch den Manual Cache gelöscht und wieder neu erstellen lassen? Wirklich löschen, nicht nur vorrübergehend auf "Aus" stellen.
  14. Maybe restart the sim again? I entered your flight plan and the FMS of the CRJ accepted all data in the correct order.
  15. Wenn Du auf dieser Strecke Probleme mit dem "Spurhalten" hast, kann ich mir nur starken Seitenwind vorstellen. Da sind keine scharfen Kurswechsel drin. Diese STAR macht der CRJ lateral kein Problem, wenn die Speed passt. Von ROBEG kommend würde ich vor dem Intercepten des LOC nicht schneller als 180-200KIAS sein. Sonst könnte sie überschießen. Der Glideslope ist ja das eigentliche Problem - da gibt es ja leider noch den Bug.
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