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  1. Thank you very much for your concerted efforts toward remedying the issues with the AC flight management system. Joe
  2. Ok, I have been flying this for months now and regularly experience problems with the FMC from dumping the flight plan, to not loading it correctly, to CTD when changing anything in the FMC (CDU) near an arrival airport and it does not matter which one. The problems come up when setting up the route and want to change DEP or ARR settings, or direct to waypoints. I have hoped that these issues would have been fixed as a priority (because it is pointed out in other posts) when providing updates. Please, look into this with rigor. It is making the AC unreliable and unflyable and I am near uninstalling this permanently, which would be a shame. This is a beautiful AC. With much hope. Joe
  3. It appears that I may have remedied the situation by doing the recommendation above, and that is to load the piper cub before loading the CRJ. I have two successful ILS approaches into Salt Lake City and KBOI. As I I have flown many ILS approaches in RW, all I had to do was set it up in the CRJ and I was able to conduct a good approach and landing. I do not know the issues that resulted from the original installation on my system. I Install software programs quite regularly and most always disable my virus software and run the install as an administrator. I am on which I believe is your latest release. I really love the challenge of flying this aircraft. I regularly fly the PMDG737 in P3DV4 and wanted more of a challenging flight experience. I just want to take a moment to thank both of you for your support and feedback. I apologize for my earlier frustration. I look forward to many hours in this sIm. Joe
  4. BTW. Do you have a recommended Default aircraft to load prior to loading the CRJ?
  5. First of all, let me thank you for the comprehensive response. It says a lot about you and your development team, and for that matter, your product. I will not have an opportunity to give this my undivided attention until this weekend. At that time I will walk through each item you have noted here. Some of the questions you ask have been answered in previous posts in this thread by me. For the balance of your request I will need some time. Again, thank you very much for your response. I really like this product and wanted to see it to its full potential. Joe
  6. I am at an unusable aircraft. It does not play well in NAV or APPR. Where it heads off to or where it wants to dive down to, is a mystery and I am left to fly visual hand flow landings in ALL cases. Please assist before I decide I spent money on an Non-flyable AC. I follow the instructions to the tee every time for an ILS approach and landing, NO luck ever. Thanks JP
  7. Sure, but it has been illustrated by others here. The plane just ignores the localizer and glide slope. It is as if somehow the A/C is using GPS vs. VOR for guidance as pointed out by another poster here. Thanks
  8. Gents, I have and I have tried several different ILS Approaches and the aircraft will NEVER capture either the GS or localizer. I have read and applied the procedures touted in related threads to NO avail. I am a RW pilot, home cockpit builder and have been simming since the late 80s. I am on P3Dv4 Pro. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times and after experimenting with every suggestion here; absolutely no solution. Any help appreciated. Joe Porter
  9. Thanks I figured that out and all is well, thank you for a great product, have used it for years and see many more to come. Joe
  10. Ok I found the file, changed it's name to Flights but it still does not bring up my data, I think may need to fix it on my remote machine since I run FSFK on WideFS. I will check this but, yes, the data is in the file, it just does not come up when I pull it after renaming it.
  11. Ok I finally got the time to attempt this. I do not have my FLKEEPER.mdb at all. I have searched for it and it is gone. I do have a small file by this name with no data in it. So it looks like I lost many years worth of flight information. : ( Joe
  12. Thanks again Jure, I will give that a try. Joe
  13. Jure, I bet you are right, i was running with the world/terrain map on. I will turn that off and see if that makes a difference. I rarely use the mapping function anyways, mostly to find my way around on the ground or when in close terrain confines . . . Thanks much Joe
  14. I installed FSFK 3.0 and everything went pretty smooth although I had to reset a number of custom seetings and I LOST my logbook with thousands of hours. Just wondering if there is or was a way to recover those. Any help appreciated. Joe
  15. Just checking to see if anyone is experiencing any reduction in FPS after installing FSFK. If not, or if so, can you let me know where you are or aren't seeing it, i.e., running FSFK with FSWide or on the host (FS PC). I was noting some jerkiness where there was non before and only thing added with to update to FSFK 3.0. Any feedback appreciated or recommendations to improve persormance. Joe
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