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  1. Today's update, Thursday Noviembre 7th, of the application AivlaSoft EFB2, v2.1 build 113 corrects the error of not finding the scenery of CHANIA Ioannys for P3Dv4.x, the file LGSA.BGL is no longer needed in the AFCAD folder of AivlaSoft Server.
  2. Yesterday was late, today reviewing with more time and tranquility, I see that the ILS are correct with AIRACs, the file UUE_AD.BGL version 2.1 if you correct the error of ILS frequencies. I apologize for not paying attention to the details because of my haste. The version 2.0 file is 99 Kb, and the version 2.1 file is 107 Kb. You can consider the bug fixed, and close the thread if you wish.
  3. The update from 2.0 to 2.1 still doesn't correct the ILS frequencies, I tried to register in the DRZEWIECKI FORUM and it's impossible for me, to communicate it there, it tells me (and that's a laugh) that it needs a correct mail....putting my usual mail ...... In the image you can see the ILS assigned to the RWY that since then ARE NOT THE LIDO AND NAVIGRAPH LETTERS so the simulator users will have problems with AIRBUS PMDG CARENADO etc... when trying to land in the UUEE with AIRACs. The image is what you see of the file UUEE_AD.BGL of 106 Kb visualized with the ADE application. If you can and / or want to communicate it to the developer of the scenario, I have tried for the forum but do not let me register, according to them my mail "you should not like". These are the frequencies that the current and previous AIRACs have long assigned to each track.
  4. The frequencies that are installed are these...... that do not coincide at all with the LIDO chart... also the NAVIGRAP have the same frequencies that correspond to the AIRACs. I don't put the NAVIGRAPs as I would have to put chart of each approach to each RWYs.
  5. Thank you, I already supposed that...the info that I have contributed I realized it yesterday when installing it and carrying out the flight.... I did not take the ILS with the frequency published in NAVIGRAPH and LIDO letters... and when checking with ADE I realized the frequency error, I entered the forum, and found the file that corrected it.
  6. I recommend you to enter in the web/forum http://drzewiecki-design.net/forum/ of the creator in the find looking for the update file (marked with the arrow), this file corrects the ILS frequencies of all streets to the correct ones...... Supposedly AEROSOFT has had to receive notification from the creator of the 2.0 to 2.1 update scenario not a day ago, 2.0 is on sale at Aerosoft. I still have version 2.0 in my account
  7. Ich habe CT206H, C172SP_G1000 und CT182T installiert, alle 3 sind CARENADO I führen Flüge mit einem FL, der nicht mehr als 8000 Fuß. Und wie Sie zu Recht sagen, sind sie keine unter Druck stehenden Stände. Ich hoffe, dass der GOOGLE Übersetzer gut übersetzt hat, und ich werde verstanden werden.
  8. I believe that with this answer, the holders of this application will make them back to acquire the new CRJ. I hope it's rectified before it's put up for sale. Having regard to this answer, regarding Active Sky will it be compatible? From what I've read so far of the new CRJ, I'm interested in acquiring it since I have the CRJs 700/900
  9. It will be your opinion with SODE, but why is FSDREAMTEAM with its excellent and realistic scenerys, all adapting them all to SODE? for my SODE is an excellent Add-on, where through GSX they complement each other being able to create ramps to the taste of each user etc... which defaults to most scenarios with CTR+J does not allow you to select ramp to which door to put etc.....
  10. Madid Barajas Airport in a B747-400 that consumes many resources, the movement is fluid in my case, without jerking, the frames as seen in this capture matches 46 and I oscillate between 45 and 55...once in flight it goes up almost double.
  11. And as far as the rest of the configuration...... in case you're interested...
  12. With this configuration, in case you are interested, I have no loss of Frames. Also influences the current PC computer that does not drastically vary the frames, I think. MB: ASUS MAXIMUS X HERO CPU: Intel CORE i7 8700K GPU: ASUS CERBERUS GTX1070Ti RAM: 32 GB DDR4 KINGSTON HYPERX 2666 SSD: Crucial MX500 2Tb Monitor : MSI Optix AG32CQ Liquid Cooling : ASUS RUYO 120
  13. Thank you, that was the sulution. I copied the LGSA_NIM011.bgl file and renamed it to LGSA.bgl, then copied to the AFCAD folder on the AivlaSoft server, updated your database, and although it still fails, as seen in the image it already correctly shows everything.
  14. My intention was to expose that a product purchased TODAY and when updating the applications that I use in the simulator, one of them has given me an ERROR because the AFCAD or CVX file where supposedly the set would have to be defined, that application gives ERROR for not being file AFCAD or CVX, I have explained here to warn you nothing more, and since supposedly this is a FORUM for products marketed by AEROSOF knew about it, that application that I use, not marketed by you, but if used by THOUSANDS of fans of the simulation around the world, which is sure to buy many of your products marketed by you. I have to check if the MAKERUNWAYS detects that failure and creates the correct file for the APPLICATION that you install with the AIRBUS, RAASPRO will work properly. I repeat, my intention is not to create a bad environment.
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