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  1. For v5 are we likely to get American engined models with liveries, or can your official painters supply some American airlines liveries for installation? At the present I am flying the States in an Air Canada coat.
  2. I have returned to the Aerosoft 64bit Pro Airbus after an addiction to the Q400. I have gone to a lot of trouble to get the fuel and load planner correct but that may not be the case. In descent the green altitude ball goes up and down like a yoyo, causing the aircraft to see-saw, and at low speeds and altitude can force a very unwanted Alpha Floor situation. PS if I set up a manual descent, the green altitude ball still bounces up and down. My problem sounds like W&B, but all the numbers in the fuel planner are in Green. Except fuel which seems always to be in red. No doubt this has been asked before but I would be grateful if you could point me to a resolution.
  3. My sympathy now gets less....'we are also in contact with the coder of the Livery Manager'...why now, why not when the development was at a sufficient stage for him/her to be brought in. I am sorry, but this whole thing smacks of uncertain project manager. Now I know the fanboys will rush in to your defence. But I really wanted this Airbus, hung in through the long process, and have now got an incomplete model with a limited range of liveries. And the wait goes on.
  4. The Add-on livery situation is not good. I feel strongly that the Aerosoft developers, the experts, should correct the add-on liveries so that we the consumers do not have to use the fiddly method to ready them for this version. Also like others I have found that a successful change for one, does not mean the same for another livery. Come-on Mathijis you have run a strong and aggressive forum through the development, but the problems still have not gone away in your timetable. SP1 not here yet, the 320 out to four to six weeks and I assume the 330 is quite indeterminate.
  5. If I am happy to live with a mismatch between panel ID and the aircraft livery and registration, could I avoid making the three panel changes. That is I would only need to put the texture folder into the correct place and amend the flightsim.x entry in the cfg.?
  6. But many of us are IT ignoramus, and will be more comfortable using supplied texturew with the sim. Could I urge you, as soon as time becomes available, to correct some of these old textures to fit the new add-on. Or could we get away with slightly inaccurate panels? In other words, without your suggested modifications would the textures still work?
  7. Naive question, but does Amsterdam X come with a P3D installer?
  8. I note the possible release date is now April. This does not worry me, as you have explained before these are part of warehouse management and not a development schedule. My plea is that you have a Prepar3D installer as part of the package. Others have succeeded, but I have failed to get Airbus X to run in P3D. Mr Mathijs Kok, I will be the first to buy a full installation of Airbus X Extended if you include a P3D installer. Please, danke.
  9. Agree. Strategic Airlines has taken over some specialised routes in Australia and have now changed their name and their livery to Air Australia.
  10. Mathijs or Finn: Through your shop it is possible to pre-order the complete boxed edition of the Airbus Extended. Will it be possible to pre-order the upgrade download soon?
  11. Well Captain Golding you are a sweet person, always ready to let someone know when they step out of line. No wonder this is not one of the most popular add-ons if people seeking assistance must tip-toe round your sensitive feelings. If a quadrant is needed it should be up there in bold lettering. Without a quadrant therefore it would be a foolish purchase and a marginally unethical sale. However once again, instead of a further lesson, I would be grateful if an interested member of the forum might help me with my question. Where and how could I adjust one of the base documents to allow the button solution to work.
  12. Why thank you Paul for serving me up a lesson in morals and ethics. I certainly need one from time to time. So let me tell you what I have noted. Firstly the throttles are not able to be moved using the familiar F1 to F4 keys, that all other aircraft in FSX of my ownership can do. Nor can they be grabbed and moved by the mouse. Secondly, it would appear that sliders on many joysticks are not recognised. In my case the slider on a Logitech Extreme 3D can't be made to work by me. Yes quadrants do appear to work, and did for me when I first got the add-on, however my quadrant is in the shop being checked out for a mechanical problem so I am stuck. I have ironically a Pro Flight Yoke system, so I set two buttons up to give me throttle increase and decrease. They do, but only through full reverse to zero. So at least I can reverse around an airport. However, seriously, with less sermonising and more assistance I would be grateful if someone could tell me how to alter 'whatever' to get the throttle to operate over the full range in button, not axes mode.
  13. I am afraid I am another of those who simply can't get the throttle to work. I have tried all suggested solutions, bar one. That one is a clean install of FSX, but think about it. I have FSX up and running, well tweaked and performing well, with all existing aircraft including the venerable old Wilco Feelthere responding to all controller commands. I have the unregistered version of FSUIPC and don not even know how to set controllers up in it. I spent a lot of money, the exchange rate with the Euro was well down when I bought Airbus X. For that money I am instructed to go back to a fresh install of FSX and a total disturbance to all of my other aircraft. I know that it has to be done from time to time, but if I don't it means that I have wasted my money on an aircraft that does not do as advertised. Simpler, no way, the systems are complex and well-modelled and not having SIDS/STARS only makes approaches to land, in particular harder, as the simmer must find a waypoint to give a fair turn onto the ILS from a reasonable distance. Sometimes I think the corporate affairs authorities should look into computer gaming to check that there is value for money and truth in advertising.
  14. These are the traffic lines found in my Scenery\World\Scenery file. The first refers to an Orbx add-on to increase Australian traffic when flying in Australia. In the second trafficBoats has been altered to get rid of ungainly ferries in a coastal section of Australia: the carriers is self-explanatory, and the final Traffic-GA bgl is a freeware add-on that improves GA traffic mainly at small airports and fields. TrafficAircraft.bgl.DISABLED-FOR-FTX-AI trafficBoats.bgl trafficBoats.bgl.disabled for Ants TrafficCarriers.bgl Traffic-GA.BGL It does not contain the entry mentioned in the FAQ ie ...passive.bgl, but I thought the FTX entry would have had the same effect. It would be easy enough to replace it with the MT 2010 entry. I would appreciate your help.
  15. Problem solved. I went into the My Traffic folder in FSX, and inside found a seperate installer for the Sound Patch. All now installed correctly, and a flight from Las Vegas to Santa Monica in the default King Air proved that the installation succeeded with a great range of call signs being heard. Sorry to bother you.
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