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  1. Miguel_V


    The decision altitude DH the take of AIVLASOFT EFB 2 for Cat I for the track ILS25L-Z capture at 1800 feet I put 1000 to ensure that the G/S above before capturing it. I made the night flight from Madrid to Barcelona. The Levels and STAR and VIA (transition) to ILS also I checked in EFB 2
  2. They say that an image is always better than a thousand words, and if it is with VIDEO better yet. I always base on what is highlighted in yellow. And then the VIDEO about 19 minutes, I recommend seeing everything and especially from the beginning. Do not all pertaining it because I think the video has to be leftover. Video As you see I had to do things in manual at the end, which if everything had worked well, would not have skipped steps, in the copilot to have it from the first moment activated. I hope that "someone " tells me "Where I've done things wrong ", speed data heights etc... Are those who supposedly calculated from the first moment without modifying anything.
  3. Dave and all People of Aerosoft….. I understand your situation, you have to read many a day, and answer in your case, if you can do it at the moment, so I want you to understand, I did not mean to "kick your back", nor do you have to memorize the thousands of threads.... You do a good job, but I prefer that when you put a product for sale, previously look for all the hits that may arise, they call it "Quality Control " By the way "Happy holidays to all "
  4. DAVE..... If you read the thread well (the LINK), from the beginning, you'll be reading that always flying with copilot activated...... from the first day, with this professional version and the previous one.
  5. Dave.... I will not open another, because I had an open, and I closed it, this specifically.... the airbrakes do not act below 1000 feet reducing the speed to 250 knots. https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/141583-¿another-bug-in-mcdu/ Your answer I think has nothing to do with what I have exposed.
  6. As your very well exposed, I happened from the first day that came out the A318-319 I thought that with the A320-321 would be solved or opened realized that, but it did not happen so, wait for each update, but not to fix it, in a recent entry by my PA RTE, I think remember "another BUG in FMC " If I'm not mistaken, I exposed that bug, with images of both the FMC 3 as the image of the Tutorial 6 on the corresponding Pag, which indicates how to configure the autobrakes below 10000 feet, some felt bad that , but they said I was the only one, but it turns out it's not like that.
  7. To me in the previous version of the Airbus if I worked, the airbrake, option that was configured in the FMC 2, I now that option in the FMC 3 putting the same, it turns out that from the first day does not act.
  8. I've been asking the same question, including pictures and videos, and I'm still waiting for a solution or why since the first day the airbrake does not act, when it should do so below 10000 feet, configuration option in the FMC.
  9. It is one that I want to install for Prepar3D v 4.4 i have searched and do not find it, where I seek to buy it in Aerosoft?
  10. To me if you export it, correctly, it will be that you do not have it correctly configured. This is my configuration PFPX v 2.03.......
  11. TOBAK N858 SWALM T201 TAMEB T278 RUDAK This is the route I see..... is it the right one? For my lack the section PerfData, VNAVData and many indispensable entries in CoRte
  12. Miguel_V

    ¿Another BUG in MCDU?

    Thank you, at least you answered me, I understand that soys few and overloaded, now the subject, when the manual tells me APP SPD limiter If I have activated the copilot, this below 10000 ´ will apply the airbrakes not to exceed the 250Kn, wing time also if Select 250 limiter only warn me that the 250Kn but does not apply airbrakes, in the previous version of the Albus, the co-driver automatically applied the airbrakes at the same time that the ECAM indicated that the airbrakes were being applied....... well, in This version not since the first day that came out the professional AIRBUS. As I have tested all combinations and nothing, no case of the options selected. By the way must be that if, I'm the only one who has noticed, but when the manual set by set indicates that option, I guess it should work. Soil have selected ON always APP SPD LMTR and option 250 KT LMTR in OFF, Even backwards does not work
  13. Miguel_V

    V2 not far off - BACKUP

    Already on the 2.03? But if yesterday recently 2.01... and installed it, ie copy and paste the program. By the way I'm looking now to download the V 2.03 in the Forum utilities and I do not find
  14. Miguel_V

    ¿Another BUG in MCDU?

    Is there no solution to this problem I have?