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  1. Hello! Is there a way to bind oil and cowl flaps to Buttons or keys? Especially for the oil flaps I didnt find an option. Also I wonder if there is a LINDA module available that I maybe have overseen? Thank you
  2. For all searching about the Fly... inside the OctopusG_An-2 folder is the "an2.ini" file. Open it and change the values in the [insects] sections to your liking.
  3. Thank you very much! So, no tail wheel lock available? I ask because the Checklist has the item "lock tail wheel"
  4. Hello! I just bought the AN2. As I first noticed the fly in the cockpit I thought "haha, nice"... But this Fly is getting annoying very fast. Is there a way to ban it from my aircraft? (tried to kill it with left clicks) Second thing is, where is the flaps lever? Couldnt find in cockpit and manuals. Only flaps up button. How do I lock the tailwheel? Again no find in manual. She has no steerable tail wheel, or did she? Thank you!
  5. I think this is the third trie since the release of this aircraft that I trie... there is always something weird not working... - I start Cold and Dark, connect Ground Power, Turn on BATT, DC Service, AC On. - All GENs Auto, L+R Fuel Pump ON (I also click the Right one) - LEFT APU Button (Pwr Fuel) while observing Status Page. When I click the button I get the APU dials flashing once for half a second, then APU Doors shows yellow --- - clicking APU Start button (Right one) nothing happens - after some time APU Door is closing - Thats it
  6. Hello! Today I wanted to reinstall the CRJ, but Download in the Aerosoft Shop is not starting... tried at different times, with different browsers, different tabs.....
  7. Hello! I left the CRJ in hangar quite a while becsuse it felt still like Beta... Now I have found the new version by accident. Can anyone confirm that the GPU is now connecting via Dave and the Doors open properly and the weight and balance is working? (without workaround) On P3Dv4 here. Thank you
  8. Problem solved gentleman! It is a bit complicated... before I bought the mega airport I had a freeware LEMD from Ray Smith (modified for P3D from Robert Catherall). As his airports dont have the "normal" structure with an folder which contains SCENERY and TEXTURE I made my own folder with the structure. I do this for a better overview and not files spreaded everywhere. So, now you see in my list above the dubai airport "OMDB rs" - also a Ray Smith airport. But somehow I managed it to put the LEMD files into this OMDB folder After deleting "OMDB" from my scenery list all is okay! Thank you guys for helping me!
  9. I use ORBX FTX Global base - Global Vector - openLC Europe. I have the Global openLC Europr option ticked in the LEMD configurator. I dont have the Pearlsoft Addon. The screen shows the addon organizer (shows the true list)
  10. Hello! I am on P3Dv4.3 with the new LEMD Mega Airport. Today I landed and the ILS reacted a bit weird... after landing I saw that the airport has two towers... Somehow the Stock LEMD airport is still below the Mega Airport it seems. See link for screenshot. I tried to find the scenery so I can deactivate it but I couldnt find it, I know this is a problem regarding scenery organisation, not a bug. But I have no clue how I get this sorted. Thanks for any help!
  11. Thank you for the helpful post!
  12. This means it is just in the Swiss livery? Is there a way to copy its cockpit textures to other liveries?
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