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  1. Reinhold, das die B777 auch im Leerlauf langsam beschleunigt ist normal, wie stark hängt allerdings vom Gewicht ab. Ich benutze zum Bremsen auf dem Taxiway die . (Punkt)-Taste und muss, da meistens voll beladen, oder mit Paxe besetzt, nur wenig bremsen. Schau mal auf´s Bild. Taste 1 ist die stärkste Variante, da mit Wiederholung (Repeat), während die .-Taste deutlich gemäßigter ist. Taste 1 benutze ich nur für Startabbruch, oder nach der Landung. Wolfgang
  2. I must apologize, I have mixed up the arrow keys. So, arrow key up works normal and you can scroll through a flight plan in plan-mode, also with arrow key down I can scroll through the flight plan, but additionally this "Not Allowed" message is displayed. So why this message? In Plan mode the FMC does not check the plausibility of the flight plan. You can scroll through the whole plan up and down. Ok, so it looks like my CRJ´s has its own personality 🙂 Wolfgang
  3. No, has nothing to do with "ignore crash". This Option is essential if you fly online 🙂 But look inside: Dokument Folder: Vol4-Systems, Page: 58 Above and Below Switch: • Mode “N”: >= - 2700 ft and <= +2700 ft • Mode “ABV: >= - 2700 ft and <= +7000 ft • Mode “BLW”: >= - 7000 ft and <= +2700 ft If you switch "all" this is similar to Mode N. So you get only traffic shown 2700ft below your actuall FL, or 2700ft above. Wolfgang
  4. Hans, a little question. If I go in plan mode through a flight plan, arrow key down, it works perfectly. But if I use the arrow key up, I get the "Not Allowed" message in the FMC, but I can go up in the flight plan without any problems. This message exists since the first version of CRJ´s. Is this just a "blemish", or is there a reason for it? Wolfgang
  5. @Raller Funny, that was the Question I ask some day ago too 🙂 Wolfgang
  6. Da sind Fragen: Welcher FSX? Original mit den beiden Service Packs? An den highmem fix Eintrag in die fsx.cfg gedacht? Oder FSX SE? Es gibt kein Orbx Deutschland, nur die beiden Teile Deutschland Nord und Süd. Diese sind sehr VAS lastig und können bei zu hohen Sceneryeinstellungen zum CTD führen. Die Orbx Library ist auch installiert? Hast Du daran gedacht, dort (im Orbx-Verzeichnis) die bei Dir falsch dargestellten Flughäfen zu deaktivieren? Am einfachsten findest Du diese im Orbx-Verzeichnis mit der Windowssuche. Beispiel: EDDM*:* Dann sollten vier Dateien auftauchen, bei dreien musst Du deren Dateiendung Du von .bgl auf .off setzen. ADE_FTX_GES_EDDM.bgl -----> ADE_FTX_GES_EDDM_CVX.bgl ------> FTX_GES_EDDM_objects.bgl -----> Nach dieser Methode musst Du dies auch bei Deinen anderen, installierten, Airport vornehmen. Wolfgang
  7. I am not surprised about your problem, because you have not given up a flight plan in AS16. So how are the wind calculations to be carried out to match the waypoints? I estimate that you should have at least 40 waypoints on this flight - but you don't have one! In order for AS16 to display the wind correctly, it is absolutely necessary to give up a flight plan. Then it also works with the B777. Wolfgang
  8. Otto, I'll watch this during the week. Thanks for the hint. @lambourne Unfortunately, your workaround don´t show the same effect in my Installation. Wolfgang
  9. The other update Informations are related to MS-Office Regards, Wolfgang
  10. I just wanted to let you know that, as expected, downloading the installer from the shop account and installing it again didn't improve the situation. It remains that the "Start Boarding" button remains orange. Now I have no more ideas, but fortunately the problem is not a spoilsport and I'm eagerly awaiting what the next versions will bring 🙂 Wolfgang
  11. A guy in another thread with Flaps problems reported that he was able to solved his problem with a new download. I'll trying this too tomorrow, maybe it works.
  12. Well, i installed the exact as Otto described, including deleting the General-Folder - no success. But let me ask how do you get your Airbus installation file. Via internal Aerosoft Network for developers or as a normal user via Shop account? This would explain for me the differences due we have not exact the same version. How shure are you that the guy building the installer have used or get the right version? In the past exact his was happens with the CRJ from Hans. Wolfgang
  13. I just tested it, and it never shows up on the decelerate message. Not shortly before TOD, nor when I pass the TOD arrow (the Decelerate message has been displayed so far), nor when I wait a few seconds longer and then press the Alt button.
  14. Right Otto, I'm using the "Decelerate"- message as a hint to press the ALT button when reaching the TOD.
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