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  1. Hello! I noticed that when I enter data into the FMC it takes a second between the click on a button and the data appearing on the display. As I am able to run the CRJ PRO in general without any stutter (also other modules like FsLabs and PMDG) I think the cause is in the FMC itself.
  2. Hello! As the title says, can we edit the checklists? They seem like a picture file somewhere, so I thought it might be possible to make my own with photoshop or something and add it. Thank you!
  3. Hello! I cant find the folder where my route file has to go, so that I can load the route into the FMS without typing every WPT into the box. I use Simbrief downloader... is the old CRJ700/900 route format valid for the new Pro version? Thank you!
  4. The profiles are included with the DC6. Read about in the introducion pdf.
  5. Good liverie, but inside the cockpit the textures and labels are very blurry...
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