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  1. I confirm that the original XML file is installed on the Airbus A320-321 AB_IRS. XML does not affect the IRS's alignment correctly in the MCDU after 7 minutes of the account back from when they are put into NAV position. I've taken the steps Position the aircraft at an airport and GATE to check the LAT/LOG BAT 1+2 > ON EXT PWR > ON ADIR 1.2,3 > NAV BRT in PFD, ND, ECAM Uper and Lower > ON MCDU Left push button L1 Entering the data of: CO Route FLT NBR Cost CRZ FL ZFW and BLCK Sid.... At the end of the 7-minute countdown, without having interacted in anything on the MCDU such as clicking on the IRS INI page the 6R button, the system has automatically aligned, showing the correct PFD and ND, and the correct LAT/LOG data the three ADIRS according to the GATE's position.
  2. I have just carried out the test with the Airbus A319, at the point that it puts click on the MCDU, IRS INIT, I did not press anything and Waited at 7 minutes, from the countdown, at the end of these the IRST has correctly aligned with the position of the GATE in which it was the A319, all I did was BATERY 1 and 2 ON, Ground Generator on ON, lighting of the ON screens and the 3 IRSTs in NAV, so I consider that upgrading A318-319 from to to the failure of the IRSTs on the A320-321 does not affect , and since I have the Backup XML file that is installed on the A320-321, I will try to restore it and perform the same test, to see if it aligns the same. I'll get back to you.
  3. More than a week or so ago, I discovered the IRS misalignment failure on the A320-321, it was snapped by applying a downloaded XML to the corresponding folder in the Airbus A320 A321 Base, the question is with update that also applies to the A318-319 If the same thing happens, will you resolve that misalignment by applying the XML file that was downloaded and resolved the failure on the A320-321, in the base folder of A318-319? this question came to me today when I'm planning flights with the A319, and before I test it I'd like to be sure.
  4. As you will see in the image, I have the same scenery, and I assure you that does not happen to me, P3D v4.5, may be the LAYER assigned during installation.
  5. As seen in the Video I do not think that bug. arriving with Airbus A320 RWY 03L with real meteo conditions, AS+ASCA and Graphic config and HIGH effects in P3D, default scenery configuration, captured from NVIDIA Video GCLP
  6. Perfect, it was one of the ones I have pending to upgrade to P3D v4.x, when it goes on sale, I only have to update PARIS and DUSSELDORF
  7. Works correctly, by directly applying the XML file, without the need to Uninstall and Reinstall Thank you
  8. I repeat my question.... you need to uninstall the AIRBUS, reinstall it and apply the XML to it, or just by applying the XML on the current installation that I have, it fixes.
  9. ¿It is necessary to uninstall the Airbus and reinstall it, and apply the XML, or just apply the XML on the current installation?
  10. The same thing is happening to me, I was going to make a flight from Morocco to Gran Canarias to test the stage, with an A320 CFM, starting everything from Off and Cold, I have a VIDEO to the PUSBACK which DID NOT LINE UP THE IRST..... If you want to publish it (An image is better than a thousand WORDS) Then as WE VOLAMOS without the IRST, no screens or anything.....
  11. In the end I have achieved, the steps I have followed (thereer I did the same thing and did not solve it) have been: 1-Uninstall PFPX as Administrator, pass CCLEANER and Memory Releaser 2-Restart PC 3-Reinstall PFPX, long purchased from SIMMARKET the same application v2.03 (previously i had the AEROSOFT application installed) I expected you to ask me for the SIMMARKET Activation KEY, You did not ask me, You must have taken the AEROSOFT, I do not know. And praying has been executed perfectly, giving me the option to introduce the extension KEY .... as seen in the picture. Now all you have to do is load Navigraph AIRAC, and follow. APOLOGIES for how heavy I am, but it's my character. If I don't have any more problems from now on, they can close the THEME. Thank you all...
  12. And now the million-dollar question, why does it only happen to me in this PFPX app and not in any other in everything I have installed....? and as I can see, I have NOT been the only one, so far the same thing has happened to him.
  13. I try to have ALL the PC drivers included everything installed a day..... because every day I check it..... if the app or HARDWARE doesn't tell me. The problem as seen in the TWO videos at the beginning of the times, the windows error arises at the moment, I think, of attempts to connect TRACKS and WX, and having exceeded the license limit, the PFPX application has a very big problem because I cannot indicate that my license has expired and i have no option to update them to the day, so as long as you don't enter the KEY (which you buy and won't let me enter) I won't have the possibility of TRACK and WX updated. By the way I am waiting for some answer solution from FLAIGTSINSOFT, because at the moment I APPRECIATE those who if they try from AEROSOFT, but at the moment do not solve the problems
  14. Looking at your solution, I have looked at which version of SimmConect I have installed, the mia is 10.0.61259.0 installed 22/5/19 or earlier than the update on my PC of Windows 10 1903, with this version more modern than the one you say you have installed, I had no problem. I think that the problem is that when i exceed the license time of use, by 1 DAY, the application makes a mess somewhere very fat and that is why it gets RED without giving me the option or telling me that I have exceeded the time , without giving me the option to introduce the new KEY because of the mess that has mounted inside it. The thing about updating NVIDIA, if you read my previous posts, you'll read that I already did, even REINSTALLING from our NVIDIA Everything installed on my PC, simulator games etc...... works perfectly, even apps that expired my license have not given me the problems that is giving me this.......
  15. As can be seen in the following image, ho keeps giving me the same error event as yesterday.....
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