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  1. Hello! I noticed that when I enter data into the FMC it takes a second between the click on a button and the data appearing on the display. As I am able to run the CRJ PRO in general without any stutter (also other modules like FsLabs and PMDG) I think the cause is in the FMC itself.
  2. Hello! As the title says, can we edit the checklists? They seem like a picture file somewhere, so I thought it might be possible to make my own with photoshop or something and add it. Thank you!
  3. Hello! I cant find the folder where my route file has to go, so that I can load the route into the FMS without typing every WPT into the box. I use Simbrief downloader... is the old CRJ700/900 route format valid for the new Pro version? Thank you!
  4. Hello! Is there a way to bind oil and cowl flaps to Buttons or keys? Especially for the oil flaps I didnt find an option. Also I wonder if there is a LINDA module available that I maybe have overseen? Thank you
  5. For all searching about the Fly... inside the OctopusG_An-2 folder is the "an2.ini" file. Open it and change the values in the [insects] sections to your liking.
  6. Thank you very much! So, no tail wheel lock available? I ask because the Checklist has the item "lock tail wheel"
  7. Hello! I just bought the AN2. As I first noticed the fly in the cockpit I thought "haha, nice"... But this Fly is getting annoying very fast. Is there a way to ban it from my aircraft? (tried to kill it with left clicks) Second thing is, where is the flaps lever? Couldnt find in cockpit and manuals. Only flaps up button. How do I lock the tailwheel? Again no find in manual. She has no steerable tail wheel, or did she? Thank you!
  8. I think this is the third trie since the release of this aircraft that I trie... there is always something weird not working... - I start Cold and Dark, connect Ground Power, Turn on BATT, DC Service, AC On. - All GENs Auto, L+R Fuel Pump ON (I also click the Right one) - LEFT APU Button (Pwr Fuel) while observing Status Page. When I click the button I get the APU dials flashing once for half a second, then APU Doors shows yellow --- - clicking APU Start button (Right one) nothing happens - after some time APU Door is closing - Thats it
  9. Hello! Today I wanted to reinstall the CRJ, but Download in the Aerosoft Shop is not starting... tried at different times, with different browsers, different tabs.....
  10. The profiles are included with the DC6. Read about in the introducion pdf.
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