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  1. I will keep in the future one issue, one topic, I agree. Yes, related to the temperature, exactly, it seems that is happening a longer time.
  2. And please check also the temperature model for the brakes, after 1-2 RTOs and then going to the parking position, when parked with engines OFF (chocks ON, parking brake ON or OFF) the temperature is rising, there is no cool down (it stopped at 2005 and then started to decrease).
  3. Guys, one question from my side, regarding rejected take off. I saw that the spoilers are deployed when I put the A/THR back to zero (and reverse) but I do not see DECEL on the MAX autobrake button (even MAX autobrake was set before departure), is not clear if brakes are applied (seems so, but DECEL is only a fraction ON then OFF). (you can move the topic to the appropriate section if this is not the right one)
  4. vali

    APU sound

    Yes, I tested with the initially and then also with the latest one (switched to the experimental updates).
  5. vali

    APU sound

    Got the A330 (as a gift, I wouldn't buy it), initial impression.. full of annoying bugs unfortunately. Really made a bad impression. For now, I have a question regarding the APU sound, why is going ON suddenly (no spooling) and it goes OFF instantly (after button is pushed) also?
  6. I own both variants for the CRJ, the old one and the professional. I noticed that in the Pro variant for D-ACNN is used the old Eurowings paint which is not the reality. In the previous CRJ package it was the Lufthansa Regional paint included (the actual real paint). Can this be updated also for the PRO? I do not understand why the change. Thank you.
  7. In some of my flights the CRJ 900 still does a nose dive on the ILS. I am using P3D v4.4 (and also on v4.5). Weather was fine everytime. Landing was on ILS rwy 08R at EDDM. VOR/LOC was pressed before the APPR. Speed was fine, frequency and course were correct. MDA was also correctly set, the QNH too. After LOC and GS are correctly captured/established, it starts to dive (more than 2800 feet/min). If a disconnect AP, get it back on the path and press APPR again for example, it dives again. I need to manually land it. Which is fine when the weather is good but on bad weather or on Vatsim where I have to type at the same time, it is a problem if I need to land it manually. Version which I am using it is
  8. At third try, I reset and make it again, but using first the waypoint and then the airway introduction and I ignored the blank waypoints when they appeared in the FPLN. It worked OK. But when I will find again a reproducible issue, I will let you know so perhaps can be fixed this way.
  9. On LEGS page was already a mess as waypoints were overlapping in a wrong order for the 2 waypoints from T203 airways, because when I introduced the second one in the flight plan it was removing the previous from FPLN but not from LEGS so I introduced again, I tried to make the right order. Still, I suppose no matter I press (sometimes by mistake), it should not cause a CTD
  10. Using this FPLN EDDM ANKE9N ANKER Y104 MAMOR L132 RUDNO T203 GAVLI T203 OSKAN DCT ADLIR L980 TUVAK M725 RENKI L132 BODLA Z491 VAVUN L730 GOBRA T672 RATOR RATO3R EPGD As using T203, programming waypoints on an airway is always strange on the CRJ but after few DEL presses and some inputs to try to make it right.. CTD. Two times today, same FPLN. I am using latest update of the CRJ and P3D v4.3 and latest AIRAC.
  11. I had also this issue today on Vatsim, locked to a wrong freq (always nice when it happens on Vatsim with controller online..). What I do not get, if it is a Navigraph issue, why it happens only with CRJ and not with the PMDG 737 and FSLabs A320, on the same ILS Z 28? I have flown the same approach with all three, only the CRJ is doing this. A2A with GTN 750 is also OK. My explanation is that on the CRJ it gets locked on, it is in Radio to MAN (not auto), still I can not correct it myself manually as it is locked....
  12. I did a new flight, without duplicate seems to work. Usually I clean the plan at LEGS page but I had issues in the past so this is why I kept the duplicate. This can be seen also in Vol6_FMS.pdf at page 53 with VIBIS. Sometimes there is some overshot at step angle turns but it works.
  13. I will re-do the flight next days by cleaning for example AKINI duplicate. Lets see how it works. Thanks for the feedback. I used ILS 10 on my flight (rwy 10 was the active at the time of my flight today).
  14. I installed the SP1... still issues with it. LNAV issue. FPLN> EDDM ANKE9N ANKER Y104 AKINI AKIN5T EDDN After AKINI, instead of going to next point UPALA (in the legs), the plane gone straight.. After such a long time I expected finally a working CRJ. Also at clearing some legs, fpln is displayed interrupted on ND fpln. Also if the cruise level is FL100 and there are some altitude constraints in the fpln due to STAR, I saw TOD is displayed later on the fpln than the constraints (eg. FL100, constraint is 8000 feet at DN454, TOD is displayed after DN453 on the transition)
  15. Still, any explanation or better, a solution on this? Thanks.
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