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  1. Sounds good. Could you see there, how easy or complicated it is to switch between the levers - for example to change from 2 engine prop to jet configuiration or vice versa? Is it made to be switched regulary or can we expect it to wear out when it is switched to often. I'm asking because I fly both 2 engine jet aircraft and props, and even the 747 from time to time. And it would be fantastic if a throttle would support some switches without having multiple throttles.
  2. Hey! Has anyone already been able to test the Honeycomb - Bravo Throttle Quadrant? If yes, I have a few questions about how it handles or "feels" in comparison to the CH or Saitek products.. I'm sure I will buy the Honeycomb Flight Controls one day, but the throttles would be more urgent for me because my Saitek throttle starts to break apart once again and the CH thottles are still hard to control precisely because of the short way from idle to full. My CH Flight Sim Yoke however (which is clearly the oldest hardware I have) still does a good job. Didn't find a thread about the Honeycomb Throttles yet. Regards, Dominik
  3. All I wanted to say in the beginning was that there have been problems and that I'm happy it is being worked on all the time. I've never accused anyone for the problems that happend to me. And yes, I will buy & fly the new version. No need to force me
  4. I know. But in the past quite some things happend that I concidered frustrating. That's why I parked it. I know that Hans has always been working hard to fix all that was possible. So I hoped one day it would work better for me. And maybe this day might be there now.
  5. CPDLC is a system that is represented by the small display(s) at the bottom of the main panel in the airbus - the small thing where nearly all simmers didn't know what it is there for for a long time^^ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Controller–pilot_data_link_communications SDK is a "software development kit", I believe it's a kind of a tutorial how a certain software works to enable third party developers to develop apps that work with that software. And in this case the software we are talking about is GFO = Global Flight Operations by PMDG: https://fselite.net/news/pmdg-announces-global-flight-operations/ But to be honest, I can't yet really imagine what this program will be like... Regards, Dominik
  6. For example the CTD when changing the range of the ND. Or before that I had problems with P3D hanging up when changing the HDG bug of the AP under certain circumstances. Several other small things at the FMC that seem to be solved meanwhile. But when you are talking about only few open issues, I was probably one of the few that were affected. That's why I parked it temporary some time ago, because every time a bug was resolved in an update, a new one seem to crop up. I might give it a try again.
  7. Very good, surprising news!! I hope some of the bugs could be sorted out meanwhile. If so, I will be happy to take my 2 - or then even 3 - fresh and polished CRJs out of my hangar again.
  8. Now that is really awsome!! Always hated to switch between the P3D and Simbrief windows so often at my PC when typing in all those numbers. I also guess this virtual Tablet will certainly be faster than my real one that may show 1 chart after 2 minutes of loading
  9. You say "TOGA". Do you takeoff at full thrust? I've heard real pilots say very often that they hardly take off at full thrust, but at reduced thrust to save fuel and the life of the the engines (for Boeings for example TO1 or TO2). Full thrust would only be used if neccecary. And that would probably be at heavy load and/or high altitude and/or short runways. I also had the impression that it's too fast. I changed my mind when I took off with the 737-900 with anti ice on or later with a fully loaded A320 in Quito^^. So I guess at really good addon aircraft these things should be correct. And I just trust Aerosoft to do this correctly in the A330. Unfortunately we cannot "feel" heavy load in our desk chair :-p
  10. No idea what that is. So I guess no. The only "global" addons I use are ORBX FTX Global, Vector, OpenLC Europe (in this case), Active Sky 2016, EnvTex + EnvShade and EditVoicePack. Plus in this case the described regional addon of LJLJ. I will report when I see any connection between this and other events..
  11. OK, but what else could I try? I've got no idea what direction I should search. Graphic settings maybe? However after the latest similar CTDs all I could do was wait for the next update - which evenetually helped in most cases.
  12. No, I only updated the Navdata for particular aircraft via Navigraph FMS data manager. I didn't do so since the end of 2018 because their charts always seem to be older than their Nav data and I wanted to "align" them a bit more. OK, I'm gonna try that and report back.
  13. Same here, unfortunately. P3D v4.4, almost fresh Win 10 install After the latest update to v1.2.3.0, I can at least enter or load the flightplan, but as soon as I change the range of the ND - CTD. I'm using Navigraph data cycle 1813. Still couldn't manage to at least take off without a CTD before. Happened in Ljubljana on the ground in the -700 after all the other flight preperations have been done (scenery by RFSceneryBuilding, for the case that it matters).
  14. I never had a problem with updating to a newer v4.x version of P3D. But does this actually mean that it might only be compatible with a possible P3D v5, if this is already out at the A330 release date?? Or is there at least any kind of "guarantee" that it will be at least compatible with the newest P3D v4 version?
  15. BTW, for similar reasons the G1000 is so hard to handle in the sim while it is obviously so popular and beloved in RW.
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